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How To Easily Cure Your Ligament Injury

I assume you know what ligament is but in case you have forgotten your biology, ligament is the band of strong tissue that holds bones together and aids adequate movement and assured balancing.

There are so many things that can cause your ligament to require repair:
A = over stretching
B = over landing
C = over heating
D = over slipping
E = over aging
F = over working

OVER WORKING reminds me of a man I know, he was a footballer. He had a goal or target of having a heavy kick anytime he kicked the ball. It led him to pack sandand fill a ball in place of air; every morning he would kick the sandy ball. He over worked his leg and one day over slipped which made him over stretched today he walks with staff because he couldn't afford ligament reconstruction.


Taking knee as a case study, if you dislocate your knee:
1= take a pain killer
2 = use massage cream
3 = bandage it
4 = wear a knee band
5 = rest it on succulent substance line folded wet towel
6 = gentlely stretch and fold it in order to exercise it
7 = after a month without improvement, consult specialist to hear what the next step to take.

Samuel C Enunwa aka samuelueldpoetry

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