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When A Wife Is P219


A nagging wife is a
penguin with head of an owl

She scares the husband
everytime he comes home

Lets pray
for a man living with a
nagging wife
needs the prayer of you and me

For a man living with a
nagging wife
carries a double cross.
Whenever he wishes to do good
the devil uses his wife to double-cross him

Lets pray
for a man living with a
nagging wife
is living with an anti-christ
nursing his children
sharing his matrimonial water bed and
cooking his rice

An ugly nagging wife is a
she's staining her husband everywhere
he goes

A beautiful nagging wife is a
an attractive poison
a monster in a sheep cloth

singles pray!
And married pray!
For a nagging wife begins nagging
after the wedding night
not courting.

"It pays to live on the roof
than to live with a nagging wife"
says Proverbs 21:9.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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