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THE GHOST AFFAIR 5 (The Valentine Night)

THE GHOST AFFAIR 5 (The Valentine Night)

By samuel enunwa,   

For two ghost to fall in love should
Not be taken for a love cartoon

Since the quest to love is not alone for mortal souls who
Sleep at night to hide away from shining moon

So I promise you my boo:

Until brides begin to pay dowries for their bridegroom
And window size for rest rooms begin to share the same size with living room

My boo,
I'll live a ghost to be your fool

Until libraries cease to be where people visit to read book
And Nigerian mommies cease to pick their beans before they cook

My lady, I'll live a ghost to be your fool.

14-02-2013  Samuel C. Enunwa
the 2013 samueldpoetry.


Goddey Chucks said...

wow! I luv Valentine as well.

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