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If one of the listed below belongs to you, then repent of these wicknesses and pray to the Lord. Perhaps he will forgive you for having such a thought in your heart.(Act 8:22) 

All pharisees on the fence of this controversy
I beg thee please, don't crucify me
For everyday we see ladies imitating mother of Moses
With their silly baskets of abandoned babies,
Maimings, acid battered bodies,
Bokobombing sanctuaries,
Transmitted maladies,
Inflamatory inflations, abjecting penuries,
Bribery and corruption in high places,
And we see child molestation by clergies
And we see the daughters to daddies
And we see the traffickings of men, materials and monies
And everyday we see all these atrocities
Not to talk of those within thee and within me
Rapes and raids, infidelities,
Embezzlements and malpractices,
Illegal bunkerings, robberies,
Ritual killing mysteries
Are atrocities we see in our tellies
So don't crucify me
For good thing it be to delete the hand of monkey
From our soups before it turns the hand of we
But a great evil it will be
To cure eczema in place of a great malady
So stop seeing this controversy so selfishly
And mind your biz and let them be
For if a mature he with he or she with she agree
Then why should the act of he with he or she with she bother we
While those deadly draining atrocities
Are caterpillar grading to drain our economy.
      Samuel C. Enunwa  Aug. 19, 2012. 
''Ezekiel 18:32 says For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent and live!''   


Hi! I’m Enunwa Samuel
I wrote “Detective Tel”
“Under A Spell”
Plus poems people wanted
And also authored
“How Love Is Treated”
I’ve never wanted to
Tell my story _ true
But people are searching through
Devilfinder, Ask and Yahoo
To hear the horse’s mouth too
From CRIN Staff School to
Ibadan Grammar School to
The one and only TASUED
Not where I learnt bonjour
I understand English too
Igbo, Yoruba _ kí ló tún kù?
I’ve never wanted to
Tell my story _ true
But people are searching through
Devilfinder, Ask and Yahoo
To hear the horse’s mouth too
With a loving attitude
I’ve known beautiful boos:
Francesca, Sade, Yewande too
Laide, Anthonia to mention few
Of my good looking boos
I’ve never wanted to
Tell my story _ true
But people are searching through
Devilfinder, Ask and Yahoo
To hear the horse’s mouth too
Cocoa Research Institute
Of Nigeria I grew
Amidst cocoa, kola and cashew
Hawking fresh vegetables
Weeding with my dad after school
Every evening and weekends too
I’ve never wanted to
Tell my story _ true
But people are searching through
Devilfinder, Ask and Yahoo
T hear the horse’s mouth too
Forever mom I’ll kudos to
For feeding our mouth with struggle
When father relocated to
Heaven in my senior secondary two
She made us humble
Totally flee trouble
I’ve never wanted to
Tell my story _ true
But people are searching through
Devilfinder, Ask and Yahoo
To hear the horse’s mouth too
And these you’ll remember too
After I’ve died at age 102
Buried in front of billion people
Like Prophet Samuel in the Bible.
        Samuel C. Enunwa Mr. 16, 2011.
N.B: kí ló tún kù? = What else? In Yoruba language.


I have a can of fertilizer, 
A plough and a ridger 
So do not bother about hoe 
Though I have cutlass also 
Slasher willbe borrowed 
Alongside a harvester tomorrow 
Yes,you can me a farmer 
Once it hampers not my desire 
Of planting my kisses 
On your acre of lips 
As I stay here in the dark 
Where you lay on your back.


While gossip thou dost somewhere
If thy gossipee dost appear
Ranting, attacking thee with spear
Do not retaliate to begin to tear
To tear to tatters the attire you two wear
But in peace, please, say please loud and clear
Candidly to thy gossipee ear right there
For that is what is keeping me here
Here in local prison over a year
(Hash Word Is A Snare. Please, Beware!)
Samuel C. Enunwa July 15, 2012.
Whenever i'm not here, you shall find me 


Is my life like a die
In the hand of a guy
An amateur guy
Cast it to the sky
Whenever the die
Lands from the sky
The casted die
Turns facing the sky
And show two to the sky
Or show six to the sky
Or show six to the sky
Or show one to the sky
Please don't tell me lie
Is my life like a die
In the hand of a guy
An amateur guy
With uncertain try
Just take the die
From the amateur guy
And cast it to the sky.
Samuel C. Enunwa
Mar. 14, 2010.


My portrait shall speak less
Of me, my excess
My home addresss
My neighbour Agnes
My friends and senseless
Foes giving me stress
My family, my mistress
My look and my dress
My talks and address
To people, my plainess
My joy my sadness
My thoughts my recess
My mind my madness
My good my goodness
My hate my hateless
My strength my weakness
Unless and unless
My rhyming stress
Written sleepless
Days and darkness
You've read to suppress
Your worries and your stress
I just have to confess.
Samuel C. Enunwa Apr. 12, 2010.


Nicholas Gordon is than I can ta 

For my tongue a toddler in such a matter
Of striving through life to be called a star
An encyclopaedia or wikipaedia
If the world wide web your hear prefer 

To ear Nicholas Gordon a lecturer
A poet a waiter a bar tender
A funny lover a carpenter
A carpenter who nailed the chair of laughter
Comfortably for joy to relax to charter
With the fair looking peace mother
Who mothered peace that murder
-Ed the lone son of disorder
There in the heart of many lover 

Of verses he shared; my brother
While men keep their verses his' scatter
-Ed through web voices and paper
Like some stars of the heaven attire
Dearly bear in mind my brother
For wrote he ''To The Founding Fathers''
''Eighty-Six Must Be Our Secret Number''
So ''Give Me Just This Moment, Please Forever''
For ''Happiness Does Not Depend On Weather.''
    Samuel C. Enunwa   Mar. 29, 2012 
this poem is dedicated to Nicholas Gordon, the CEO of as a token of appreciation for his promotion of contemporary poetry. samueldpoetry is a good fan of his.


Declared! A beauty to reckon
Are stars that stud for fun
Upon our dark heavenly apron
The rain is good with singing tone
And likewise the moon do better the sun
But season of rain do come and be gone
And shining of stars are selfish fun
And mooning of moon is one a month or month a one
Just delete anyone when I am done
Till my skull be dried when I am gone
The sun will shine till earth be done
But if you think this' why I'm close to the sun
Then clap for thyself (laughing) for you've known none. Moron!
      Samuel C. Enunwa 14-07-2012

I Samuel C. Enunwa, is apoligizing on behalf of my poet speaker for her hashness within the poem; please, bear with her mood.


Each break of a day light

I walk around with delight

As if everything is all right

I greet everyone I sight

With a smile so bright

Forty days and forty nights

I've fasted without bite

The war, the battle, the fight

Within my minds might

Make me off the light

In my room, painted white

And hang myself tonight,

Or will everything be all right?

Samuel C. Enunwa Aug. 03, 2010


Repent! The kingdom of God is here

Repent! O ye far and near

Repent! for thy addictions be snare,

Thy secret sins, thy monsters

Repent to born again and beware

Temptations the devil will rear

Repent to take God everywhere

More than you carry your teddy bear

Repent! Repent!! O ye far and near

Repent! The kingdom of God is near

Repent! My brother, my sister

I know you like the spags you wear

To brother lagbaja somewhere

I know you like the styles you wear

To sag and swagger everywhere

Just change your heart is all I care

If carrying Bible's what you fear

In your phone take everywhere

till you'll value what you fear

And if preaching you do not dare

In your room teach yourself there

Till spirit take away your fear

Change your heart is all I care!

Oh! did I hear you mutter to the air

That you've been churching since toddler

And this clarion you do not care?

So why are you yet to hear

That men perish from knowledge they dare

That the birth of wisdom's in God's fear

And why are you yet to hear

That you seek first the eyes of your Jah

And your wants will come; hallelujah.

Samuel C. Enunwa, 16-08-2012
thurs, 03:33am


No matter what you wear
Moving here and there
Remember, they will tear.
The only thing you wear
That will never tear
Stays the SMILES you wear.
Please, leave it there.

  Samuel C. Enunwa  July 5, 2010. 


I've confirmed in the shower
That hands glide easier
And even flat fingers
Can also move gentlier
Over breast in the shower
When my love in the shower
Glides left hand, in the shower
Over right breast, in the shower
And her right hand, in the shower
Over left breast, in the shower
Sreening for any lump, in the shower
Or knots or thickenings in the shower
And for any early cancer
For early breast cancers
As said by her doctor
That breast curable cancers
Can be found in the shower.

   Samuel C. Enunwa, a nigerian poet.



One, two, three
Don't cut down that Mango tree
Four, five, Six
Get kerosene, not my Mango stick.
Seven, Eight, nine

Spare a little oxygen to Jamaica's I and I
Ten, eleven, twelve
Free feel to add yours we going till one hundred and twelve.
Let the trend roll...:).

Ten, eleven, twelve
Check that gas before u lit the match buddies,
Thirteen, Fourteen, fifteen
Save energy by sun drying,
Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen
Nothing is a waste, try recycling,
Nineteen, twenty, twenty one
You dread flood visit, your gutters clean it
Twenty two, twenty three, twenty four
Scare traffic, sometimes use public transits,
Twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven
Buy wisely, spend wisely,
Twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty

Feel free to add your, let the trend roll on. Wow!.

Twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty
Once beaten twice shy
Thirty one, thirty two, thirty three
fool me, once shame on me; fool me twice, shame on you
thirty four, thirty five, thirty six
Eat alone, die alone
Thirty seven, thirty eight, thirty nine
aspire beyond your comfort zone, beyond your limits
Forty, forty one, forty two
let sleeping dogs lie, you're homo sapiens
Forty three, forty four, forty five
feel free to add yours, loin the trend!


‎46, 47, 4eight
hi my mates, know im late, s'il-vous plait
49, 50, 5one
u were born, fully born a gifted one
52, 53, 5four

love for sure, help the poor and take a tour
55, 56, 5seven
don't be even, be forgiving to make heaven
58, 59, sixty
so peacefully and swiftly lo ri Christi
61, 62, 6three
who the pharisee and the sadducee nailed on cross tree
64, 65, 6six
so his blood on crucifix will give us peace and not amiss
67, 68, 6nine
i need to dine, it's after nine, i go off-line...


I decided to dedicate this poem to Adebola Adebisi Sophiat since Facebook keeps bringing your image as someone you may and truely I knew her from primary to tertiary. 


When you used to weep to disagree

With mommy plaiting your pretty

Four year old hair I knew thee

A skinny ebony

With faded dimple and cottonwool voicing melody

I knew thee

Preparing sands with no spicy

In discarded cans I knew thee

Wearing dirty

Oversize bikini

I knew thee

Licking milky

Mucous nose of yours free

I knew thee

When thee in primary

Only thee the teachers chose as beauty

Amidst the bevy

To with roses and daffodils to greet the governor gently

Making bevies to envy thee

I knew thee

Aching the nitty-gritty?

Are you still aching the nitty-gritty of how I knew thee?

I knew thee

In your teen thirteen simply

Your verge of beauty

When your double apple were still eagerly

Peeping from your skin of virgi... Sorry virtunity

I knew thee

When the masculine eyes that first wooed thee

You let pull down your walls of Jericho willingly

I knew thee

Since no one knows me

I won't form celebrity

And deny I knew thee

I knew thee

When you did snub me

To chat with Adebayo Deji

While I did love thee

I knew thee

From primary to tertiary

From teen in verge of beauty

Till your beauty you did wither in a quest to marry

I knew thee

In short I knew thee

Before nature born thee a lady.

Samuel C. Enunwa July 25, 2012.

you you're free to copy, share, or add this to the anthology you're about to publish but when you want to edit this poem, please, email:


Before the doctor confirms the belly 

Carries a twin or single baby

We'll be spending and spending our money

Buying and paying for so so many

Expensive things with no sympathy

From nurses and doctors of maternity

And from those selling the baby's

Wears, drugs, food and accessories

And as they call us baba baby

After the arrival of our baby

Things get very very heavy 

We must buy biscuit and candy

For those coming to visit the baby

Then arrange for naming ceremony

Which will yield to us no money 

Buying and paying for so so many

Expensive things to keep the baby

Plus the mother strong and healthy

Now that education is big money

We'll spend and spend our money

Paying for his or her primary

School fee down to tertiary

We need to face reality

Though, having a twin or single baby

Is a reward of a holy matrimony

But why's the world using our fertility

To drive us down into poverty?
                  Samuel C. Enunwa  Sept. 20, 2010.
Please, read more @


 Like the colour of my skin
Does he look foreign,
Love to eat rice and beans
Or wear blue jeans,
Love your dimple and chin
Or your royal look of a queen,
Defend you with Alekhine
Or the chess Alabin,
Love being with you in the kitchen
Or being kind and easily forgiven?
Just like I've always been,
What future has he foreseen?
If he has never been
Nor possess my gene,
Why cease being my ebony queen?
Why cease being my next of kin?
Why cease loving the colour of my skin?
You....You love of my gene
My love from teen, thirteen
Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen
And after leaving my heart's garden.


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