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Death Murdered My Neighbour's mom

From ears to ears; from doors to doors
It's spreading so fast amidst neighbours

Death murdered my neighbour's mom
And made our sorrows to come

Death murdered my neighbour's mom
And there's an elegy forum

Now careless relatives are now caring
And many members of my community
Are now contributing burial money
And many are buying burial uniform
While blood of cows are flowing

As I pencil this elegy
Anger is sitting here with me
And the pain you find in this verse
Is both voluntary and reflex

But why? Oh why?
Why must you murder this woman at sixty five?

You making me to cry
Why must you murder this woman at sixty five

If because of her property
You can't even get it:

That house you see is of mortgage money
They will soon come for it
That Porsche you see is of Access bank loan
They will soon resell it

Oh death!
I wonder why you think 
Without proper reasoning

Why can't you let this woman enjoy more of them?

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