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I wake this morning
To good tidings of life
So the good tidings of west
And east and north and south
Must begin to come my way
For any tree
The snail wishes to climb
It climbs it successfully
And any tree
The woodpecker wishes to peck
It pecks it successfully

So the good tidings of west
And east and north and south
Must begin to come my way
For no fingernail
Will live a day
Without being fed by day
With scratchy skin
And no toenail
Will live a night
Without being fed by night
With scratchy skin

That's why I dance
To the tone and talking drum
Of grace
And faith and favour
That say
I wake this morning
To good tidings of life.

Samuel C. Enunwa


If you have kids at home
I will advise you
To stop keeping
Jik in a bottle of Pepsi
Blue in a bottle of Bobo
Kerosine in a bottle of LaCasera
Camphor in a sugar box
Methylator, sewing pin, razor blade
At the reach of your kids
And more importantly
Stop keeping fish
You have soaked with Indocid
And Otapiapia
Where your kids can find it
And swallow
For you to start shouting:
E tete bami gbepo!
Ofigbo! Ofigbo!!
Apportez vite, vite l'huile de palmier!
Which means
Quickly bring me palm oil!
2013 samueldpoetry


That Michael Bolton guy
Never knew while visiting the studio
His songs be only song
I listen to in my home
Land Nigeria
That Emily Bronte girl
Never knew poems she wrote by the window
Be only poems I study as well
To learn my rhythm and rhyming flows
In my homeland, Nigeria
So whatever you do
You do it with all your might
For you might never know
Whom they might delight
Nor how far they might cross country borders
Samuel C. Enunwa


I'm here once again
With stethoscope in my tongue
While the base is my pen
I press between the
Two valley of thy
Breast or chest
So tempting testing
The stethoscope
Stop eating refined salt
Soldium chloride
Chin chin
Anything red meat
Icing sugar
Are giving you
High B.P. Samuel C. Enunwa
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Quotes on the theme: "Recent studies have revealed that children 8-10 years old are being diagnosed with Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure at an alarming rate. 1 up, 2 down" -- Lee Haney
"A newspaper is a circlating library with high blood pressure" -- Arthur Bae


Fool of plan
Unknown pagan
Advertent castaway
Are the real traits
Of an isolated man.

An isolated man
Uses "I" more than
Anyone can.

For instance
I am a man
No one cares who I am
I think I need a distance
To hide away my mind.

An isolated man
Sees himself more than
Anyone can.

For instance
That market woman
Is mocking my stand
And that pretty maiden
Is giving me frown.

An isolated man
Sees negation
In all ramification.

For instance
I can't gain a banking job
It is not for a dwarf man
I won't gain an entrance
Since I hold a pauper glance.

An isolated man
Enemies himself
Far beyond anyone can.

For instance
He has problems
He hates to discuss
He has worries
He won't disclose

But hides himself within his shell
Just to avoid been asked
And to avoid been mocked
Yet forgetting the living fact
That problem lives with every

Man. A mad man
Is an abnormal man
Who goes up and down
Every now and then
But in short
An isolated man
Is a normal mad man
Who goes alone
Every now a…


Mouse and mice
Used to live where I lived
So with little strategies
I got free from those enemies

And the little strategy in question's
The one you believe

I took my child and things
And wife, Alice
Who married me
The day she made her formal husby
A divorcee

And within the twinkle of my iris
We left the house we used to live
To a new house given to me
By my company

Not knowing really
Within the bins and bags and vase and jars
The mouse and mice
Accompanied me to the new house
Given to me by my company

But that's not the end of my story
So I'll be back in a jiffy...

Samuel C. Enunwa 29-03-2013
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Should I Post-in-or forget to post in at all?

For I'm posting in for th benefit of growing idols
Who keep swallowing the savior
They get from medicine stores
Not excluding the lady I adore

Baby, I love Postinor
More than you love Postinor
For it solidifies our love
But too much of anything is poor
I wonder if you remember that

And saddens my heart
Imagining what too much
Of water can cause
Or too much of alcohol
Or too much of Panadol
Not to mention Postinor

Or baby
Did I just hear you say
It causes nothing at all?

Or did I just hear you say
Vomitting and belly panging is small?

And the nausea and boredom
Caused by Postinor
Is nothing at all

Baby, please, don't be stubborn
For medical report
Says the taking of Postinor
More than once a month
Can thicken your endometrium
Openin door for infertility and ectopic labour

So baby, I'll speak my mind
And speak once and for all
Please, lets lessen Postinor
To rely more
On rubbers and menstral calculator.

Samuel C. Enunwa 29-03-20…




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