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Oh my dear daughter!

Oh my dear daughter!
Every time I come to your room
 I meet you reading

Reading something

It is commonly said:
"No matter how educated a woman can be
she will still end up in the kitchen"

It is true
Yet I will encourage you to keep reading
For the more you read

The more educated you can be
The better your kitchen will be

So if you end your education
With primary six

You'll be cooking with firewood

If you end your education
With WAEC or GCE
You'll be cooking with kerosine

If you end your education
With B.A B.Sc or M.Sc
You'll be cooking with
Both gas and electricity

And if you end your education
Being a professor
You'll only be instructing

The maids cooking for you and your family;
So my daughter, keep reading

Samuel C Enunwa 31-07-2013
samueldpoetry, the monorhyme poet

A Poem Written By The Side Of A Fishpond

(This is written to mourn all the victims of disasters around the world: WARRING, BOMBING, FLOODING, CRASHING, MOLESTING, MAIMING, DISEASING, BOKOBOMBING, etc.)

To dress in black and black
And sit in solitude to cry
While sorrows have occupied
All the vacancies of smiles
In the heart,
Are the symptoms of mourning

So who says to bury and mourn
The bereaved ones is bad?

When even a soul from pluto
Wil say “things
Are meant to be so”

So let me question thee:
Have you ever seen
The dead monkeys
That died naturally
Decaying on the tree?

That is because
They are buried.

Have you ever seen
The dead fishes
That died naturally
Floating on the stream?

That is because
They are buried

And have you not seen_
Sometimes in the sky_
A family of hawk
Dress in black and black
To circle a thick smoke
To sing elegy?

That is their sign
Of funeral rite.

And that is why
I’m also of the believe
That to bury and mourn
Our bereaved ones
Is a good thing to do

But let us bury and mourn
Our bereaved ones
By shedding our tears in silence
For few hours
But cherish their memories
And good deeds for life
Like the chimpanzees

Rather than shedding a lousy tears
For a week and quickly forget
Their memories and good deeds;

And most importantly
Their helpless families.

Samuel C. Enunwa 01-07-2013
The 2013 samueldpoetry
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