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Why Such In A Haste?

Why such in a haste
Why can't you wait
To wait to embrace it
Hug it Cuddle it and let it
Fondle your skin
Make your skin wet like a bedraggled chicken

Yet I hear you on the street
It's raining
You're hiding
Under stores under sheds
Under opened umbrellas

But why?
Why can't you await this raining

Rain beating your head
It can't bore hole in it

Rain beating your skin
It can't erode it.

Selling Amazon Or Affiliate Links

When it comes to selling affiliate links or selling online products of any given marketplace, the experience is similar in that they both offer the publisher or webmaster a certain percentage of commission based on sales made through such affiliate promotion.

Lets assume that your choice is to promote products of an online marketplace, the easiest of all is There are other similar online marketplaces like,,,,, (which means Commission Junction) and should in case you're a Nigeria webmaster or your website has a lot of visitors from Nigeria or other West African countries; then the following online marketplaces can be considered as well:,,,, etc.

Okay, why is the easiest? Amazon marketplace is the most popular and most used online marketplace by webmasters. It is the second richest after Amazon is so flexible to use by any new or rookie…




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