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Is This The Life You For?

"Good things will come to you in ways you could
never anticipate or expect. Yet if you're
constantly placing judgment, conditions and
restrictions on your life, you'll miss out on most
of those good things."_ Ralph Marston.

Imagine if the bell refuses to suffer the pain
To be caused by its dangling scrotum
How will it ring for ritual to start?

Is this the life you wish for or not?
Reschedule your life
The life of muteness you must quit
And start making your desire show
To grow out of your hole
And quit lay low
For success is yours if you do so

The crickets are singing always by day
Do you notice?
The crickets knew they were not heard by day
They rescheduled it
So to be sang aloud and heard at night
And the tick tock of the wall clock
Is always a sweet song at night

So if still
You're still not living the life you wish for
You need still
To start reschedule your life adventure.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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