Nell Patel's Comment On Boosting Website Traffic

After reading one of Nell Patel's articles, I was scrolling through the 128 comment on the article  when one of his replied comments caught my attention. I felt it will be nice to share it here. Nell Patel is a very popular name online and in the minds of bloggers and part of my favourite articles on his website is 10 Advanced SEO Techniques That'll Double Your Search Traffic

  • Backlink: 

I read Harsh Agrawal's article titled What Are Backlinks in SEO and What Are The Advantages of Backlinks? and realise that creating backlink is a form of webpage endorsement which in most cases help ranking because if the link is internal link, it will boost the traffic of such website or blog and let's say the link is external (with or without nofollow tag) the new website directed to will benefit except the website linking to another link is spammy (which is very harmful). Harsh Agrawal pointed few benefits of backlink in his article; such as quick search rank among other things mentioned. It must be noted that backlink and linkshare only share similarity of name but differ knowing that backlink is a SEO term while linkshare is a brand name with operation similar to shareasale, clickbank,, and so many others.

  • Elicit Comments: 

This is no doubt, a very true hint. With the look of things around the web, articles with many comments win the heart of search engines. My concern here is the adjective "elicit" which pushes my focus beyond the comment box. I guess what Nell Patel is suggesting is that a webmaster or blogger must endeavor to craft his article in such a way that will arouse the readers willingness to want to know further and further. Are you asking what I'm asking? How will this boost my traffic? The answer is simple in the sense that a captivating novel will always make the reader open more and more chapters (regardless of whether the novel is in paper form or via goodreads) and the same will apply to a blog post with elicit comments; the funny part of this is that the English language genius Simon Horobin who is the author of "Does Spelling Matter" has done a great deal of job via his blog to clear the confusion between "elicit" and "illicit".

  • Write Consistently: 

I found a Francis Bacon's quote that says "Look to make your course regular that men may know beforehand what they may expect". That quote from ranker website is capable of solving the rampant cries of low traffic webmasters because a consistently updated website is a reliable website and a reliable website in no time metamorphosed into viewers' Disneyland. Against all odds, anyone who wants to boost his/her website traffic must write consistently.

  • Creating Guest Posts:  

"Eh! What Is Guest Post?" Asking such a question might seem a tautology but it won't stop me from giving you a brief definition. A guest post is a post written not by the website or blog owner; in other words, guest posting is an act of writing and submitting an article to be published on someone else's website or blog in order to gain more awareness via their website. At least, another word for awareness is traffic and guest posting might contribute its own quota couple with other loudly mentioned tricks like google keyword search, semrush miracle, facebook small business seo tools, moz asset focus tool, amazon seo tracker, etc.