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When Abygail Was Sixty Five

Was beaten by tsetse fly 
Was everybody's guess 

She was sleeping sleeping 
Sleeping too long 
From dusk to dawn 

Lets check her breath 
Lets be silent 
We should hear her snoring 
Heee! Horr!! Heee!!! Horr!!!! 

And check her breast 
Lets be patient 
We should hear it beating 
Gbigy! Gbigy!! Gbigy!!! 

And let no one cry 
Abygail has not died 
When women are sixty five 
They close their eyes 
And sleep with suspense

And sleep for long 
It's two days now 
Lets dig a better rest 
For her in the mother earth 
And let no one cry 
And shed their tears 
For some day 
She'll wake again. 

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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