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After nine months of magic
The einsteists have named to be
The stage of fussion gestation

At the station of birth
A white garment man
With stethoscope in hand
Forced you out of mother's lap
Like stubborn yam been forced out
Of rigid soil
In days of yore
When father was still a practicing farmer

You began to crawl
And began to forget the tongue
The tongue you brought from womb
And began to batter your
Mother tongue slowly to be better at

It. All eyes on you to mature
Through beating and nurture
And wandering tortures of life's event

Eventually landed you
Both consciously and not
That stage you began to view
Your departed past with
An absurd iris and see
In your cradle friendship
With parents and peers
Or sometimes wondered why those
Flare and fear and peers
Have all disappeared
Substituted with new pairs of friend

And that stage
You began to forbid dirtness to favour neatness
So much to extent
As a girl
You began to go for mini sk…


#+#+#=#+ LILITH +#=#+#+#
I was lying last week on a green field
Watching the twilight smile at me
Where fifteen family of sheep
Were lawning the green field
While the humble evening breeze
Was still washing solemnly
The debris of the day from me

When the devil reached the field
She held my hands and said to me
"If truly you teach economics
Define for me monoply"

I said with faith I have in me,
"When single in place of many
Holds the totality of supply
Of what the substitute is amiss
Is simply called monopoly"

She cupped my face in displease
And said to me convincingly,
"The Keynesian thoery of money
As well has left my memory;
So, please, Samueldpoetry
I just wish you could remind me"

I racked my cerebrum thoroughly
For awhile then began boldly,
"The keynesian theory of money
Loudly says, you sexy Lilith,
I command thee; get thee behind me!"

29-01-2013. Samuel C. Enunwa
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In my mattress
Tonight stressed
And NEPA dead
Sweating chest
She detested
To frustrate me
So frustrated
With my fist
I hit her teeth
She fell and felt
Cold with blood
Flow so dead
With no guilt
I covered her with
My bed sheet
And did spit


******* PROMISE *******
Sitting quietly under the tree of oak
To behold what the nature unfolds
I heard the angels in heaven spoke
Of the breed of beauty she enfolds

And anytime she wakes before her folks
No cock will care to crow
And anytime she sleeps without a cloak
No tailor will care to sow

She looks yellow from hair to toe
Her skin yellow to thigh below
I thought her teeth be white as snow
Until she smiles to be yellow

Her beauty shimmers in lake of gold
And glitters like water that do not flow
And whenever rainbow shines out of her soul
The rain refuses to rain to blow us cold

I wear her love to work like coat
To cuddle my skin and give me stroke
For no Coke can please my throat
Like the taste of words she spoke

I've found the place my soul can cope
Though I'm penniless I am broke
Yet her presence brings me hope
For hope in love is more than gold

I swear to God I love her so
But flowers do more than I know
I swear to God I love her so
But sparrows do more than I know



What better stunt
------do you expect
from a hungry
-----poetic weary
...THEN LIFE IS MORON. — with Raymonda Yetunde and 2 others.


I love you
God knows I do
More than mafias love tattoo
I love you
You know I do
Though you're married; soon I'll do
To promise you my boo
A jewellery or bring the moon
Are the things I cannot do
But one surely thing I'll do for you
Is to write your chapter in my book
My lenghty book
I won't get through
And won't publish nor give to you
My lenghty book
Of memory to be kept in hidden room
Of my HEART to cherrish you.
Samuel C. Enunwa Dec. 31, 2012
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