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When success is not on your side

NOTE: This, I've written shall be found in the breath-taken article: THE TRUE FOUNDATION OF LIFE.

When success is not on your side
You do this you do that
You even times a many try
... And begin to cook lies
And begin to break rib out of your trouble to create a beautiful blame to live like

Eve or even suspect that
Haggard widow with tired years at heart

Or you begin to suspect your long kicked bucket folks that
Are happinessly enjoying their ghost affairs

When success is not on your side
You might begin to suspect the place you live, the bed you lie, the cloth you wear
Not excluding the gifts you acquire
From those that God knows you're the apple of their eyes

Or begin to run helter skelter
To the montain of satire
To bind witches and wizards
Who mind their own affair
While struggling to survive like you do

So re-examine your effort and repackage your paths
And change your approach

For it is evil to believe that
Your destiny's in your hands
The truth here is that
Your de…


Yesternight they tortured and pushed me to the brick
So tonight my window tight with broom in hand quick
I strock my match stick
To light mosquito coil and took
... Their lives with broom while they choke
But me don't want to be stubborn like tick
Sticking to the skin of a rabbid dog roamin the street
That's why I'm saying this contrition.
Please, forgive me Lord.
Samuel C. Enunwa


Blessed is he whose transgressions
Are forgiven,
Whose sins
... Are covered or hidden.

Blessed is the man
Whose sins
The Lord doesn't tag against him and in
Whose spirit is no deceit or lying.

Inspite my stinking
Skeletons kept in
The figurative closet of striving in
Life to be something
That is vanity upon
Vanity yet in valour God blesses the skin
Of me and the friends of mine.

Here I am at the roof top of the world shouting,
"Blessed is me and the friends of mine!"

Jan. 14, 2013
Call me Samuel C. Enunwa
& I'm 2013 samueldpoetrySee More Like ·


Learn to use words with fire
If you detest fire
Since no smoke without fire
And when there's smoke, there's fire
Follow me and be inspired
The car caught fire
The roof is on fire
The woman quench the fire

While protesters burnt tyre
The soldiers released fire

The man we wished to hire
His boss came to fire

Religions have come under fire
Since terrorists are breathing fire

Boko Haram has brought baptism of fire
Only for the northerners to acquire

Nations are baptised by fire
'Cos their leaders add fuel to the fire

Amazon has launched his KINDLE FIRE
While Hip-Hop is setting the world on fire
Pornography is setting the teens on fire
Guys, I'm begining to get tired
Human inventions have begun to backfire

This fire, that fire
Everything is fire
Soon earth will end with fire (Rev. 16:8&15)

I need your response attire
How come you're not aware of fire?
In that Bible you love to acquire,
The word printed 200times is ''FIRE''

Samuel C. Enunwa 06-12-2…

Would You Like To Know THE TRUTH? (Parody of a article)

Does God really care about our being fed?

When will wars and sufferings ever end?
Please, when will they end, for now I'm so scared?
And what becomes of my soul when I'm dead?
Will tearful files march me to be buried
For maggots to flourish on me instead
Or certainly there is hope for the dead?

And how can I ever pray to be heard?
Should I go to church or to forest end
Or should murmur my thoughts or be loud
To surely find happiness at the end?

For all these are the questions in my head;
I don't know if you bear these thoughts instead.

Samuel C. Enunwa 15-12-2012 The act and willingness to share is cherrished; even if it takes some pain to comment, please, do subscribe to this post by clicking the subscription button. Thanks alot. See More

You are babe, I'm a guy
We sit here eye on eye
One on one; you and I
What we wish is to fly
Your face may lie
My face may lie
But the dew between your thigh
And the rock between my thigh
Are holy, and will not lie

You do remember Ananias
And Sapphira that his wife?
(Act of Apostles chapter five)
Why the lying to deny?
Please, don't let this passion die.

On Jan. 4, 2013
I'm 2013 samueldpoetry One of the best lessons on lying and pretending I can never forget. You might wish to tell me what you feel but don't forget to subscribe to this post by clicking on the subscription button above. See More

EARLY CERVICAL CANCER Part 1 (the prevention)

Of all the things of my interest
Women I take to be the first;
Women are gifts, women are pets
Women are fragile elements
It pains when pain and death
Cajole cancer to take their breath

It's very important that
Women keep taking their Pap tests
For cervical cancers that lead to death
Are found in women with irregular tests

If you can see this Mr. Japhet
Take the message to that your pet
If you can see this lady Janet
Take the message to all Bridgets

And I will take it to internet
To all the souls here on earth

Health is wealth and don't forget
To keep seeing doctors for treatment
I love you all with all my breath
I wish you life, here on earth.

On Jan. 5, 2013
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I said Nollywood oo!

Just remembering these top movies as we
'celebrate' (abeg let's just give honour
... when due ) 20 years anniversary of
These films are in no particular order and
some are missing details like the year and
some cast members. So please help me fill
that in

1. Domitila (1996) produced by Zeb Ejiro,
starring Anne Njemanze.

2. Glamour Girls (1994) produced by
Kenneth Nnebue featuring Liz Benson,
Eucharia Anunobi and Dolly Unachukwu.

3. Living In Bondage (1992) produced by
Ken nnebue and directed by Chris Obi
Rapu. Starring Kenneth okonkwo, Rita
Nzelu, Kanayo Kanayo and Francis Agu.

4. Score to Settle (1998) Produced by
Sunny Collins and directed by Chico Ejiro.
Along with other stars, Rich Azu, Liz
Benson, Teco Benson, Omotola Jalade
Ekeinde and Patrick Doyle featured in this

5. Hostages (1996) by Tade Ogidan. Actors
included Tope Idowu, Ofuafo Otomewo,
Richard Mofe Damijo, Bimbo Manuel, Lanre
Balogun, Tunji Sotimirin and Zainab Buky


What is the definition of elbow?
Elbow is simply the "L" bow
Which carries the blood flow
To the arms through the vessel.

... What are the uses of elbow?
We stand akimbo with elbow
We call attention with elbow
We attack people with elbow.

Can you grammatically use elbow?
Lionel Messi ran into elbow
A watery soup goes to elbow
Watch out for glasses to elbow.

That ends my lesson with elbow
Since you can now define elbow
And know the uses of elbow
Just grammatically use elbow.

Samuel C. Enunwa Dec. 29, 2012 More


At this time
Of life
Your beards are here
To secede those times
... Matters
At all at all;
To secede those naive days
And times
You used to play with peers
Naked the street in sun
And stream;
Those days your naive ego
Made you fight your friend
Over a counter
Or made you
Sprint the field or swing
Your friend on guava tree or graze
Through the milo comic book
But now those days have gone
To be remembered like
The day
The Christ was born
For now you're grown with
Muscles for you to work to love
To sometimes shed some tears of joy
Or that of which your pains employ
While hustling to build castle in the sand
Or striving to stamp your feet at the beach of life for her ocean to wash away when you're dead or close to death with plastic ribs and hips that nolonger groove around in gown or broken teeth that can't say "hi!" to sweet shorties going to prom; for all you await is death to come.
That is the summary of life.
Samuel C. Enunwa Dec. 31, 2012


Adam should be above seventeen
But Eve, certainly must be sixteen
In the Garden of Eden or sin
So if still you are thinking
Why will Eve take the apple in
... The garden to Adam for tasting
Please, maintain a perfect listening
For Eve a vivid virgin
Was just the apple tree in
The Garden of Eden or sin
And doubt not my saying
For Eve a virgin sixteen
With double apple breast in
The Garden of Eden or sin
Took her smart serpentine
Heart to Adam adamantly sitting
The Garden of Eden or sin
And said, “Adam I’m noticing
My two fruits are sweet for tasting
Touching, feeling with lips” pleading
And persuaded Adam in the garden
Tasted the nipples of the apples and the sapling
And everything and both tired and sweating
Then addiction to thighs and nudity crept in
With the claws of guilt and shame and sin
That very moment in the garden
And me have bought, have eaten
Other varieties of apple; the green,
The red, the cream, the yellow since teen
But none of them could bring me sin
So how can you sa…


I'm a vampire, I'm dreaded
I'm a vampire in your bed
Ha! Ha! Ha! So be scared
Till I pick you and be fed
And be pale to lose your breath
... To resurrect the next day
And tired and tied up in your bed
While I've crested on your head
Indelible kisses to your breast
Oh yeah!
I'm turning you on
Oh yeah!
You've thrown your gown beside your bed
Oh yeah!
You've now unzipped to be fed
Oh yeah!
And pulled down that Shakira jean
Oh yeah!
Your bra was pink, your pant was red
And that disorganised my head
So fierce like deadly bird
I squeazed the pink against your breast
And fingered wet your red
You squirted on my beard
Like a toddler's bedwet
Exactly what I wanted
But not as quick as that my friend
She firstly held my hand
From the shower to the bed
To the french to the breast
We gladiated from the bed
To the wall and to the shelf
And back to table near the bed
Where the mirror watched our legs
Before she squirted on my beard
I then disappeared
On my way I rememb…


If anybody ask you who I am
Mmy name is Samuel Enunwa
And I'm a poet in English
Or I be poet for Pidgin
Or akewi ni mi lede Yoruba
... Or abum onye abu nIgbo.

But say شة جحثف
When you get to Arab

And je suis un poète
When you get to France

Ich bin Dichter
When you get to Germany

Soy un poeta
When you get to Spain

Ego poetae sum
When you get to Greece

And in India
Mai ēka kavi hūm

And in China
Wǒ shì yīgè shīrén

And in Japan
Watashi wa shijindesu
Just to mention few.

Samuel C. Enunwa 16-12-2012
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The 2011 result
Of 23.9 percent
Unemployment rate
... Topped the 2010 result
Of 19.7 percent.

In accordance with
National Bureau of Statistics report
15-64 years of age constitute
56.3 percent of jobless rate
While 65 years above constitute
A whooping 4.2 percent.

Though the nation had been through a lot
In 2012, I have no doubt
Has doubled the 2011 report
With a mammoth amount of jobless youths.

Yet the crook
Still has from east to west to south
A 600 pages of vacant spots
With each page holding a 20 slot
Of job in all states plus Port Harcourt
With company names you will find not
I pray this jobberman is not a scam.
Samuel C. Enunwa 02-01-2013
Image by More — with Enunwa Eric and 3 others.


Twenty two
... Happiness has got
A red card for sorrow
To hold the play of my soul
And so in my brain
My monorhymings have gone away
Are not alone my lonely pain
But none the good things of life
In spite my strives in sun and rain
And toils and burns of midnight oil
Yet have gained the list below
The wish to own million condos
To ride the Porsche I know I own
To tour around in my jumbo
And bubble bath in my limo
And wish to always look like a sixteen
To be loved and evergreen
And wish women will be queuing
For me to sign their bikini
I wish for very many things
The wish for faithful kiths and kins
The wish for kings to be my friend
The wish for spring in east England
The wish to give a daily bread
To the motherless and sick in bed
The wish to have a sweet angel
With butterflies in her bowel
While we lie with smooching smell
Across train track so to marvel
At rainbow that envies my angel
I've known solution to be hero
To sorrows of many souls
But solution to my so…




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