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You Went To Church To Do What?

To pray to God
To worship him
To say your contrition heartily

You went to church to
Beg the holy spirit to bind the unholy spirit
On your behalf

You went to church to
Use fire to bind water
I mean
The water spirits sitting beside thee
Disguising to be human beings

You went there
To create third world war
Between light and dark; devil and God

I was there today
I did the same as well
I prayed
Beside a girl
I sat
Pretty looking was she
She was holier than angels
She shared her hymn book with me
You noticed not
Since my face you know not or recognise

I was there
The tithing
We broke bread and took wine
In memory of devine
Jesus Christ

Let thy faith be mustard seed
The Lord has answered thee and me

Go back not to those things

You'll be
Begging again for
Forgiveness of
The same sins
This coming sunday.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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