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You Went To Church To Do What?

To pray to God
To worship him
To say your contrition heartily

You went to church to
Beg the holy spirit to bind the unholy spirit
On your behalf

You went to church to
Use fire to bind water
I mean
The water spirits sitting beside thee
Disguising to be human beings

You went there
To create third world war
Between light and dark; devil and God

I was there today
I did the same as well
I prayed
Beside a girl
I sat
Pretty looking was she
She was holier than angels
She shared her hymn book with me
You noticed not
Since my face you know not or recognise

I was there
The tithing
We broke bread and took wine
In memory of devine
Jesus Christ

Let thy faith be mustard seed
The Lord has answered thee and me

Go back not to those things

You'll be
Begging again for
Forgiveness of
The same sins
This coming sunday.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


I am not handsome
I am not rich
It gives me not worries

I am not a perfect being
I lack some things I have some things

Play me beat I will sing
Sing me song I will dance
Even if you wish I will clap my hands
And stamp my feet on dusty grounds

Chase me I will run
Show me I will see
Abuse me with foreign tongues like someone speaking in tongues
I will hear
But fail to comprehend

Test me I will succeed
Hurt me I will endure
Seduce me I will rise and fall
And rise and fall
And rise and fall for forty four times non-stop

I'm ugly and poor
But possess abilities
Some people seek for.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

I Need To Know Better

Is the needed know how
To the ones yet unborn

I'm living treading
The green and grass
And soil and sand
For quite awhile now
Breathing in and out
And dioxide
As same as the crocodile
I can't deny
I need to know better

For if the taste of apple
Is not of tangerine
I need to know better

And the nightingale
Is singing gaily
The sweet melodious hit to win Grammy
On electric line with no effect of electrocution
I should have known better

For the planter of season
The giver of reason
The reason
To kill and to heal
To seal and reveal
To make a sea thrill at will
Wish me know better

That man is man
Not a ghost
And ghost is ghost
Not my God
For God is just the all in all
No righteous man is here on earth
Now I know better.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry 22-01-2014

Lets Chase Away Satan...

Our father in heaven
Halo be thy name
Oh, let thy kingdom come!

And forgive our trespasses
Even as we forget to forgive
Those who trespass against us

And wherever there is evil
Don't lead us there

For yours is the kingdom
Forever and ever AMEN
Says the scripture

Im not to judge thee my reader

Your will is yours for free but please

Why thou want to stick to satan morning star?

Why thou want to stick to he Jesus told

Has he beckoned to thee saying
Lets stick to satan
The giver of will?

What age be thee now?
Twenty-nine or thirty-one

Who was there for thee
Helping thee saving thee
And watching over thee since kindergarten?

If not God
Whom you serve since kindergarten so

Before give in, think it twice be wise other wise

You'll see the screne saying
We're sorry
Many are selling other people's
Soul through pin, pass, code or so.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Ask Me What I Feel

Ask me what I feel
I feel love
Love in my heart
Love everlasting

For someday
I'll kiss your lips
I'll kiss your lips
I'll kiss your lips
My mind keeps telling me this
My darling miss
Over longing you's giving me hepatitis
A very deadly disease

So cease posting me
'Cos you're pretty and clean
Like a marine queen with a fin

I'm not as handsome as Walcott
I know
You can make me Chamberlain
I will bake you some cake
Buy you pancake
Make you laugh
Like you wanna break your ribs
While tears flow down your cheek

I can't believe you're declining
I'll drink anything and die like a fly

So bring me Piriton
Mix it with margarine

Can you imagine
The itching
Your declining's
Causing to my skin?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Joy Girl

Of all the good things of life
To be glad and have joy is the best

I know joy
I seek joy 222days today
I see joy's love in my eyes
I'm not blind I realise joy is just being nice
I need your love
I don't need nice

If I need nice
I'll visit Jogen Hotel and sip some wine
And beckon to bitches to give me nice

I'm poor, yes I know
But what the future holds
No one knows
I'm letting go

I'll switch off the screen of your love in my eyes
I'll dig a grave in my head
And bury your memories there.

My_Quote: "My heart is a flower watered with dew;
the dew is nothing but vapour of love."

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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