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There are so many things still hard to understand on earth

There are so many things still hard to understand on earth

Blind Man
There are so many things stil hard to understand on earth
Things like why cock crow
While turkeys do not
Why eagles fly
While kiwis do not
Why some men are blind
Or physically impaired
While others do not
English: Saimiri sciureus. Fran├žais : Saimiri ...
Why monkeys like banana
Far more than men do
Why deserts go barren all the time
Far more than swamps do
A View of Earth from Saturn
Why earth waste time rotating
When eyes cannot see it
And why should night be falling
When the poor cannot spread their bowls outside
And use it to bath in the morning
The same way
They do to the rainfall
And why should ice-blocked rain
Suddenly be rainning
When people have no prove
There’s a refrigerator somewhere in heaven
And why
And I just don’t know
Why the dark hood
Should be quoting the Bible
Peyton's hair and wardrobe evolution: Typical ...
And why people should believe
Angels must wear white
And must have wings
And be beautiful
Like Peyton Sawyer of One Three Hill
And I still don’t understand why
Few prayers that are answered
Are not of those praying relentlessly
On mountains
And rocky forests everyday.
Samuel C. Enunwa 25-10-2013
“What you know, you know; what you don’t know, you don’t know.”

GHOST AFFAIR 9 (Jolie Tell Me The Truth)

Angelina jolie
Jolie, tell me the truth

In your dream

Did the skeleton with a long finger print

Scratch your back yet?
Cover of "Let's Scare Jessica to Death"

Did the scene look

Scary like

The scene in the movie:

Let's Scare Jessica to Death?

English: Henry Fuseli - Hamlet and his father'...

And finally

Did the scary shivering skeleton

Said to you

with a loud cracky horrible polyphonic-like voice:

"Jolie! You are now an immortal for real!"

If yes,

Then shake me

With a high five

For you have helped

An inquisitive troubled soul

Wandering in a ghost affair.


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