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Ken Saro Wiwa Inspired Parody


I realised,
the suffering of imprisonment
does equate
the suffering of poverty I see
when Ken Saro Wiwa said:

"It is not the leaking roof
Nor the singing mosquitoes
In the damp, wretched cell
It is not the clank of the key
As the warden locks you in..."

In my head
I became less scared of prison
to donate
memorialised verse as this in memory of
Ken Saro Wiwa the warrior of Ogoni

For the truth
emitted he, till this day,
no callous
and calumnious allegations
have erased it; inspite of

"The moral decrepitude
The mental ineptitude
The meat of dictators
Cowardice masking as obedience
Lurking in our denigrated souls"

But let no one chase me up and down with guns
for instabilities of this world
have already stabbed my belly more than one thousand times yet

"Dear friend, turns our free world
Into a dreary prison".

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry.

This poem is inspired by a poem written by Ken Saro Wiwa (10-10-1941 - 10-11-1995) titled: The True Prison.

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