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Why Do Parents Treat Kids Badly So?

My parents are metaphor of poverty so
So poor a dishwasher will drill a hole
Hole down the poor pocket of them so
So willingly I help and wash and break so
So my poverty frownly fist me blow
And beat my buttock and hit my brow
To scar with dirty dish I broke.

“And kid, so unnatural's boring bore holes
And wells for then in kidhood of our soul
Soul we fetched far streams down slope,”
Said my poverty parents for me to know
Yet so helpful kid _ you should know _
Me will fetch full two thousand bowls
Going to and fro and suddenly hit my toe
To a block or stone and oh, break my bowl
With broken toe mother fist me blow
And beat my buttock and hit my brow
To a scar with the same bowl I broke.

And so bitten more bites than to swallow
Stood my poverty parents to bear me so
So plus my bro plus fourteen fellows
Just like the finger rats or the fist roes
It's so that our big Omo box abode
Yet so helpful kid _ you should know _
Me to hawk to hawk the town and slopes
And hills of our stingy street and lo
And behold I sold two colonies of ten to
Take money to mommy seated lazily home
But boldly complain and fist me blow
And beat my buttock and hit my brow
For selling two of ten and not the whole.

And now I'm tall and teenily grown
And free I break many dishes and bowls
But my parents smile and sometimes so
So plainly pretend even not to know
So I wonder wild in my mind and soul,
Why do parents treat kids badly so?

Samuel C. Enunwa Sept. 11, 2011.

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