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Do You Know Jesus Is An Ordinary Name?

Guilty of the crime is all and sundry
for every time I see
through lens of constancy
they shouting: Jesus!

Every small thing, they shouting:

During a car crash, they shouting:

During a nightmare, they shouting:

During the horror scene of a horror movie
they shouting: Jesus!

Even at a gunpoint
when robbers are robbing peacefully,
they shouting: Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!!

there’re one thousand and one
Jesus on earth
and Jesus Navas is one of them
and Jesus Jones is one of them

When next
you wanna call the Son of Mary;
stop saying Jesus,
say Jesus Christ

When next
you wanna proclaim the Savior;
stop saying Jesus,
say Jesus Christ

When next
you wanna reverence Messiah;
stop saying Jesus,
say Jesus Christ

For cup is different from cupboard
and chalk is different from chalkboard

So Jesus is different from Jesus Christ;
stop making the mistake.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry.

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