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Forever And A Day


I woke up this morning

thinking of you

reached for your warmth

as I always would do.

But your side of the bed

was empty with fold

pillows in place

untouched and cold.

I did not smell coffee

the news was not on

things are so different

since you are gone.

Your sweet smelling scent

is fading away

so I cling to your memory

in every possible way.

Motivating myself

is a struggle to do

hard to see sunshine

when feeling so blue.

They say it gets better

as time goes by

to look for the good

at least give it a try.

Something happened

at work today

I started to call you

right away.

Sadly remembering

I hung up the phone

you were not there

God took you home.

My heart is hurting

my soul cries with pain.

Got nothing to lose

got nothing to gain.

Time is one asset

I have plenty to spare

holding on tight

going no where.

I'm looking for good

as I have been told

reaching for warmth

yet shiver with cold.

Darling, I miss you

in every way

and still loving you

forever and a day.

NOTE: A very beautiful poetic gem. It was written by teardrop @

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