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Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Bidvertiser Few Bitter Experience Before Glory

When I created an article regarding Propellerads Skyrocketing CPM, I mentioned that when the time comes, I will be sharing my experience as a publisher with bidvertiser,com; I guess now is the time.

Like I said before that I dropped Propellerads due to its $100 minimum threshold which I considered to be very huge for my small blog then I started publishing Bidvertiser ads. Why?

1) Bidvertiser always surface among the top lists of AdSense alternatives (only God knows why).
2) Bidvertiser operates an immediate approval for publishers.
3) Bidvertiser knows how to generate clicks than other AdSense alternatives I've tried on my small blog.
4) Bidvertiser banner click on my small blog pays a lot higher than that of Exoclick, Infolinks, and Infinityads.
5) Bidvertiser has a minimum payout of $10 (very small enough to test whether Bidvertiser is legit or scam).

If one is naive, one will blame Google for scolding Bidvertiser and other dubious advertising networks but Google is fairly right. Come to think of it, who makes most website a living thing if not Google search engine? The last I checked, 98% traffic of most websites on the internet comes from Google search engine. So if Google is like a caregiver to a website, will it be arrogant for the caregiver to chase off any dubious parasite aiming to deceitfully reap from where it didn't sow? Of course, it won't.

So, based on my four months experience serving Bidvertiser ads, I must confess that Bidvertiser can be very annoying if you do not understand how to implement the Bidvertiser ad code. Let me quickly tell you that some Bidvertiser advocates and incarnates will find this article or post and quickly begin to drop hyped glorifying comments about how Bidvertiser has paid them millions of dollars as a publisher (it takes common sense to figure that out).

As of September 2015 when I added Bidvertiser to the small blog in question, the blog's daily impression was 400 ("very low!" You might possibly say) but the blog has a growing tendency. Within two weeks, my Bidvertiser balance was $0.63 (only few ad network can serve clickable ads to a blog with such a low impression) but the annoying part of it was that the contents of the website was overridden by Bidvertiser's relentless interstitials which made me dropped Bidvertiser for Chitika,com in combination with Infolinks,com until April of 2016 when I got better knowledge of serving Bidvertiser Ads without interstitial and pop-under intrusion.

Before you resolve to calling my small blog a "testing ground", I must tell you that I paid for a host and used the WordPress CMS which made me needed a ROI (Return On Investment). As of April 2016, Bidvertiser's banners on my small blog was having at least 7 clicks from a minimum of 2200 impressions daily against all odds of ad blocking browsers. Few of the habitual flaws of Bidvertiser are aggressive popups, redirects, hijacking malwares, and so on; which led to my small blog been flagged three times for Google search. For three different occasions my small blog was removed from Google search results for the same offense; Bidvertiser ads aggression and mobile sneaky redirects. In the face of Bidvertiser's untrustworthiness, I refused to quit because I wanted to hit the $10 minimum payout before I wave goodbye. By the end of July 2016, my small blog in question, had a balance of $10.57 (you will probably be wondering why it took so long: the reasons are the blog traffic volume, the blog geo, the blog niche, the blog content quality).

As I've said, I had $10.57 on my Bidvertiser dashboard which should be automatically paid into my PayPal account on 31st August 2016 to prove that Bidvertiser is not a scam (since Bidvertiser claims to pay on NET 30) but Bidvertiser didnt pay; I began thinking that Bidvertiser is a scam not knowing that the reason I didn't get my payment was due to PayPal. I DIDN'T KNOW THAT MY COUNTRY IS AMONG THOSE THAT CANNOT REQUEST FUND WITH PAYPAL.

The MORAL LESSON of this article or post are as follow:-

(1) Bidvertiser is truly paying its publishers or those that serve Bidvertiser ads and the pay rate is better than that of most AdSense alternatives.

(2) You must have a clear understanding of how to use and implement Bidvertiser ad code in your website or blog; else you will run into a big trouble.

(3) You must be certain of the payment method to use (whether PayPal or Payza or Check).

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bidvertiser's Facebook/Twitter Promotion To Get $10

Facebook/Twitter Promotion - Get Extra $10 !!!

We are speaking from the angle of online business and income generation where a blog or website owner can generate income to sustain the website and himself/herself.

Actually, it may seem this offer is only for webmasters or blog owners who use Bidvertiser,com as one of the mediums to monetize their website(s) or blog(s) but anyone willing to become a publisher can join Bidvertiser via the following referral link.
The good thing about Bidvertiser is that it belongs to one of the instant approval networks for publishers. Meaning that, as an AdSense alternative, it approves even a day-old website or blog in as much as such website or blog have few useful contents. Though there are other online advertisement networks that approve publishers without rigorous review (the likes of chitika ads network, popcash ads network, propellerad network, revenuehits ads network, etc) but from personal experience, I can vouch for Bidvertiser when it comes to paying publishers what they have earned.

Back to the talk about the bidvertiser social network promo, the question in mind is "how does the promo work?"

Before you can be among the benefactors in Bidvertiser's Facebook/Twitter Promotion, you must be a publisher (serving bidvertiser ads on your website or blog), and you must have received payment(s) from bidvertiser.

"Share your Bidvertiser payment proof on your active Facebook/Twitter profile and get extra $10 !

All you need to do is:
1. Take a screenshot of our payment to you (from PayPal, Payza, Wire or Check)
2. Share this screenshot on your active Facebook/Twitter profile page, titled "Got Payment from BidVertiser" (or similar...)
3. Add a link to BidVertiser in your post:
4. Open a support ticket from within the matching BidVertiser account telling us where we can view your posting so we can verify it
We will then add $10 to your account balance.

Hurry - promotion ends on December 31st !!!"

Monday, November 28, 2016

5 Types Of Directors That Control A Company

A Company can be defined as an association of persons, be they natural, legal, or a mixture of both, for carrying on a commercial or industrial enterprise.

A director is the person in charge of managing a department or directorate (e.g., director of engineering), project, or production (as in a show or film, e.g., film director).

Types of director in a company are as follows:-

1) Shadow Director: This can also be called "de facto" director. An individual who is not a named director but who nevertheless directs or controls the organization.

2) Executive director(s): An inside director who is also an executive with the organization. He is involved in the day to day management of the company. He or they hold service contracts of the company and are servants of the company.

3) Non-executive director(s): Not an executive with the organization. He or they are directors not involved in the day to day management of the company. They are mainly constituted to advice in the management of the affairs of the company by bringing their wealth of experience to bear, and serve as a countervailing force on the activities and decision of the Board of Directors.

4) Outside director: A director who, other than serving on the board, has no meaningful connections to the organization.

5) Casual Vacancy: By section 249 CAMA, a casual vacancy in the Board of Directors may occur by reason of death, resignation, removal of a director. Such vacancy which is called casual vacancy, may be filled by the director; a person sole appointed holds the office till the next annual general meeting.

Elegy In Crocodile Tears

I used to bask in the morning moon
Of my lovely ex lover's iris
Nothing seemed delighting than
Her lips trampling mine fiercely
Like military trampling civilians
In the gone chaotic 1966 coup
She was such an ebony for real
Romantic Lilith let loose from
Only God knew where_ maybe hell
My dear damsel of no equal
Your caress was of high hierarchy
Your navel was a sweet tangerine
Your painted fingernails smiled of beauty
Your company delegated joy to me
Like in the era of free and fair democracy
You were_ you were_ you truly were
The sole constitution I knew
Transparency did glued us two
You never miss a good thing till
You watch it gone to no return;
Oh death! You're such an evil kill.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Monday, October 17, 2016

6 Principles Of Business Ethics

According to David Murray (1997) "the ethics of business and organizational life have acquired a considerably higher public as well as professional profile during the past fifteen years"

The key business ethics concern is the way that the business conducts its ordinary, everyday routine activities. The way the firm deals with its staff and its customers, the way it designs and supports its products, the way it awards contract and apportions blame; all these are the key determinants of whether a business is ethical and are as important as the way it deals with crisis.

According to Elegido (1996) the following are constituting a reasonably complete list of independent and ultimate principle of business ethics:-

1) Principle of Solidarity: We must be concerned with promoting the wellbeing of all human beings, not only our own. In so far as we fail to do so, we undermine our own fulfilment.

2) Principle of Role Responsible: One does not have responsibility for all the aspects of the wellbeing of all human beings. One's special circumstance, capacities, roles and commitments give one a priority responsibility for certain aspects of the well being of certain people.

3) Principle of Fairness: One should apply the same standards in judging one's own actions, those of people who are dear to one, and those of strangers.

4) Principle of Efficiency: In trying to promote human fulfilment good intentions are not enough; one must endeavor to use effective means.

5) Principle of Refrain from Willing Harm to a Human Being: One should never choose directly to harm a human being.

6) Principle of Rationality: One should always strive to act intelligently.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Steps To Aid Quick Acquisition Of Business Loan

A business can easily keep start when the required capital is available. One of the means to raise capital for a business or an enterprise is through loan acquisition. In some cases, loan might become hard due to suspicion or any other related excuses.

Below are some sensible points that can make the acquisition of loan easy and quick:
1 The entrepreneur aiming to acquire loan should be realistic in terms of his/her proposed investment
2 The entrepreneur should provide the list of his assets and liabilities
3 The entrepreneur should give a brief history of the business if it has been in existence long before the proposed loan
4 The entrepreneur should state, if any, history of previous borrowing
5 The entrepreneur should give detailed proposed profit tendency of the proposed investment
6 The entrepreneur must mention how reliable the market for the investment
7 The
entrepreneur should also endeavor to mildly mention his proposed mode of operation
8 The entrepreneur should also state whether there might be plan for loan expansion
9 The entrepreneur should also state if he or she will be requiring a moratorium or a fixed repayment date in the future
10 The entrepreneur should also emphasize on the level at which his or her investment is legal.
A loan is sum of money or other valuable or consideration that individual, group or other legal entity borrows from another individual, group or other legal entity where the latter often being a financial institution, with the condition that it be returned or repaid at a later date often times with interest. The entity seeking loan must be willing to submit a collateral which could be either of the following: landed property or personal security, legal mortgage on quoted shares and stocks, life insurance policy, share certificate, etc.

The Qualities Of A Good Office Manager

The office manager is the one in charge of an office. In talking of this particular post, we are making reference to the manager in charge of the general administrative office or the registry of a business organization. Under strict business conventions, the office manager is not a top management policy maker. He is an administrator and in that capacity, administers his office by implementing top management policies that affects his department.

The administration of the office is in his own hands but he does not make his own policies or policy changes. He is called a manager for the fact that he manages his own department which is the office.
As an overall administrator of his department which is the office, the office manager needs to possess certain qualities if he is to discharge his functions effectively. The qualities are:
1 The office manager should be communicative. He should approach his staff in a cordial way and the staff should be made to approach him in a friendly atmosphere as the situation may demand.
2 The office manager should not be partial in dealing with his subordinates. There should be sound judgment with regards to the settlements of common disputes among staff.
3 The office manager shoul
d possess some leadership qualities since he is the leader in all office activities.
4 The office manager should be courageous enough to handle his managerial position.
5 The office manager should possess a credible character. He should be forward-looking; possess insights into possible future.
6 The office manager should be a disciplined person
7 The office manager should be able to assess a situation, analyze the cause and effect of the situation, and then find a lasting solution to it.
8 The office manager should be able to plan the organization of his office in the way that effect sequential work-flow.
What Is An Office?
This is a building or room where clerical or professional duties are performed. It must be able to hold information and meet reference purposes. Directly and indirectly, office offers protection.