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Common Dysentery

Twisting my tummy
round and round like merry-go-round
my intestine made some
horrible sounds

Always I ran to toilet quick
Mr. Dysentery
You don't play pranks with me
descending on me with your angelic wings

What scientific experiment are you performing on me?

What kind of magic?

What algorithm wrote dysentery?

Each time you touch my wife
she vacates the kitchen starving me

Each time you touch my kid
he disobeys me

Each time you touch me
I cease being me
flushing re-flushing
washing my buttocks
wasting toiletries on tiny faeces

Each time
dysentery holds me
I moan in the toilet countlessly;
my anus erect
ejaculating tiny faeces

Controlling me
so verily verily I say unto thee
"I can see God in dysentery."

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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