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I Need To Know Better

Is the needed know how
To the ones yet unborn

I'm living treading
The green and grass
And soil and sand
For quite awhile now
Breathing in and out
And dioxide
As same as the crocodile
I can't deny
I need to know better

For if the taste of apple
Is not of tangerine
I need to know better

And the nightingale
Is singing gaily
The sweet melodious hit to win Grammy
On electric line with no effect of electrocution
I should have known better

For the planter of season
The giver of reason
The reason
To kill and to heal
To seal and reveal
To make a sea thrill at will
Wish me know better

That man is man
Not a ghost
And ghost is ghost
Not my God
For God is just the all in all
No righteous man is here on earth
Now I know better.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry 22-01-2014

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