Are You Pregnant At Sixteen?

If you're pregnant at sixteen
It's a blessing in disguise

Oh, weep not my teen
My beautiful teenage queen

Father you know not only nurtured by your mom

Mom doesn't care
This pregnancy you carry crying worrying
What the future holds

The nice he
Who shew love and care and
Kiss and caress
To make embryo grow in your intestine
Has now disappeared

Oh, weep not my teen,
Nine months from now
Thou shall know relieve
Singing the song of thanksgiving

For what you bear so easily
(That bouncing baby)
Many married are seeking it.

Samuel C. E nunwa aka samueldpoetry

Oh! If I Do Not Smoke...

The smoke dances azonto
Into the air
You like it not... Some of you
Block your nose...
Some of you leave my bench
I stench
Check the pocket on my shirt
A sachet of Calypso
I sip it all
Puff the smoke the more
My mouth, my nose, my earlobes
The whole of my head
Emitting smoke like a train
I do not care; I'm chopping the life of my head
Enjoying life at full length

If I do not smoke
How can I be confident and bold?

If I do not smoke
How can I dig deep my woman's borehole?

I'm addicted, I know;
I've tried my best to let go

If I do not smoke before going to work
I won't be at my best
If I do not smoke after taking my dinner
My meal won't digest

Oh God!
I'm in need of help.

QUOTE: "The federal ministry of health warns that
smokers are liable to die young."

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

In The Shower

I've confirmed in the shower
That hands glide easier
And even flat fingers
Can also move gentlier
Over breast in the shower
When my love in the shower
Glides left hand, in the shower
Over right breast, in the shower
And her right hand, in the shower
Over left breast, in the shower
Screening for any lump, in the shower
Or knots or thickenings in the shower
And for any early cancer
For early breast cancers
As said by her doctor
That breast curable cancers
Can be found in the shower.

My Love Promo

Here comes the info
To shorties with no
In this sumptuous promo
Where soft Hi! Wins simple Hello!
And makes you my duo
In my attempts to woo

We'll date without ado
Travel and zoom to zoo
Watch animals like rhino
Lion, merino and buffalo
Birds like flamingo
Puffin, kiwi and cuckoo

Tour place like Toronto
Boarding a beautiful jumbo
Cruising a stretched limo
And by rail, the loco
To make the trip in toto
To places we'll go

Visiting a beach lido
Where you bask in lilo
While I play waterpolo
Or an American rodeo
By dressing like gaucho
And gallop a bronco

Party and listen to rondo
Where served burrito or taco
When I dance tango or zydeco
Amidst White, Indian and Negro
Or act opera with libretto
Blended by cello for physio

Then drive home as love and bro
When the sky is indigo
And pouring you some ouzo
In a room with stereo
That plays songs with intro
As we sit on dumbo

At this very canto
Once you aren't a bimbo
And possess a libido
I won't act as bozo
Loving will be our cameo
To prove our brio

I'll move like yo-yo
Making the process in vivo
And poke to hear Sam o…!
Making the process in vitro
So you can call me hero,
And a love supremo.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Celina L. Turner (A Reply to IN THE DARK)


Celina, my maiden with waiting fan
Cease waiting but choose a change your plan

For waiting is none but ways of man;

Managing to cope in hot frying pan.

Behold today the best of plan!

Meeting as many a men as you can

Then shall find your one-in-a-million man.

Samuel C Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


Foreplay - harry-potter-vs-twilight Fan ArtPlay
With my
Pimple dimple and chin

O yeah
My sweet sixteen
Treat me like peekin_
A kindergarten in pidgin.

Gone Are The Days

No matter the state you find yourself today
One day, someday
It shall be called "Gone-Are-The-Days"

For when people remember you
They will say:
Gone are the days  you were kids
Gone are the days  you were schooling
Gone are the days  you were single
Gone are the days  you were ruling
Gone are the days  you were rocking the parties
Gone are the days  you were  dating
Gone are the days  you living in Greece
Gone are the days  you were nursing your babies
Gone are the days  you were a married infidel
Gone are the days  you were still living on earth (walking with staff or not)

So do the right things today,
For sooner or later
Whatever you do shall become 


Samuel C. Enunwa

How Can I Be Moved?

This not for those below 18 & anyone this may offend. I'm just catching fun since poetry can take any form.

U saunted u wiggley pussy footed
& caress'd ya hairs &
Jerk'd ya ass's &
Smiled ya eyes prettily &
Even sometimes stared
Or pout my sight like bird
Or made barr'n ya properly lubricat'd
Breast so mistily glitt'ring like the roach's head
But yet U be not my bed
O please be not offend'd
Be not incens'd
But how can I be mov'd
When U're wearing a long sleeve &
How can I be mov'd
When U're wearing a short sleeve &
How can I be mov'd
When U're wearing not an armless sleeve &
How can I be mov'd
When thy armpits are properly eye proov'd
Lady show me thy rough curves &
Show me thy sweating groov's &
Show me so to be mov'd
& show me thy armpits black or red
For they typify the hidd'n tunnel that wait'd
Wait'd down there below thy pubic end
End between thy two legs &
Show me the twin vaginal of thy shoulders &
I won't pretend
But madly follow thee to thy bed end
For sexy armpits make me mad in d head.

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My Lousy Lass

Alex II by Vinyl-Disco
What joy is in it for me? That
I combatted back her repelling combat
And went out way to win her heart
To tear her knees wide apart.

What joy? Drinking tasteless tongues and cat-
 Leaking bulges with lips and flat
And fruitiless epidermis at
The lobes down to grooves of her dark domed part.

Sacrificing to satisfy. To take the major part
Playing the centurial caressing to take that
My lousy lass to her derilium and jerky act
But as a man if I must face here the fact
No joy is in sex for me than slowly insert...

click: Samuel C. Enunwa Feb. 4, 2012.

WISH (Just Make One)

Each wish can swish
Than winkles in the wink
Of light or sleight of an eye
Where sent on earth
Like the knight with the eye
To win the life's winds.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


This is dedicated to Amiethel, I used to chat with under the id:Dpoetry.

Always I love beautiful girls
In my head, they are bells
They make my red head swell
But when I met this angel
The very beautiful Amiethel
With the best waist as well
As other things she models.
I got some new cells,
Left my dark lonely tunnel
And started living well.

My thanks to this angel,
The very beautiful Amiethel.


You are free to corrupt
Your computer, your hand set
Your ipod your ipad your e-reports
And you're even free to corrupt
Your appliances of great worth
But let not yourself be corrupt
For it shall be so so difficult
For your blssed brain to reformat
No matter the effort.

samuel c enunwa 25 june 2011

Why Do Parents Treat Kids Badly So?

My parents are metaphor of poverty so
So poor a dishwasher will drill a hole
Hole down the poor pocket of them so
So willingly I help and wash and break so
So my poverty frownly fist me blow
And beat my buttock and hit my brow
To scar with dirty dish I broke.

“And kid, so unnatural's boring bore holes
And wells for then in kidhood of our soul
Soul we fetched far streams down slope,”
Said my poverty parents for me to know
Yet so helpful kid _ you should know _
Me will fetch full two thousand bowls
Going to and fro and suddenly hit my toe
To a block or stone and oh, break my bowl
With broken toe mother fist me blow
And beat my buttock and hit my brow
To a scar with the same bowl I broke.

And so bitten more bites than to swallow
Stood my poverty parents to bear me so
So plus my bro plus fourteen fellows
Just like the finger rats or the fist roes
It's so that our big Omo box abode
Yet so helpful kid _ you should know _
Me to hawk to hawk the town and slopes
And hills of our stingy street and lo
And behold I sold two colonies of ten to
Take money to mommy seated lazily home
But boldly complain and fist me blow
And beat my buttock and hit my brow
For selling two of ten and not the whole.

And now I'm tall and teenily grown
And free I break many dishes and bowls
But my parents smile and sometimes so
So plainly pretend even not to know
So I wonder wild in my mind and soul,
Why do parents treat kids badly so?

Samuel C. Enunwa Sept. 11, 2011.

I Still See Your Eyes

I still see your eyes
Through teddies, through birdies, through
I still see your eyes
Through thirteen ladies that said to me hi!
And wish me wooed them and then be their guy
I still see your eyes
Through the streamings of many streams so nigh
I still see your eyes
I still see through stars of sky of your eyes
And the seed of love you sowed in me's why
I still see your eyes
I still see your eyes
Through our peace and tears and towns
we've passed by
I still see your eyes
I still see your eyes every night I lie
And your seed of love growing in me's why
I still see your eyes.
Samuel C. Enunwa Oct. 14, 2011.

The Remains of Raymond Hoe 1

Fellow friends and fellow foes
Wait, let me tell this tale of woe
The way I know they wait below
Below my belly where they grow
For woe is me! My friends and foes
When I heard of Raymond Hoe
I screamed, I shouted no!
But why? And why Raymond Hoe?
But why this very man I know?
I've known Mr. Raymond Hoe
For ten and a year below
When we met at fashion show
He was nice, you should know
He was kind, and gently goes
He rhymingly uses o
Whenever he says hello
When I say to him also
“Good evening Mr. Hoe”
He says, “Hello, Mr. Sam o
How dey go dey go dey go?
How your wife and family o?
I hope they are all fine o.”
But why? And why Raymond Hoe?
But why this very man I know?
He was a one man Mopo
And used to wear polo
And loved to wear chino
And used to live solo
A divorcé, you should know
With no child no, no, no
With no kin no, no, no
With no pal no, no, no
But I thought with no foe
When I heard in my bungalow
When I heard this tale of woe
When I heard of Raymond Hoe
I screamed, I shouted no!
But why? And why Raymond Hoe?
But why this very man I know?
The very young Raymond Hoe
Who only had seven years to
Clock forty, you should know
You should know Mr. Hoe
He was an average fellow
He wasn't a rich fellow
He wasn't a poor fellow
And lived a room not bungalow
To hide his head from mosquitoes
And the chills that will blow
Through the night to and fro
But why? And why Raymond Hoe?
But why this very man I know?
Two o'clock remained ten to
And the sun was in full glow
When they entered the room of Hoe
And found him lying solo
With his head on his pillow
Listening to music of Mario
Through his ipodlike radio
Waiting beside his pillow
The earpiece hung above his lobe
Where he lay like log solo
Through his throat a blood flow
Soaking Hoe from head to toe
But why? And why Raymond Hoe?
But why this very man I know?
Like goat, someone slaughtered Hoe
In his bed, on his pillow
But the foe, I believe so
Later, later you shall know.
Samuel C. Enunwa July 21, 2011.

Nicholas Gorgon 1940 - ?

Nicholas Gordon is than I can ta
For my tongue a toddler in such a matter
Of striving through life to be called a star
An encyclopaedia or wikipaedia
If the world wide web your hear prefer
To ear Nicholas Gordon a lecturer
A poet a waiter a bar tender
A funny lover a carpenter
A carpenter who nailed the chair of laughter
Comfortably for joy to relax to charter
With the fair looking peace mother
Who mothered peace that murder
-Ed the lone son of disorder
There in the heart of many lover
Of verse he shared; my brother
While me keep their verses his' scatter
-Ed through web voices and paper
Like some stars of the heaven attire
Dearly bear in mind my brother
For wrote he ''To The Founding Fathers''
''Eighty-Six Must Be Our Secret Number''
So ''Give Me Just This Moment, Please Forever''
For ''Happiness Does Not Depend On Weather.''
Samuel C. Enunwa Mar. 29, 2012

this poem is dedicated to Nicholas Gordon, the
CEO of as a token of
appreciation for his promotion of contemporary
poetry. samueldpoetry is a good fan of his.

Then I Know Where You Are

If either by luck or sheer
Coincidence you find yourself somewhere
Where people buy new car with no manual

Where crude herbal cures cure malaria
Quicker than modern anti-malaria

Where otapiapia
Sends insects and rats faster
To heaven than other
Insecticides from our lousy manuFAKEturers

Where people wait till Easter
Before they substitute their
Incessant feeding of amala
With chicken, fried rice and salad

Where murderers murder
And spend more than hour
To leave a trace there
But no one seems to care

Where minority enjoys jacuzzi and spa
While majority of men waste away at
Night in bamboo bar
As to water the gutter
The street and fences with excretal
To create a urine atmosphere

Pot belly mafias govern people here and there
And at the federal tier
Men are minister for women affair

If you find yourself there
My friend
You need not be scared
For you're in a third world country.

You Girl Of Sixteen

You girl of sixteen
You sit beside me in this taxi
I'm handsome, giving you

Hmm, I pity you
Too much of Holly... Nolly...
Look at what they've done to you

Samuel C. Enunwa aka

Is This The Life You For?

"Good things will come to you in ways you could
never anticipate or expect. Yet if you're
constantly placing judgment, conditions and
restrictions on your life, you'll miss out on most
of those good things."_ Ralph Marston.

Imagine if the bell refuses to suffer the pain
To be caused by its dangling scrotum
How will it ring for ritual to start?

Is this the life you wish for or not?
Reschedule your life
The life of muteness you must quit
And start making your desire show
To grow out of your hole
And quit lay low
For success is yours if you do so

The crickets are singing always by day
Do you notice?
The crickets knew they were not heard by day
They rescheduled it
So to be sang aloud and heard at night
And the tick tock of the wall clock
Is always a sweet song at night

So if still
You're still not living the life you wish for
You need still
To start reschedule your life adventure.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Advantages Of Using WPeMatico For Auto Blogging

It is not hyping that WPeMatico is one among the best plugins available for automatic blogging. It publishes posts automatically from one's RSS/Atom feeds of choice with unbelieveable interface that allows the management of multiple feeds for import.

Few among the advantages are:

==> One can organize campaigns Feeds and options to suit one's choice.

==> It allows multiple feeds and categories.

==> It allows to publish to any public Wordpress custom post types with the help of integrated Simplepie library that comes with Wordpress. This includes RSS 0.91 and RSS 1.0 formats, the popular RSS 2.0 format, Atom...

==> User can enjoy auto feed discovery without even knowing the exact URL; with the help of Simplepie!.

==> Images caching is another advantage since they can be integrated with Wordpress Media Library (meaning that a user of WPeMatico can choose whether to upload images as a post attachment or not. Upload remote images or link to source. Fully configurable.
The first image attached to a post is marked as the Featured Image).

==> WPeMatico can auto add categories from source posts.

==> WPeMatico can create words rewriting through its regular expressions supported.

==> WPeMatico can create words relinking by defining custom links for the words the used specify.

To be able to install WPeMatico, Click plugin in your wordpress dashboard, Click add new, in the plugin directory, search for WPeMatico and Click insstall.

After you have installed WPeMatico, then your new blog is almost ready to start creating posts on your behalf while all you have to do is nothing or other necessary things like minor editing and other blog structuring.

5 Plugins To Immediately Install In A New Wordpress CMS

This post is about the few crucial plugins that needs to be installed immediately you start using Wordpress as the Content Management System (CMS) for your website or blog prospect. The plugins are Jetpack, Captcha, Content Resharer, Yoast SEO, etc.

The willingness to create a very flexible and reliable website with PHP and MYSQL gave birth to Wordpress in the year 2003, since then it has transformed into the favorite of all webmasters and bloggers. Wordpress was first a community or free sub-domain for all willing to blog out their passions (through; it later add a platform for those willing to commercialize their blogging (through a CMS that can be got from The fundamental difference between and is that the latter is more fortified with uncountable themes and plugins that make every dream of a webmaster or web owner a sweet reality but anyone who wants to enjoy the juice of must get through a paid web host like iPage Web Hosting, GoDaddy, HostMonster, NameCheap Hosting, eHost, etc.

Now that you've known that you will need Content Management System (CMS)to enjoy the plugins mentioned above. From the computer angle of view, a plug-in which can also be called an add-on is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. Below are five (5) plugins that must be immediately installed in a new Wordpress CMS:

#1. Jetpack is an almighty plugin on Wordpress created by Automattic. Jetpack simplifies managing WordPress sites by making provision for 30% of plugins that can make a website worth visiting. Jetpack has visitor statistics to know how well the contents are attracting attentions, security services to prevent the website from hackers, speeding up images to add beauty to the website, gallery to save images and helping get more traffic. Jetpack is a free plugin.

#2. Captcha is a Wordpress plugin created by BestWebSoft. It is the easiest captcha to install and use for anti-spam. The plugin adds a captcha form into web pages. This captcha can be used for login, registration, password recovery, comments forms. It protects your website from spammers by means of math logic (addition, subtraction, and multiplication), easily understandable by human beings.

#3. Content Resharer is a Wordpress plugin created by 99 Robots. It is a powerful marketing automation plugin that automatically shares a old blog content again and again on a pre-defined interval to social media sites to ensure a webmaster or web owner stays active on social media, increase followers count, and generate more inbound traffic. The FREE version provides all the functionality needed for just a single Twitter account but in order to also be able to do old content reshare to other social medias like Facebook and LinkedIn, the plugin has to be upgraded to the PRO VERSION.

#4. Yoast SEO is a plugin created by Joost de Valk. It goes the extra mile to take care of all the technical optimization, more on that below, it first and foremost helps in writing better content. Yoast SEO helps webmasters to choose a focus keyword when writing their articles, and then makes sure they use that focused keyword everywhere.

#5. Anti-Malware Security And Brute-Force Firewall is a Wordpress plugin created by GOTMLS. This Anti-Malware scanner searches for Malware, Viruses, and other security threats and vulnerabilities on the server of a website and helps fix them. It does it by running a complete scan to automatically remove known security threats and backdoor scripts.
It also performs Firewall blocking of SoakSoak and other malware from exploiting Revolution Slider and other plugins from known vulnerabilites.

expecting it

of glory there
shall I graze when
transformation surpassing
all and any tradomedicine fall on
me so soon and very soon.

Picture Earth In The Future

Race, gender, gene and colour
Should block not my uvula
To speak loudly my mind for

Many and many more years to come
My mind tapped my hind saying:

Paradise of robots and comfort
Shall this earth become
With the way asians and scientists
Are going.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

In Love Is What I Am

If I were to be William Blake
I would have baked you
A poetic cake

If I were to be William Shakespeare
I would have written you
A sonnet
That will sustain this love
All through this lack

Emotionally rich and soft I am
Like Bill Gate of Microsoft
Because in love is what I am.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Bless This Week

Every movie lover knows that Antonio Banderas is a genius when it comes to acting and Marc Anthony as well is a genius when it comes to lyrical songs.
When it comes to poetry, I know of a contemporary poet who shares the same genius as the two afformentioned.
His name is Ambrose Anthony. Anthony is a lover of music and rhymes, he makes the most out of his poetic inspirations the way Usain Bolt those to his speeding pace.
Ambrose Anthony attended Fathfinder Model School, Ibadan and Theocratic Ministry college. He's a friendly Jehovah Witness who doesnt discriminate. He's a Delta state origin from Nigeria. He wrote the poem below and dont forget to search for Ambrose Anton Writes on facebook; you wont regret being his friend.

BLESS THIS WEEK by Ambrose Anton Writes

Bless this week , o Lord we pray,
make it good all the way...

Bless the means we commute to work,
From our path unforeseen occurrence lock...

Bless our daily grind,
Let thy favour over it abide...

Bless these hands shining with dirt,
When the time is right let them know rest...

Bless the souls we grind with,
Fill them with strength to work with...

Bless our tools that they may prove,
To our work reliable and true...

Bless the sun,moon and rain,
Make them shine and fall for our gain....

Bless those we meet on the way,
Fulfilment let it fill their day...

Bless us all with your love,
Mercy show from above...

Bless us all that at the end of this week,
Gratitude before you we lay...

my prayer For you this week.

Congratulations to Christiano Ronaldo

in the eyes
of son
love of his life
and fans and family and friends
flowed the tears of joy
for the success bestowed on @Ronaldo

Congratulations to my favorite footballer

Samuel C. Enunwa

My Balloon

My beautiful maiden
The only way my balloon
Can take us to the tenth heaven
Is when I rise you do your job to blow me down
And when I'm down after the count of twenty seven
My balloon shall rise again and take us to the tenth heaven.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


I shall come to you at ninth
Hour to take you to places to do you right.

Where we would dance into the night
Lightly like the kite
Dances till I bury my room light.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry 10-01-2013

Now I'm Close To The Sun

Declared! A beauty to reckon
Are stars that stud for fun 
Upon our dark heavenly apron 
The rain is good with singing tone 
And likewise the moon do better the sun 
But season of rain do come and be gone 
And shining of stars are selfish fun 
And mooning of moon is one a month or month a one 
Just delete anyone when I am done 
Till my skull be dried when I am gone 
The sun will shine till earth be done 
But if you think this' why I'm close to the sun 
Then clap for thyself (laughing) for you've known nothing like a moron! 
      Samuel C. Enunwa 14-07-2012 

Don't Crucify Me

If one of the listed below belongs to you, then repent of these wicknesses and pray to the Lord. Perhaps he will forgive you for having such a thought in your heart.(Act 8:22) 

All pharisees on the fence of this controversy 
I beg thee please, don't crucify me 
For everyday we see ladies imitating mother of Moses 
With their silly baskets of abandoned babies, 
Maimings, acid battered bodies, 
Bokobombing sanctuaries, 
Transmitted maladies, 
Inflamatory inflations, abjecting penuries, 
Bribery and corruption in high places, 
And we see child molestation by clergies 
And we see the daughters to daddies 
And we see the traffickings of men, materials and monies 
And everyday we see all these atrocities 
Not to talk of those within thee and within me 
Rapes and raids, infidelities, 
Embezzlements and malpractices, 
Illegal bunkerings, robberies, 
Ritual killing mysteries 
Are atrocities we see in our tellies 
So don't crucify me 
For good thing it be to delete the hand of monkey 
From our soups before it turns the hand of we 
But a great evil it will be 
To cure eczema in place of a great malady 
So stop seeing this controversy so selfishly 
And mind your biz and let them be 
For if a mature he with he or she with she agree 
Then why should the act of he with he or she with she bother we 
While those deadly draining atrocities 
Are caterpillar grading to drain our economy. 
      Samuel C. Enunwa  Aug. 19, 2012.

''Ezekiel 18:32 says For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent and live!''   

Eldorado by Edgar Allan Poe

Of all his poetic work, the poem below is my favourite. One man's meet is another man's poison; meaning that your favourite Allan Poe's poem might be different from mine.

ELDORADO by Edgar Allan Poe

Gaily bedight
A gallant knight
In sunshine and in shadow
Had journeyed long
Singing a song
In search of Eldorado
And as his strength
Failed him at length
He met a pilgrim shadow
"Shadow" said he
"Where can it be,
This land of Eldorado?"
"Over the mountains of the Moon
Down the valley of the Shadow
Ride, boldly ride,"
The shade replied;
"If you seek for Eldorado!"

NOTE: make no mistake, this poem is written by Edgar Allan Poe


Hi! I'm Samueldpoetry
Just as kisses are pleased to meet the lips
So I'm pleased to meet with you in peace.

I'm in love with poetry.
Samuel C. Enunwa

Gone Are The Days

No matter the state you find yourself today 
One day, someday 
It shall be called "Gone-Are-The-Days" 

For when people remember you 
They will say: 
Gone are the days you were kids 
Gone are the days you were schooling 
Gone are the days you were single 
Gone are the days you were ruling 
Gone are the days you were rocking the parties 
Gone are the days you were  dating 
Gone are the days you living in Greece 
Gone are the days you were nursing your babies 
Gone are the days you were a married infidel 
Gone are the days you were still living on earth (walking with staff or not) 

So please, do the right things today, 
For sooner or later 
Whatever you do shall become Gone-Are-The-Days. 

Samuel C. Enunwa 
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Idiopoetic Expression

There is
This career
When you choose it
You'll need me
You'll need he and she
And you'll need
The ranks and files your words can tie
Your enemies
And friends and families
For you to make it

You will need
To starch your shirt
And smile and shake and hug
The riff-raff
You used to laugh at on the street
For you to make it

And funnily 
The ranks and files 
And the riff-raff
You shake hands with on the street
Will take you as a mascot
And give you their hope
Since all they hope
Is to make ends meet...

Death Murdered My Neighbour's mom

From ears to ears; from doors to doors
It's spreading so fast amidst neighbours

Death murdered my neighbour's mom
And made our sorrows to come

Death murdered my neighbour's mom
And there's an elegy forum

Now careless relatives are now caring
And many members of my community
Are now contributing burial money
And many are buying burial uniform
While blood of cows are flowing

As I pencil this elegy
Anger is sitting here with me
And the pain you find in this verse
Is both voluntary and reflex

But why? Oh why?
Why must you murder this woman at sixty five?

You making me to cry
Why must you murder this woman at sixty five

If because of her property
You can't even get it:

That house you see is of mortgage money
They will soon come for it
That Porsche you see is of Access bank loan
They will soon resell it

Oh death!
I wonder why you think 
Without proper reasoning

Why can't you let this woman enjoy more of them?

How Many People Still Believe Adam and Eve Ate Apple?

How many
People believe
Adam and Eve
Ate apple?

I used to believe and
Yes! Believe still I do
But what if I’m a fool?

Samuel C. Enunwa 2014 samueldpoetry

The Catastrophic Delay

Oku-Ola Paul Abiola wrote this poem you'll read below. He's one of the upcoming contemporary poet. He's a nigerian, a naive of Ijebu-Ode, Ogun state. He was born in Lagos Nigeria in the month of October 18. Paul Abiola was a graduate of Lagos Baptist Academy, Obanikoro and Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Ogun state. He an author, a blog lover with a blogspot and wordpress. He's a Catholic and you can be his friend on facebook.

THE CATASTROPHIC DELAY written by Oku-Ola Paul Abiola

He called
You picked
You heard him cry
You asked him 'why?'

If only you had made it earlier
Slaughter would have devour the pain of his blunder
The irreversible disaster courtesy of his ugly way
The stream of sorrow flowing through each of the
passing day
The unending unrest born of his egoistic cruely
The eternal rain of plight triggered by his intense

He called
You picked
You heard him cry
You asked him 'why?'

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        (The Long Awaited)

    Samuel C. Enunwa

Author’s note………………….
My wealthy neighbour………...
Johnny as a kid………………..
At the stream………………….
What happened in heaven…….
Under the spell………………...
Two tombs…………………….
Eligible married couple 1&2….
Detective Tel 1,2,3,4&5………
My love promo………………..
Ode to the poet’s curtain……..
Halle Bery…………………….
They’re searching through Google…..
                         To thee, lovers of poetry
                       effort and ability
       I dedicate this to thee willingly.

       I thank God for this book, if not for him this would have been in vain. Mrs. A. A. Enunwa, I won’t stop trying though I know I won’t be able to repay your motherly love; Thank, you mother. My thanks also goes to you, Mr. & Mrs. Bamgboye, your labour and pain over me will never be in vain and in your family, blessings will continually rain. Daddy Leonard, I dey hail o and make blessing full your too, Amen.
     Enunwa Onyeka, Enunwa Eric, Enunwa Ruth, Bamgboye Kolawole, I appreciate you all. Aribido Daniel(D-Gbegbe), you are so mouthed; how is Rufus Giwa Polytechnic? Engr. Akinrelere Omotayo (T-money), how far? Ajibade Taiwo (Jah. Mr. Okra, Mr. Federal ); I appreciate you all.
     I can never forget you, all the Durance Publishing crew and those of the Thank you and keep up the good work. May the good Lord reward you all, Amen. Finally, to all my friends @,,,, etc. thank you all for your love.
           AUTHOR’S NOTE
      It gladdens the whole of me, each time the thought and assurance of the fact that the scope of poetry is broader than anyone can mention, comes to my thinking. Poetry can take any form; it can be lyrical or satirical, come in form of praise or in a long narrative form which happens to be the poetic form, I’ve made use of in this book titled CHRISACEDARUTH(The Long Awaited).
     As I’ve said, this book contains more than ten narrative poems in which CHRISACEDARUTH(The Long Awaited) bears the same name with the title of this book and has over two thousand five hundred lines, divided into more than fifteen stanzas. It is the story of a village boy, who happens not to be who he thought he was but later maybe through the help of luck or through the force of fate, or maybe through his personal strives, discovered his true self, his weaknesses, strengths, etc.
  It is also true that the poem: CHRISACEDARUTH(The Long Awaited) is the major reason for this book but I’ve also garnished it with inclusion of other funny, entertaining and educating poems like The Eligible Married Couple 1&2, the most wanted, Detective Tel 1,2,3,4&5; and My Love Promo, which happens to be the favorite of almost all my fans @, among others.
     Aside from the fact that the poems are rhyme oriented, I’ve tried and made sure they are sculpted with simple languages and diction. Before you ask me my reason, I’ll tell you that I do not believe in complexity. What’s the essence of turning enjoyment to homework? My paramount aim is to cure your boredom. My major aim is to make this book, your teddy bear, your pet, you can take anywhere and as you read, I believe your boredom will be deleted. Thanks, for your love.
                        Samuel C. Enunwa.

He never cheated nature
But pilled himself to labour
At exactly twenty four
He met expected future
Became a famous employer of labour
And poverty couldn’t knock his door
Then sighed and took a resting posture
And slept and slept and snored
And fell from couch to the floor
Yes, he was held by nature
Who? The famous employer of labour
Whom we were once a neighbour
And loved his hardworking nature
He slept and snored on the floor
While they knocked his office door
For they loved his overture
Yet he slept and slept and snored
And slept and slept on the floor
And so scared of his earth departure
They knocked and knocked his office door
And knocked as if to create puncture
And opened and found him on the floor
When broken his office door
“When did oga start this nature?”
They asked and laughed him on the floor
And logged him from the floor
Back to his resting posture
He slept and slept and snored
And sometimes fell on the floor
And feeding became his failure
And was only catered by neighbours
Where he slept and snored
And must be dreaming, I’m sure
Of living with lady he adored
And they talked and toured
And shared a love adventure
Where he slept and snored
At exactly ninety four
He woke from his resting posture
And was a celebration galore
And walked on the floor
Then fell and got final departure
And that my wealthy neighbour
Who was dead on the floor
Taught me not to cheat nature.
               Samuel C. Enunwa. July 13, 2009.

Happiness dwindled
As loneliness doubled
And none to rekindle
But while ago were whistles
Shout for passes and dribbles
Songs held their paddles
Till end of the battle
A football battle
Mirthful and memorable
Two elephants wrestled
Grasses had to struggle
At the grassless middle
Fell he who dribbled
Stood and took water bottle
From the first aid people
More than thousand people
Young, old and middle
Aged happy people
Singing were married couples,
Kids and searching singles
Lovers turned compatible
Pretty belles chew bubble
Received short cuddles
As they screamed amidst people
During goals, shots and dribbles
And the pretty one I cuddled
Made the battle memorable
I wished for endless battle
Because of love incomparable
That waited amidst the people
But the final whistle
Changed the people
Made happiness dwindled
And loneliness doubled
It was unbelievable
Only me at the middle
Of chairs, I couldn’t buckle
My shoes, I mingled
With darkness, no candle
To see, I was cripple
And had to struggle
I learnt after the battle
That change was flexible
Though I was able
To escape that silence jungle.
   Samuel C. Enunwa. Sept. 12, 2009.

         JOHNNY AS A KID
One Sunday, immediately after
One a.m, Jonathan Odda
Appeared on earth like other
Children born in Igala
Jonathan Sunday Odda
The son of Mr. Jack Odda
A very skillful welder
And Mrs. Jane Odda
A sweet kola nut seller
Was fair as his father
Not hairy as his mother
Had a brother and a sister
And friends and grandfather
Only called him Johnny Odda
When Jonathan Sunday Odda
Began walk and talk to his mother
His father and every other in Igala
He began to surprise his mother
Father and every other in Igala
And loved to stick to his mother
And they both crossed the Igala boarder
On foot to villages next to Igala
Where she sold her sweet kola
One Sunday, immediately after
Six a. m. Jonathan Odda
Left the side of his mother
Who hadn’t crossed Igala boarder
For she was short of kola
And two years old Johnny Odda
Trekked and crossed Igala boarder
For he missed his female lover
Who happened to be the daughter
A beautiful two years old daughter
Of a major buyer to his mother.
             Samuel C Enunwa Jun. 15, 2010.

I met a beautiful lady at the stream
With no fetching bowl at the stream
“What a beautiful lady at the stream!
Beautiful than the advertisers of cream
She might even be goddess of this stream”
I said to myself at the stream
Then to the beauty …

I wish I was an angel
To feel the feelings people feel
And stay and make them feel
Well when others bid farewell
Because I knew very well
Of a village near a dell
Where a beauty …

       TWO TOMBS
My buttocks and two thumbs
Are sitting on a tomb
Waiting for mother to come
You should know Ukpom
The greatest warrior of Atagom
Slim, dark and handsome
But where does …

Eligible married couples
Soon get into trouble
Offer each other battle
Live so unstable
And uncomfortable
And regret being couple
When the …

Hi! I’m Detective Tel
Investigating the death of Micheal
The death of Joseph A. Micheal
Found dead at the street of Sel
Not far from Pleasantry Hotel
The thirty two years old, Micheal
Was dark and huge and tall
And had wavy hair as well
More attractive than I can tell
Married women and mature girls
And those with age I’ll not tell
Will do anything to have Micheal
When I heard the death of Micheal
I became scared than I can tell
And felt this world is a hell
Cried and couldn’t feed well
Took my Bible and my bell
Prayed God rescue from this hell
But who could kill Micheal?
Took and slaughtered A. Micheal?
There was a quarrel between Micheal
And his landlord where he dwelt
And Adam Cole threatened Micheal
Who slept with his girl
And Joseph A. Micheal
Had empty wallet where he fell
Lent money to Campbell
And jilted so many girls
But who could killed Micheal?
Took and slaughtered A. Micheal?
The police and I, Tel
Have locked the suspects in cell
My investigation on Campbell
Showed he paid Micheal
And the landlord of Micheal
Only quarreled with Micheal
Over payment of where he dwelt
And he had paid as well
But couldn’t pick a jilted girl
Or who emptied the wallet of Micheal
And today, Adam Cole died in cell
So who could kill Micheal?
Took and slaughtered A. Micheal?
Who only if I tell
Could suspect me Detective Tel
Took and slaughtered A. Micheal?
For having affair with my wife, Arnabel.
            Samuel C Enunwa Jun. 27, 2010.

Hi! I’m Detective Tel
Everybody knows me well
I investigated the death of Micheal
The death of Joseph A. Micheal
Found dead at the street of Sel
Not far from Pleasantry Hotel
I swear, now …


Here comes the info
To shorties with no
In this sumptuous promo
Where soft Hi! Wins, Hello!
And makes you my duo
In my attempt to woo.

We’ll date without ado,
Travel and zoom to zoo,
Watch animals like rhino,
Lion, merino and buffalo;
Birds like flamingo,
Puffin, kiwi and cuckoo.

Tour place like Toronto,
Boarding a beautiful jumbo,
Cruising a stretch limo
And by rail, the loco
Making the trip in toto
To places we go.

Visit a beach lido
Where you’ll bask in lilo
While I play waterpolo
Or an American rodeo
By dressing like gaucho
And gallop a bronco.

Party and listen to rondo
Where served burrito or taco
When I dance tango or zydeco
Amidst White, Indian and Negro
Or act opera with libretto
Blended by cello for physio.

Then drive home as love and bro
When the sky is indigo
To pour you some ouzo
In my room with stereo
Playing songs with intro
While you watch my photo.

At this very canto,
Once you aren’t a bimbo
And possess a libido,
I won’t act as bozo,
Loving will be our cameo
To prove our brio.

I’ll move like yo-yo,
Making the process in vivo,
And move to hear Sam o!
Making the process in vitro
So you can call me hero,
And a love supreme.

          (The Long Awaited)
I’m glad, I can be heard
The journey of over hundred
Years, this’ how it stared
The sun over our heads
Was nothing but fire red
Hotter than hell was said
To be; maize, …
The above poems are excerpts from the book titled CHRISACEDARUTH [The Long Awaited] which is available both in hard copy and e-book at
  The poems below are just for you to have a taste of my next book titled “PEOPLE PLACES AND PERSONALITIES” and I’m sure, you’ll derive from it all lessons and fun you wish for. Thank you.

Eh! What a screen with a heavenly picture!
Picturing an artistic fixture,
Turning my bedroom to a museum of culture
That handsomely showcases the native of passion
With the exhibition of heavenly creatures.

Hi! You scattered lightening of illumination!
I embarrassingly cherish your illustration;
What a great explanation!
For illuminating heaven’s innovation.

Oh! You banana shaped fluorescence of harmony!
Harmonizing damsels as the heavenly legacy;
I marvel at your melody
Because you speak from memory
To the best of my memory.

Hello! You specially carved image of passion!
Sitting on the harmonious banana fluorescence
With a crown-like beret of assertion,
Wearing an angelic gown of emergence
Ribbonly embellished for fashion;
What a comely face of continence!
That never conceals emotion
By reproducing an alluring smile
Romanticizing my soul with affection;
All in this heavenly picture.

I’ve blind argued many, many
Beings of this arresting beauty
Till I set my eventually
Double opened nakely
Eyes on Halle Bery
Not in the telly
Not physically
But the cover of Ebony
Where waited she sexily
My friend! My foe!! My family
Now I can bet my money
Bet the whole of my money
With conviction in my belly
That God Almighty
Sculpted Halle Bery
On Monday very early
To possess such a beauty.
       Samuel C Enunwa Mar. 11, 2011

Hi! I’m Enunwa Samuel
I wrote, “Detective Tel”
“Under the Spell”
Plus poems people wanted
And also authored
“How Love Is Treated”
I’ve never wanted to
Tell my story _ true
But people are searching through
Devilfinder, Ask and Yahoo
To hear the horse’s mouth too
From C.R.I.N Staff School to
Ibadan Grammar School to
The one and only TASUED
Not where I learnt bonjour
I understand English too
Igbo, Yoruba _ ki lo tun ku?
I’ve never wanted to
Tell my story _ true
But people are searching through
Devilfinder, Ask, and Yahoo
To hear …

And at me she stared…………
And the man regreeted……….
And the shadow of a hand…….
Eh! What a screen with a heavenly picture!......
Eligible married couple………
Everywhere was neat and weeded…
Fylid, I was scared……………
Gently, she held……………...
Happiness dwindled………….
He never cheated nature……...
Here comes the info………….
Hi! I’m Detective Tel………..
Hi! I’m Enunwa Samuel……..
I faintly narrated……………..
“I know”, he said……………
I looked……………………..
I mean, when out of bed……..
I met a beautiful lady at the stream…..
I’m glad, I can be heard………
Immediately morning appeared….
In the village we landed……..
I sat and threw above my head…….
I sat quietly on my bed………
I searched and searched……..
I thought in my head………..
It was sudden descend………
I’ve blind argued many, many….
I was so, so, so scared………
I wish, I was an angel……….
Lying amidst the long dead….
My buttocks and two thumbs…
One Sunday, immediately after…
Someday, I’ll be in heaven……
Suddenly appeared……………
Then father held me and Fred….
Then I called…………………
They learnt human can never be predicted….
They were the ones at our bed….
“This can’t be Helied…………
When they beheaded………….
We trekked and trekked and trekked….
…Your mother narrated………