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A Tale Of Nonsense

Come! let me decieve you
With gown and beret
Of innocence like born-again christians

‘Cos I’m at the point
Where the three eyed owl
Will narrate the happenings
At the carnival of follies in
The land of the snakes
Where president of my state was
A comical cowboy

I was there as well
So intoxicated with
The beer brewed from
Sweat of grasses and
Tears of insects and

Yes, I was There so intoxicated
I told Mrs. History:
“Excuse me dance.”

She vexed
She was more than sixty
She told me how she first mothered me
In 1343

Being a spoilt prince
Who played with limousines
As toys in 1343

Who gambled with golds
At gladiators den in 1343

Who loved to rinse his hands
In fountain of liquors
After meal after meal in 1343

Mrs. History vexed and reminded me
How I loved to sit on air
For air were growing as trees
In 1343

She reminded me
How I loved to sit on air
And watch the rivers turn grey in the morning
And indigo in the evening
Then black at night in 1343

She reminded me of how
I used to reach for heaven with ladder I borrowed
From Mr.…

Solar Panel

A solar panel is a device that is needed to absorb energy from the sun as a way to generate heat or in a lot of cases electricity. It is also referred to as a photovoltaic cell since it is constructed of many cells that are used to convert the light from sunlight into electricity. The only raw material for these residential solar panels is the sun. it is made in such a way that the cells face the sun so as to enable maximum absorption of the sun rays. The greater the energy from the sun is, the more the electricity that's generated. Solar panels are used in many homesteads in the world due to their many pros which are far more than cons. Some of these pros are discussed below.

One very important advantage regarding using solar panels is that they just don't emit any gases that are standard in green houses. The panels tend not to emit any smoke, chemical or heavy metals which might be risk factors to human well being. Solar panels are therefore environmental friendly in comparis…

Easy Method To Resolve An Uninstalled Google Play Store Problem

Let me remind you that Google Play, which was originally born and referred to by Google as the Android Market, is Google's official store and portal for Android apps, games and other content for your Android-powered phone or tablet. Just as Apple has its App Store, Google has the Google Play Store

Smartphones, tablets, android TVs, android cars, android watches are few examples of devices that carry an android operating system (OS).

With the proper installation of the Google Play Store, every android user has the benefit of making his/her device what he/she wants it to be. All that is required is an internet connection and a single click but what if the Google Play Store is missing?

How Can You Recover it? How Can You Re-install The Google Play Store?

Maybe due to a slow running of you device, excess underground running or due to a viral infection; you found yourself deleting your Google Play among other apps.

In most cases, the recovery is always a problem. Some people may advice you …

How Can A Man Earn 50K A Month And Be Comfortable?

How can he?
When his wife is full-house wife
and his Nissan Sunny is

Barbering is once in a week
dry-cleaners dry his clothes every week
waste management fee,
vigillantee fee and electronic bill,
DSTV subsciption to place his family
among modern demeanor;
for God sake!
How will he be
coping with 50k a month under unbelieveable expenses?

Feeding wife and a boy of six
and a girl of three years old
outstanding loans
Club-9 monthly dues
miscellaneous spendings
and giving to the cripples on the street,
and to any far away close friend
who is financially crawling

The man earning 50k is in trouble;
NHIS deducted
pension fund deducted
co-operative savings deducted
Christmas and New Year saving deducted too,
he's left with nothing tangible
except the Grace of God.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Hubpages And Who Will Pay?

this act of tiling words in lines and verses
to water any withered soul or soul
denied some water to taste

Nothing I wish should cast me
away from precious poetic garden,
O Lord.
For if the cook shall eat of the cuisine,
let the bard eat of the bard

And if the farmer shall reap of the farm,
let the poet reap of the poetry too

No attitude.
Handsome will always find beauty
and monster will always find monstress

The reward of poet remains poetess and plus

Hubpages and who will pay my poetic post?
They said writersrelief is the place
I was asked to check amaze cinquain
goblinfruit and the likes

Isn't this a gambling game?
Which should I choose?
Which works better than which?
I do not know.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Rearing Profitable Things People Hardly Rear

I'm here to tell you what you know, or what you think you know but you don't know or what you'll realise, at this moment, this' your first time of knowing it.

It's business under agriculture. Businesses under agriculture are now a trend, they are found everywhere these days like the MTN umbrella. People are so into them not excluding graduates with already paid jobs.

Asking me why is a waste of time because all and sundry know that agric businesses are highly lucrative; sure money back is what they are.

But the only problem, at hand, is congestion brought by monotony. Many heads are lying facing one direction. Imagine how many people into the business of rearing broiler today while other opportunities are yet to be harnessed.

So let me remind you, if you have forgotten, that the scripture noted that people perish because they lack the how to survive with ease
(don't judge me, it's not a quote but a reference).

Now that you're here today, I have some agric bus…

How To Easily Cure Your Ligament Injury

I assume you know what ligament is but in case you have forgotten your biology, ligament is the band of strong tissue that holds bones together and aids adequate movement and assured balancing.

There are so many things that can cause your ligament to require repair:
A = over stretching
B = over landing
C = over heating
D = over slipping
E = over aging
F = over working

OVER WORKING reminds me of a man I know, he was a footballer. He had a goal or target of having a heavy kick anytime he kicked the ball. It led him to pack sandand fill a ball in place of air; every morning he would kick the sandy ball. He over worked his leg and one day over slipped which made him over stretched today he walks with staff because he couldn't afford ligament reconstruction.


Taking knee as a case study, if you dislocate your knee:
1= take a pain killer
2 = use massage cream
3 = bandage it
4 = wear a knee band
5 = rest it on succulent substance line folded wet towel
6 = gentlely stretch and fold it i…

Ways To Display Twitter Feed In Your Website Or Blog

Actually this is as simple as A-B-C I'm not exaggerating. You won't know the miracle of twitter till you learn it.

It is no lie that twitter is the most popular business social network site; take it or leave it. Twitter has used it brevity to beat the rest ( Facebook included).

Without wasting much time on tautology, if you have been longing to know how your twitter feeds can smoothly be running in your blog or website, thank God because Godknows is ready to bake it out without adding much sugar.

Firstly, you must have a twitter account. e.g:

Secondly, you must change your privacy setting to "public".

Then visit your website and find the appropriate API. API means Application Plug-In. If your website or blog refers to it as widget, then search for the one built to display you twitter feed in your website or blog.

After you have found it, install it in your website.

The next step is to go back to twitter but this time, you are going to visit the application …


Fao far far fellow friends
in whom I’ve found no foe
like falcons, foxes and false friends
though farther farther I fly
‘cos fate has fared my fights
to Florida, Finland and France
as a philantropist and a friend
where the french and the finns are free
O! You’re my friends, I can’t forget,
my far far fellow friends
our fluids had streamed farms and forests
that’s why your friendship in skull
flavors fervently my memory
yes, I can’t forget
Come My Fames! Come My Falls!
My Friends In Tatters Are Friends In Fineries.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

What Is Love?

Love is the cassidy of my soul
My J. Lo
Come be my rhymzo
In bikini
You will ride my limo
Because I love you.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry 

How To Be Brilliant

If you want to be BRILLIANT,

You must be solution-oriented.

You must understand that wealth is not what you possess but what you have encourged others to possess.

You must be able to merge the old plus the new to create a brand new.

You must be willing to cast your net into the sea whenever a wise man asks you to.

You must always use consistency to fight heartbreak and laziness.

You must only cast your dice whenever you're confused but never you take the outcome of the dice to be a genuine result.

You must be a lover of adventures and reasonable risk-taken.

You must use the Power of Love as one source of motivation.

You must understand that the enemies are fighting themselves; not you. The wickeds are hurting themselves; not you. The envious are demoralising themselves; not you.

It is hard to live without judging others, since that is the only way to decide what is right from wrong; but you must only pass judgement within your heart without letting it out.

Life is a prison, you're …


They say Usher dances superb
can Usher beat the dancing of a smoking firewood?

They say crows sound like cock crow,
can the crows and cock crows be the same?

Will the sheep go to heaven
while the fish burn in hell
for fishes feed on fishes to live?

The spirit of God and the spirit of darkness
always walking on wings
are they compatible or comparable
to be candid?

Who wants butterfly and the fly to race in flying?

Who wants snail and the ram to fight with horns?

Millipede and centipede are running a race;
we already know who will win

So, God bless you and God bless me
will our blessing hold equality?
Why are we competing?

Tortoise walks slowly, beetles stride slowly
they both thrive in decay
and both respire the same way;
they both carry helmet on their heads
like a motorcyclist

But are not the same
don't compare herds with herds
don't compare head to head
don't compare achievement
just believe this poem
they're never the same.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


POETIC DIGEST: Wand: it's an instrument for remoting the actions of others

Bisola, you're a beauty I can't define.
Beautiful waist, beautiful skin like penguine,
your fore-fore-fathers must have been from India
I can't deny, you're more than a queen
and that is why, married men call you sweet sixteen.
You live in Bodija, you dress like an Indian,
you love to wear sash and love to wear gown
you're such a precious crown. I love your cooking
I hear guys complaining, you flirt around.
Only a stupid clown will be thinking
a beautiful girl like you can be for a man like them.
You are a magma. You make men mad.
You are a search engine; you are like google
an unbelieveable important boo
and each time I see you
I thank God
you grew up with tooth decay
the tooth decay
your beauty has turned to chocolate;
men love licking it
and me too
I do.


Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

What Is Forex Trading?

In its simplest form foreign exchange refers to money which is denominated in the currency other than your personal. For example, if an individual exchanges his very own currency for the currency associated with another nation then he acquires foreign exchange. Of course we often think of foreign exchange in terms of tourism and many people will have traveled abroad either on christmas or for business and exchanged currency on arrival at our destination to repay hotel and restaurant bills in addition to for taxis, sightseeing and shopping. However, foreign exchange is not simply limited towards the relatively small sums of money handled by tourists, but applies equally to larger transactions for example the exchange of hundreds of numerous US dollars when a US ALL company buys another company which is based overseas.

Broadly speaking, the united states any money which is denominated within the currency of another nation would be termed as foreign exchange and it is important to keep in…

Your Brain Is Long Overdue

I'm a human being 
You're still asking I'm of which country  We're of the same one 
You're still asking I'm of which religion  We're of the same one 
You're then asking I'm of which communion  We're of the same one 
You're now asking if I'm born again or not  What question is that, are you insane? 
Madam!  You know  I need this job  Please, judge my certificate 
Why use religion a weapon  To discriminate? 
I swear  Your brain is long overdue  You need to take shampoo  And wash off your brain  Like hair

How Good Is Your Haiku Style?

Haiku (俳句haikai verse?)listen(help·info) (no separate plural form) is a very short form of Japanese poetry typically characterised by three qualities: The essence of haiku is “cutting” (kiru).[1] This is often represented by the juxtaposition of two images or ideas and a kireji (“cutting word”) between them,[2]a kind of verbal punctuation mark which signals the moment of separation and colors the manner in which the juxtaposed elements are related.Traditional haiku consist of 17 on (also known as morae), in three phrases of 5, 7 and 5 on respectively.[3]kigo (seasonal reference), usually drawn from a saijiki, an extensive but defined list of such words.Example: Basho Matsuo Here are three examples of the haiku of Basho Matsuo, the first great poet of haiku in the 1600s: An old silent pond… A frog jumps into the pond, splash! Silence again.
Autumn moonlight— a worm digs silently

What Makes A Good Poet?

My interest is really in this could it be a hairy person or master of shakespearian words? Must he know the life in prison like Chris Abani for instance or the famous white bearded man? Maybe complexity makes a good poet or maybe the master of imagery? My interest is in what makes a good poet, a good bard, a good muse, a good poetess I know the renaissance will credit themselves I’m sure the free versers will raise their hands the traditionalist sijo, tanka and haiku moguls will raise hands claiming a good poet be candid to possess an editor does it make a good poet? To share poems with friends does it make a good poet? To have a published anthology with catchy title does it make a good poet? What makes a good poet? Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

The Little Plant

THE LITTLE PLANT (poet is unknown)

In the heart of a seed,
Buried deep, so deep
A dear little plant
Lay fast asleep
"Wake," said the sunshine

"And creep to the light;"

A Bird's Thoughts

This beautiful post teaches a sweet lesson. It teaches that life is beyond what we think it is. If we dare to look further, we will see better pasture beyond our comfort nose. This poem teaches us not to be like a bird confined in a round small nest.

The author of this great poem, I do not know but I found the poem in a textbook for primary school.


I lived first in a little house,
And lived there very well
I thought the world was small and round
And made of pale, blue shell

I lived next in a little nest,
Nor needed any other,
I thought the world was made of straw,
And nestled by my mother,

One day, I fluttered from my nest
To see what I could find;
I said the world is made of leaves
I have been very blind.

At length I flew beyond the tree,
Quite fit for grown-up labours;
I don't know how the world is made
And neither do my neighbours.

A Local Boy Sang Nigerian National Anthem

"Ah rice o copper shun

Nigeria kolu obey

To serve her father lai

With love and fetch and fail

That neighbor of our heros pass

Shall never be in vain

Tools Afusa than lah

One nature bar the free door

Peace and unity.


O God of creature

Direct are lobukor

And guard our leader right

Ever you two too to go

In almighty and too to go

With so also do so..."

The boy was between12 to 15 years of age. He was singing and shouting across my window, I laughed but couldnt withstand his horrible National Anthem so I quickly urged him to stop.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

This Is Animal Poetry

This is animal poetry
brought to you by animal poet
because the bushes of my poetic talent has
grown to a forest

Each time I write
I feel gazelle of similes pouncing within my brain

The oceans of my veins
possess many rhiroceros metaphors

I can see you dancing.
My verses are sparrows singing
thats why
you can take my thoughts everywhere
like a teddy bear

Whenever you feel cold,
let me cover you with furs
of passionate words

I write
inquisitive lines
and detective poetry
each time I grow some impulses of baboon

Devouring lions,
two headed serpents,
three eyed owls,
and demonic ravens
spell me to write dark poetry
so scary
not to compare with the movie
"Jennifer's Body";
This is animal poetry.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

What Makes A Good Poet?

My interest is really in this

could it be a hairy person

or master of shakespearian words?

Must he know the life in prison

like Chris Abani for instance

or the famous white bearded man?

Maybe complexity makes a good poet

or maybe the master of imagery?

My interest is in what makes a good poet,

a good bard, a good muse, a good poetess

I know the renaissance will credit themselves

I'm sure the free versers will raise their hands

the traditionalist sijo, tanka

and haiku moguls will raise hands

claiming a good poet

be candid

to possess an editor

does it make a good poet?

To share poems with friends

does it make a good poet?

To have a published anthology with catchy title

does it make a good poet?

What makes a good poet?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Vigils Of My Three Dogs

The dog owner who says his dog won't sleep
in return, will not feel the touch of sleep
each night the dogs conjure their ancestors
in barking thunder lightening orators

Barking breathing some furnace of fire
like fire deity of gone Oyo empire__
my dogs barked fire, to wake my sleeping skin
like a dragon in the movie Merlin

Sleep I couldnt see
yesternight, when my night watch
turned domestic beasts

from fence to fence I watched
truly night turned
vigil with domestic
dogs of mine played a beast

what happened?
Were thieves around? No.
Ghosts around? No.
Shadows of the moving moon they saw? No.
Maybe they were rabid? No.

Whenever my dogs bring me sleepless nights
they're on heats.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry




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