Will You Not Fall In Love?

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dilema: The event that places a poet or poem-speaker in a confusing condition for choice or decision.

if I write you a poem
will you not fall in love?

If I tell you
my love for you's an osmotic pressure
my calculus has shown me
the permutation of you and I
can melt this ice of emotion frozen
at 20degree Fahrenheit
don't tell me
I won't lift you high in love
to fall in love with me

Lady, please,
you're beautiful and pretty combined

Like fruit juice
you're skin is so smooth

Look at me
my gentle face
my supple skin
my virgin heart
will treat you right
my staff will part
your red sea correctly...

Fall in love with me
you won't regret it

Let's fall in love as volleyball
the one we play one-on-one;

You'll spike me your love
I'll ding you my ball

Let's make this love everlasting,
let's make it stick like indelible ink,

Let's make this love everlasting,
let's make it stay like tribal marks,

Like irremovable tattoos;

Each time I look at you
I see thunder lightning in your eyes
lightening through the skies
of your eyes
seizing the thunder with your eyes
to sparkle it in your smiles

The lightning of your eyes
always makes my heart beat
faintly, faintly
while staring at you like moron

Your smiles are my steroid
they make my muscles grow
or give me goosebumps

Your kisses on my lips
will be my tramadol
giving me energy more
to do you more and more

Your love has got the licence to kill my worries,
that's why I'm loving it

Loving you, my lady
the love I have for you
has made me your disciple
I'm preaching your gospel.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

If Successfully I Divorce My Wife

If successfully I divorce my wife next week

God help me
I'll pick a born-again Christian and marry

Believe me
youth choir
youth drama group
single ladies committee
oh such places
my target will be

If successfully the Court divorce my wife and me

I'll avoid ladies like my ex
my divorced wife
a wolf in wolf's clothing

I'll avoid ladies like my ex-wife
over-beautifully carved
with tempting eyes
obscene striding
extravagant spending
flashy craving for worldly things I can't afford

let the jury favor me
free me from this senseless ovarian entity
always giving me sleepless nights
with her sex organs of smell
so hard to satisfy
look at me now
I'm close to skeleton
so draining is
her angriage and nagattitude
coming me to slap her face
shedding crocodile tears

I pray the divorce should come
for each blink of an eye in my place of work
my mind keeps asking me what if
your beautiful wife is
on thy matrimonial bed cheating
on my motorcycle I'll hurry home
only to always meet her making my meal

never for once have I caught her cheating
marrying her has never for once given me peace.

If successfully I divorce my wife next week

I'll pick a born-again Christian and face a bigger risk.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

    African Christmas

    Christmas is on heat
    everyone is mating it

    Kids are busy taking gifts from
    African santa claus with black melanin

    Their daddies and mommies are busy sharing
    bags of rice
    as Christmas bonus at places of work

    And many with large families are
    taking OD and IOU to purchase Christmas shoes
    their kids need

    Every vivid eyes and candid minds
    won't deny that
    Christmas is for all and sundry willing

    Go ahead and eat
    and freedom is thine to drink to stupor
    and mess your parlor

    Live the season at full crush
    But don't forget
    To meditate on 1st. Peter chapter 5 verse 8

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

    I'll Be The Hero Of Thy Soul

    Come, come
    I love the smiles of your eyes
    when you smile
    I see the fairies fly.

    Come, come
    I love the smiles of your eyes
    and when you come
    I hate to say goodbye

    So I say
    don't go
    stay with me
    I'll be the hero of thy soul

    Don't go
    stay with me
    I'll be the hero of thy soul

    You are a Capricorn
    you bring the sun into my life
    you are from the sun
    and that I can't deny

    You are a Capricorn
    you bring the sun into my life
    and when you come
    I hate to say goodbye

    So I say
    don't go
    stay with me
    I'll be the hero of thy soul

    Don't go
    stay with me
    I'll be the hero of thy soul.

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
    +samuel chukwudi

    Battleground's The Heart Of Every African Man

    Image from woofmagic +DeviantArt.com 

    Africa’s the land of culture

    Constantly in constancy
    If your eyes can see vividly you’ll
    Ruling african teritories

    Agreed I agree
    Some are lost to the cage
    Of this age of civilisation rage page

    Lost like a needle
    Threadlessly fallen to the sea
    Of muddy sands

    Cannot be found
    For instance battle between
    Culture and civilisation
    I know you’ll not know gravity
    Of it

    Yet battleground’s
    The heart of every african man

    That’s why
    Culture is living in their names
    Culture is
    Happily dancing where they live haply
    Remoting their believes as a tv screen
    Mr. Culture,
    I hold my hat and doff my heart for thee painfully

    Till this moment I write my verse
    Culture has held the pen
    Boldly forbidden them
    Not to sign the bill of gay marriage
    In my country.

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
    +samuel chukwudi 

    Strategy Of A Desperate Man Seeking A Wife

    A man desperate to have a wife
    was aged between 50-55.

    He met a strange lady and sighed

    Lady from nowhere, I'm 55
    I want you to be my wife
    to be my wife and change my life;

    Else I'll stab my heart with this knife.

    Eh! Wait! Drop the knife
    I can't afford to see you take your life.
    I'll follow you to the altar to be your wife
    at this your age of 55

    If you can prove in bed you'll be as strong as Wesley Snipes.

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

    No Lesson Within

    Image is proudly +deviantart.com

    I have piston and ring
    I can spring
    And swing
    And sing
    And do things like felvin
    With my white teeth like white gin
    I'm powdery ampicillin
    I commit sin
    Repent my sin
    To commit sin
    Repent the thing
    How many times will I disvirgin?
    Eighteen or nineteen
    Or times without numbering
    I'm green
    With envy like application plugin
    Digging and burying
    Embryo of rhyming
    No lesson within
    These words lining
    Please, don't mind me
    I'm just freestyling
    With suffix een and in and ing.

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


    Like Usain Bolt
    technology keeps running
    ahead of me

    All my life I've spent
    canoeing and fishing with my dad and me

    From night to day
    and day to night time
    Monday to Sunday

    Within the monotonous life of me
    what would enliven me?
    Walkman they said it was

    I saved and saved for it
    time to buy it
    they said
    Discman was the thing in vogue

    I saved and saved for it
    time to buy it
    they said
    Videoman was the thing in vogue

    I saved and saved for it
    time to buy it
    they said
    MP3 slim player was the thing in vogue

    I saved and saved for it
    time to buy it
    they said
    MP4 slim player was the thing in vogue

    I saved and saved for it
    time to buy it
    they said
    Apple iPad was the thing in vogue

    I secured my senses
    technology is fast than me
    then I stopped chasing it.

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

    The Lady Regretted Her Honesty

    Image below is from +DeviantArt.com 

    In the days of yore
    when whores were honest

    When honorable men
    made hays while the sun
    shine into earth's garden

    Two lovers loved purely

    Purely as in
    not the lady loved for money
    nor the man loved for beauty

    They purely loved each and each
    man condone irrationality
    his lady displayed
    lady ignored commanding trait
    her man displayed

    When lady sneezed
    her man must know

    When lady sweated
    her man must know

    When lady ate anything
    her man must enjoy it

    Her love was strong and
    naive and
    purely plain for her man alone

    suddenly a day
    when family was starving
    no food to eat
    man hunted to no avail
    belly worms sang
    angrily really wailing
    their landlord tree stood
    ripe fruits dangling

    Lady plucked
    shared with her man
    the landlord sued them to court
    for plucking
    sentenced them to life suffering

    Man grumbled and blamed his lady

    The lady regretted her honesty
    dropped her pure love for man
    and wore the heart of whore
    and infidel tongue.

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

    What Is A Man?

    A man is he
    who lives in aggression

    He agitates
    he extraordinarelates with people
    he aims to attain the unattainable
    to satisfy his unsatisfiable wife
    and children
    and far and near family.

    Point of correction,
    a man can be he or she

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

    Do You Know Jesus Is An Ordinary Name?

    Guilt of the crime is all and sundry
    for everytime I see
    through lense of constancy
    they shouting: Jesus!

    Every small thing they shouting:

    During car crash, they shouting:

    During nightmare, they shouting:

    During the horror scene of a horror movie
    they shouting: Jesus!

    Even at a  gunpoint
    when robbers are robbing peacefully
    they shouting: Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!!

    there're one thousand and one
    Jesus on earth
    and Jesus Navas is one of them
    and Jesus Jones is one of them

    When next
    you wanna call the son of Mary
    stop saying Jesus
    say Jesus Christ

    When next
    you wanna proclaim the Savior
    stop saying Jesus
    say Jesus Christ

    When next
    you wanna Reverend Messiah
    stop saying Jesus
    say Jesus Christ

    For cup is different from cupboard
    and chalk is different from chalkboard

    So Jesus is different from Jesus Christ
    stop making the mistake.

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

    Cross and Signet

    Without faith
    it's impossible to please God
    where devil
    with cutlery is seeking who to devour

    Constantly I call on Jesus
    make my cross rests on my singlet.
    My cross crested signet pinned to
    my finger; demons fear to fashion
    against me. Hallelujah!

    My spirit meditates everywhere I go:
    My father in heaven
    May your holy name be honoured
    Let your kingdom come
    Let your will be done on earth
    as it is in heaven
    Give me this day the food I need.
    Forgive my wrongs
    as I have forgiven wrongs of others against me.
    Bring me not hard testing,
    but keep me save from the Evil One
    To prove yours is the Kingdom
    The Power and Glory
    Forever, Amen.

    May the Grace of the Lord, Jesus Christ
    the Love of God
    and the Sweet Fellowship of the Holy Spirit
    Be with me now and
    Forever, Amen.

    Goodness and Mercy
    Shall follow me everyday of my life
    And I shall dwell in the mansion of the Lord
    Forever, Amen.

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

    Why Are You Reading Them?

    My poems are nonsense

    Only good for teasing fallopians
    or stringing the brains
    without the help of
    holy spirit
    the message won't be clear

    My poems are no poem

    Why are you reading
    mismanagement bard
    in cloy consonance
    sour similes
    imperfect personification
    weak onomatopoeia
    confused canto
    only understood by those
    who understand origami?

    Each time I write I feel it
    deserves no reading but
    your readabilities
    encourage my inability to improve

    Each time I write my impregnated
    poems trust no them
    they may or may not
    have foetus within them but
    trusting them injure the conscience
    reading them
    elevate the spirit
    enliven the heart
    equip orientation
    make the weary feet move on

    ...My poems are worst ever
    written or read

    My poems require deep meditation to understand.

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

    The Ghost Affair 7 (Gerontology)

    A very big deal is gerontology
    in the ghost affair

    in the kingdom down there
    is never of the date of birth

    A look into gerontology shall
    give you an understanding of
    gerontocracy in the ghost affair

    For a dead teenager
    is superior to the aged men
    dead today

    so verily verily I say unto thee:
    True absence of usurpation
    has made the kingdom of the ghost
    a peaceful place to be.

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

    From The Pink Diary


    Forbidden Limit..........................
    When My Lady Was Out Of Town.............
    Honest Human Moths.......................
    Shady Belle..............................
    You Can Call Me A farmer.................
    Answer, Shady Belle......................
    The Maize Plant..........................
    Change Grew Suddenly In My Breast........
    Colony Of Attraction.....................
    Beneath Your Nose........................
    In The Shower............................
    The Dark Darling In Yellow...............
    Behind Stays A Soul......................
    To What Shall I Compare..................
    The Belles I Treat So Good...............


    This book is
    dedicated sincerely
    to all lovers of poetry
    and those who prefer activity
    to idleness.


    This simple book is for all lovers of poetry, it contains sixteen different love poem written by Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry (the Leo with wings flying). Readers must keep in mind that every messages, ideas, names mentioned in this poem are offsprings of imagination and not in any way a reality. I just hope you'll enjoy this simple book.

    [Chapter 1]


    There is strong chemistry in this room
    what my heart packages, your heart speaks too
    Affection is no respecter of gender
    Supple breast of yours I see them so tender
    The breast of mine I know you love it too
    When we concave in solitude to de-groom
    Mills and Boons are not for juveniles
    Mature you and I can fairly practicalize
    Couch to the floor made of marble
    To devour the chemistry in this room
    Lady, go switch off the faraday
    Hold my waist, we won't run away
    Pink show, purple play, French kissing
    Intoxicated adulthood indiscipline
    Perfume the room, let the music boom
    what happens in cameroon stays in cameroon.

    [Chapter 2]


    You know how much I've resisted you
    I'm in a serious relationship now
    Dearing to my heart, she's my gueenly crown
    For two weeks now, she's out of town
    How long will I giv

    The Miss I Met On December Six

    Like a memorable breathtaking kiss
    Or a sweet potato in sugared beans
    Or an image of the world with total peace
    No bokobombing and no disease
    Such was the sight of the miss
    The very miss I met on the six
    On the Tuesday December six
    She made me texted on Nokia 2600c
    "Oh! You miss on the six
    You are more than a miss
    To me you're metaphysics.
    Miss, your physiques and pedigrees
    Make me mesmerize with ease
    Can you please, MMS me your pics
    Even if you'll never give me your kiss?"

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

      When You're' Ready To Install The Wall Tiles Yourself

      According to wikipedia's definition, "a tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, metal or even glass, generally used for covering roofs, floors, walls, showers, other objects such as tabletops"

      These days, tiles can be found in very many places as objects for decoration. For decorating a whole building, tiles can as well be used for covering indoor and outdoor fountain, public taps, police counter, altars, cashier table, graves, etc

      Tiles can be made on the wall or floor but our concern. In order to fix your wall tiles yourself, get the required quantity of tiles, get a soaking bowl or drum depending on the rate of tiles needed, get a tile cutter in case you may need to cut your tile, get cement ready, you will need a rubber hammer, you might as well need white clay for covering gapes, it must be noted that professionals may use other things but the vital thing are the ones mentioned.

      How to lay Wall Tiles

      Step 1: soak the tiles in water for at least 3 hours

      step 2: make a cement/water paste (note:you need to scrape the wall and the back of the tiles before adding paste)

      step 3: spread the cement paste on the tiles wet rough surface

      step 4: lay the tiles with cement paste on the rough wall surface you have made.

      The Story Of My Puppy

      I'm a literature teacher. On Friday I stood in front of the kids shouting: " Uncle tell us a story!"

      "What am I to say?" I inquired in my mind.

      "If you love dog, let me see you hands up"

      So I continued, I'm a lover of dog as well. I'm here to tell you about Sleegy, my puppy. White and black fur she had She was gentle and loving and cared much about me as I cared much about her.

      Every two weeks she must visit my vet for checkup. I groomed her everyday to give her the attractive visage she deserved and anything I fed myself, I fed Sleegy too.

      Yesterday I couldn't find my puppy. I searched everywhere even reported the issue to the nearby police station. Actually  she wasn't missing, she died.

      An eyewitness told me she was playing with a hen in a little nearby bush when a green snake under the green grass camouflaged and attacked her like a soldier she tried to fight back but the venom had fast spread.

      I was expecting the kids to clap for me for telling them such a thrilling story but most of them burst into tears. I regretted telling them such a story; does it mean kids don't like tragic stories?

      Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

      I'm Jesus Christ

      Near a tree
      With birdie
      Flower, bee; Pharisee!
      You rolled me in tomb thee entomb me
      Then fair freedom made free
      And dead me
      Woke day three.

      Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
      this poem was written Sept. 29, 2011.

      You Know Yourself


      O! My dear lady
      if you think I'll show you
      I care
      O ma kan n tanra re ni
      stop decieving yourself my dear
      my dear,
      for everytime you hear
      my voice afar
      you hit your room to regroom
      in clean top
      and clean skirt
      in make-up and braided hair
      saying hi when I didn't hi you
      telling me things I didn't ask you
      speaking when I wasn't in the mood
      to speak to you
      you smiled
      seriously gesticulating
      forming familiarity
      everytime you see me
      you see me with the eyes
      that say
      Samuel will soon ask me to marry him
      you think in your mind
      Samuel really loves me
      he cares for me
      what a pity
      a daydreaming
      you're still 18
      with no brain than to cook
      and nurse your unwanted baby
      you born for irresponsible carpenter guy
      down the third street
      who left you in the lurch
      to fend alone
      if not for parental support
      for God sake
      wake you to realise
      I'm a grad
      I'm up-to-date
      with high taste
      no intent to date or marry
      an obsolete nonentity
      nursing feminine
      to be candid
      I love you
      I care
      sorry for using bad words
      in two months I'll ask you
      to marry me
      as my daddy did
      and marry my godfearing teenage mommy
      who lived with him
      so helpful and faithful
      responsible, reliable
      in one accord
      through rain and storm
      for better for worse

      And this should remind you of the saying that:
      "we grow up to marry our mothers"

      Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

      Christine Angele

      When you meet a maiden
      with a mermaid hair and
      a supple purple lips
      too hard to ware with kiss
      sweetly located where?
      There on her creamy face

      If the maiden you met
      smiled as the image here
      then you have met Christine Angele;
      the masterpiece painter.

      Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

      Dearest Father

      The period was so great though
      So great the period was
      And that was work of fate
      Inspire your concerted efforts
      You died in your boot
      Making the previous period so qualifying.

      Was a gent from sole to crown
      So hardworking in all understandings
      So strong and so bold and wise
      Like a hunting lion in the forest
      To others I do not know
      To me
      You've brought home a bacon
      You were man enough for us.

      Oh! Daddy
      I remembered the fateful day
      A fatal accident came your way
      Father! Father!! Father!!!
      Was there a dissension between you and Mr. Death?
      The family didn't agree on the step you took
      The step you took wasn't unanimous
      Oh, had I known what would be
      I would have messaged Mr. Death
      For you to leave with us more.

      Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


      They say “adults don’t wear children’s head”
      how come yours is different?

      You ran to the foolish herbalist
      diluted expired herbs
      but what is the outcome?

      Worship the hare!
      Revenge is best served cold
      have you not done yours? And now

      Revenge has started cooking beans,
      you ran down the street to buy bread
      don’t you think it’s risky?

      Mr. Odieshi,
      believe me
      that is too risky.

      Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

      Pressing Iron

      where is thy own wheel

      you ran over my rough cloth

      my white Binatone?

      Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

      NOTE: Most people do not know I'm a poet of different forms.I sometimes dance to the freaking tone of inspiration to create whatever poetic artifacts I care for and the same inspiration has brought  about the haiku written about my favorite pressing iron

      Regular Clues For Writing My Book Review

      Is review that simple? Actually I have never been seeing it that way that's why I have lay down some clues I always adhere to each time I want to write a book review

      "A book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is analyzed based on content, style and merit. A book review can be a primary source opinion piece, summary, review or scholarly review;" according to the definition from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

      1) When writing a review, you must point out the author's purpose for the book.

      2) You must consider the themes of the book.

      3) Reveal the book's resolution.

      4) The readers are willing to know about the narrative technique used by the author; you must reveal that in your review.

      5) Reveal the mood of the book (horrifying, sober, tender, etc)

      6) Let the reeders of your review know about the author (the author's publishing experience, awards, place of origin, etc)

      7) Let the readers know your take on the book through your review.

      If you love writing blogs, you should keep it in mind that writing a book review is one way of adding posts to your blog.

      Poetry Within The Literary Genres

      "Memory is not so brilliant as hope, but it is more beautiful, and a thousand times as true." --  Prentice

      POETRY: A Vital Genre of Literature
      I believe, to a layman, poetry can be understood as a set of ideas, structured in short or long lines and sometimes with stanzas. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of English Language, the 7th edition, simply refers to poetry as a collection of poems or poems in general; or in other words, something with a beautiful and elegant quality. It also added that poetry is synonymous to verse. It has been written and documented that poetry belongs to one of the three genres of literature _ drama, poetry and prose. It is the genre of literature that citizens so many unbelievable forms of brevity with the aid of the merciful poetic license.

      Poetry is as old as time with a long history dated back to the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh, the Chinese Shijing and down to the Homeric epics, the Odyssey and the Iliad. It was likewise said to be maintaining an oral form until the advent of written words, when poetry harnessed the privilege to as well live in a written form _ which could be straight, or slant or wobble or whatever.

      I will also love to say here and now, that the knowledge of poetry goes beyond the reasoning or explanation of a single medulla oblongata. The explanation of it must be diverse and the diversities are evident through the different ways in which people have been spelling the meaning out. This, I strongly believe, is the major reason a poem will be correctly interpreted by different people in different ways and this has also been the reason behind the differences in the poetic definitions of renounced poets:
      “Emily Dickenson said, “If I read a book and it makes my body so cold, no fire ever can warm me, I know that is poetry;” and Dylan Thomas definedc poetry this way: “Poetry is what makes me laugh or cry or yawn, what makes my toenail twinkle, what makes me want to do this or that or nothing, ’” quoted Mark Flanagan of contemporarylit.about.com

      Poetry is the most vital of the genres of literature. When placed side by side with the two other genres, it is the most relevant and the most needed. It can be embedded in the other genres of literature, by taking the form of epigram to live in the belly of a drama or prose. Any time, any day, poetry will always be ready to be in unison with both drama and prose; mostly by taking the form of a song to add colour to an acted drama or prose. It must also be noted that some features of poetry are borrowed to season or spice up the two other genres of literature.

      The importance of poetry can never be overemphasized. According to the comment of Perspective at answers.yahoo.com/questions/index on the topic: Importance of Poetry, “Mainly it benefits you and releases stress but with the right words could change the world.” Poetry gives solace to the grieve, answer to the seekers, strength to the lovers and music to the leisure. So, no matter the shape and look poetry chooses to wear; be it ballad, epic or lyrical, it must always be remembered that poetry is what we live for.

      samuel enunwa

      15 Hottest Children Storybooks In Nigerian Schools

      I give to you the 15 hottest children storybooks that pupils are presently enjoying in Nigerian private and public schools. This post is written to open the eyes of literature teachers to the trending children storybooks.

      1) A Child With A Child by Clement Okosun HEBN Frontline Series

      2) A Game Of Power by Sehinde Arogbofa HEBN Frontline Series

      3) A Son Among Daughters by J. A. Onuekwusi HEBN Frontline Series

      4) The Queen With A Monkey's Tail by Okanineme Okpiaifo HEBN Frontline Series

      5) Tortoise And The Brown Monkey by Cyprian Ekwensi HEBN Front line Series

      6) How The Leopard Got His Claws by China Achebe and John Iroaganachi HEBN Frontline Series

      7) My Enchanting Story by Ben-Obase Joseph HEBN Frontline Series

      8) Tales By Moonlight by NTA television Production HEBN Frontline Series

      9) Chike And The River by China Achebe HEBN Frontline Series

      10) The Lion And The Hare by A. O. Oyekanmi HEBN Frontline Series

      11) Tortoise In Exile by Chui Enwonwu HEBN Frontline Series

      12) Tortoise Return To The Woods by Chip Enwonwu HEBN Frontline Series

      13) Uzo And His Father by Ernest N. Emenyonu HEBN Frontline Series

      14) Uzo Remembers His Father BT Ernest N. Emenyonu HEBN Frontline Series

      15) Echoes Of Hard Times And Other Plays by Felicia Onyewadume HEBN Frontline Series

      What To Be Done At This Point

      Love gambling
      But not the gambling luck?

      Just diversify

      If lotto
      Doesn't favour you,
      Cast a die.

      If die
      Doesn't favour you,
      Deal a card.

      If card
      Doesn't favour you,
      play this game;

      Of revolver
      Empty it at once
      The bullets on the floor
      Shut your eyes and pick one
      And toss it in
      And press it to your head
      And make a shot

      What if it favours you?
      You're dead.

      Please, maybe you should just quit gambling.

      Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

      Donate Blood, Save A Life Today

      When you walk around campuses
      Didn't you see the board written
      "Donate Blood, Save A Life Today"
      Didn't you see such written bold?

      So my recess mind confesses
      A drop of mine I've never given
      Students I see donated, they
      Given biscuit; so absurd

      Aftermath of the processes
      Some have died or have you not seen
      Due to false info and their folly
      Will such folly take them to HELL or GOD?

      Patients in dying distresses
      Pay huge money for blood at UCH Ibadan
      Patients who can't buy the blood they
      Patiently die so where are the blood donated...

      ...to Save A Life Today?

      Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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              (The Long Awaited)

          Samuel C. Enunwa

      Author’s note………………….
      My wealthy neighbour………...
      Johnny as a kid………………..
      At the stream………………….
      What happened in heaven…….
      Under the spell………………...
      Two tombs…………………….
      Eligible married couple 1&2….
      Detective Tel 1,2,3,4&5………
      My love promo………………..
      Ode to the poet’s curtain……..
      Halle Bery…………………….
      They’re searching through Google…..
                               To thee, lovers of poetry
                             effort and ability
             I dedicate this to thee willingly.

             I thank God for this book, if not for him this would have been in vain. Mrs. A. A. Enunwa, I won’t stop trying though I know I won’t be able to repay your motherly love; Thank, you mother. My thanks also goes to you, Mr. & Mrs. Bamgboye, your labour and pain over me will never be in vain and in your family, blessings will continually rain. Daddy Leonard, I dey hail o and make blessing full your too, Amen.
           Enunwa Onyeka, Enunwa Eric, Enunwa Ruth, Bamgboye Kolawole, I appreciate you all. Aribido Daniel(D-Gbegbe), you are so mouthed; how is Rufus Giwa Polytechnic? Engr. Akinrelere Omotayo (T-money), how far? Ajibade Taiwo (Jah. Mr. Okra, Mr. Federal ); I appreciate you all.
           I can never forget you, all the Durance Publishing crew and those of the www.i-proclaim.com. Thank you and keep up the good work. May the good Lord reward you all, Amen. Finally, to all my friends @ www.samueldpoetry.webs.com
      www.poetrypoem.com/samueldpoetry442, www.poetrypublisher.com/samueldpoetry445, www.lovepoemsandpoetry.com/samueldpoetry441, www.myfaithsite.com/samueldpoetryfaith1, etc. thank you all for your love.
                 AUTHOR’S NOTE
            It gladdens the whole of me, each time the thought and assurance of the fact that the scope of poetry is broader than anyone can mention, comes to my thinking. Poetry can take any form; it can be lyrical or satirical, come in form of praise or in a long narrative form which happens to be the poetic form, I’ve made use of in this book titled CHRISACEDARUTH(The Long Awaited).
           As I’ve said, this book contains more than ten narrative poems in which CHRISACEDARUTH(The Long Awaited) bears the same name with the title of this book and has over two thousand five hundred lines, divided into more than fifteen stanzas. It is the story of a village boy, who happens not to be who he thought he was but later maybe through the help of luck or through the force of fate, or maybe through his personal strives, discovered his true self, his weaknesses, strengths, etc.
        It is also true that the poem: CHRISACEDARUTH(The Long Awaited) is the major reason for this book but I’ve also garnished it with inclusion of other funny, entertaining and educating poems like The Eligible Married Couple 1&2, the most wanted, Detective Tel 1,2,3,4&5; and My Love Promo, which happens to be the favorite of almost all my fans @ www.facebook.com, among others.
           Aside from the fact that the poems are rhyme oriented, I’ve tried and made sure they are sculpted with simple languages and diction. Before you ask me my reason, I’ll tell you that I do not believe in complexity. What’s the essence of turning enjoyment to homework? My paramount aim is to cure your boredom. My major aim is to make this book, your teddy bear, your pet, you can take anywhere and as you read, I believe your boredom will be deleted. Thanks, for your love.
                              Samuel C. Enunwa.

      He never cheated nature
      But pilled himself to labour
      At exactly twenty four
      He met expected future
      Became a famous employer of labour
      And poverty couldn’t knock his door
      Then sighed and took a resting posture
      And slept and slept and snored
      And fell from couch to the floor
      Yes, he was held by nature
      Who? The famous employer of labour
      Whom we were once a neighbour
      And loved his hardworking nature
      He slept and snored on the floor
      While they knocked his office door
      For they loved his overture
      Yet he slept and slept and snored
      And slept and slept on the floor
      And so scared of his earth departure
      They knocked and knocked his office door
      And knocked as if to create puncture
      And opened and found him on the floor
      When broken his office door
      “When did oga start this nature?”
      They asked and laughed him on the floor
      And logged him from the floor
      Back to his resting posture
      He slept and slept and snored
      And sometimes fell on the floor
      And feeding became his failure
      And was only catered by neighbours
      Where he slept and snored
      And must be dreaming, I’m sure
      Of living with lady he adored
      And they talked and toured
      And shared a love adventure
      Where he slept and snored
      At exactly ninety four
      He woke from his resting posture
      And was a celebration galore
      And walked on the floor
      Then fell and got final departure
      And that my wealthy neighbour
      Who was dead on the floor
      Taught me not to cheat nature.
                     Samuel C. Enunwa. July 13, 2009.

      Happiness dwindled
      As loneliness doubled
      And none to rekindle
      But while ago were whistles
      Shout for passes and dribbles
      Songs held their paddles
      Till end of the battle
      A football battle
      Mirthful and memorable
      Two elephants wrestled
      Grasses had to struggle
      At the grassless middle
      Fell he who dribbled
      Stood and took water bottle
      From the first aid people
      More than thousand people
      Young, old and middle
      Aged happy people
      Singing were married couples,
      Kids and searching singles
      Lovers turned compatible
      Pretty belles chew bubble
      Received short cuddles
      As they screamed amidst people
      During goals, shots and dribbles
      And the pretty one I cuddled
      Made the battle memorable
      I wished for endless battle
      Because of love incomparable
      That waited amidst the people
      But the final whistle
      Changed the people
      Made happiness dwindled
      And loneliness doubled
      It was unbelievable
      Only me at the middle
      Of chairs, I couldn’t buckle
      My shoes, I mingled
      With darkness, no candle
      To see, I was cripple
      And had to struggle
      I learnt after the battle
      That change was flexible
      Though I was able
      To escape that silence jungle.
         Samuel C. Enunwa. Sept. 12, 2009.

               JOHNNY AS A KID
      One Sunday, immediately after
      One a.m, Jonathan Odda
      Appeared on earth like other
      Children born in Igala
      Jonathan Sunday Odda
      The son of Mr. Jack Odda
      A very skillful welder
      And Mrs. Jane Odda
      A sweet kola nut seller
      Was fair as his father
      Not hairy as his mother
      Had a brother and a sister
      And friends and grandfather
      Only called him Johnny Odda
      When Jonathan Sunday Odda
      Began walk and talk to his mother
      His father and every other in Igala
      He began to surprise his mother
      Father and every other in Igala
      And loved to stick to his mother
      And they both crossed the Igala boarder
      On foot to villages next to Igala
      Where she sold her sweet kola
      One Sunday, immediately after
      Six a. m. Jonathan Odda
      Left the side of his mother
      Who hadn’t crossed Igala boarder
      For she was short of kola
      And two years old Johnny Odda
      Trekked and crossed Igala boarder
      For he missed his female lover
      Who happened to be the daughter
      A beautiful two years old daughter
      Of a major buyer to his mother.
                   Samuel C Enunwa Jun. 15, 2010.

              AT THE STREAM
      I met a beautiful lady at the stream
      With no fetching bowl at the stream
      “What a beautiful lady at the stream!
      Beautiful than the advertisers of cream
      She might even be goddess of this stream”
      I said to myself at the stream
      Then to the beauty …

              UNDER THE SPELL
      I wish I was an angel
      To feel the feelings people feel
      And stay and make them feel
      Well when others bid farewell
      Because I knew very well
      Of a village near a dell
      Where a beauty …

             TWO TOMBS
      My buttocks and two thumbs
      Are sitting on a tomb
      Waiting for mother to come
      You should know Ukpom
      The greatest warrior of Atagom
      Slim, dark and handsome
      But where does …

      Eligible married couples
      Soon get into trouble
      Offer each other battle
      Live so unstable
      And uncomfortable
      And regret being couple
      When the …

            DETECTIVE TEL 1
      Hi! I’m Detective Tel
      Investigating the death of Micheal
      The death of Joseph A. Micheal
      Found dead at the street of Sel
      Not far from Pleasantry Hotel
      The thirty two years old, Micheal
      Was dark and huge and tall
      And had wavy hair as well
      More attractive than I can tell
      Married women and mature girls
      And those with age I’ll not tell
      Will do anything to have Micheal
      When I heard the death of Micheal
      I became scared than I can tell
      And felt this world is a hell
      Cried and couldn’t feed well
      Took my Bible and my bell
      Prayed God rescue from this hell
      But who could kill Micheal?
      Took and slaughtered A. Micheal?
      There was a quarrel between Micheal
      And his landlord where he dwelt
      And Adam Cole threatened Micheal
      Who slept with his girl
      And Joseph A. Micheal
      Had empty wallet where he fell
      Lent money to Campbell
      And jilted so many girls
      But who could killed Micheal?
      Took and slaughtered A. Micheal?
      The police and I, Tel
      Have locked the suspects in cell
      My investigation on Campbell
      Showed he paid Micheal
      And the landlord of Micheal
      Only quarreled with Micheal
      Over payment of where he dwelt
      And he had paid as well
      But couldn’t pick a jilted girl
      Or who emptied the wallet of Micheal
      And today, Adam Cole died in cell
      So who could kill Micheal?
      Took and slaughtered A. Micheal?
      Who only if I tell
      Could suspect me Detective Tel
      Took and slaughtered A. Micheal?
      For having affair with my wife, Arnabel.
                  Samuel C Enunwa Jun. 27, 2010.

             DETECTIVE TEL 2
      Hi! I’m Detective Tel
      Everybody knows me well
      I investigated the death of Micheal
      The death of Joseph A. Micheal
      Found dead at the street of Sel
      Not far from Pleasantry Hotel
      I swear, now …


      Here comes the info
      To shorties with no
      In this sumptuous promo
      Where soft Hi! Wins, Hello!
      And makes you my duo
      In my attempt to woo.

      We’ll date without ado,
      Travel and zoom to zoo,
      Watch animals like rhino,
      Lion, merino and buffalo;
      Birds like flamingo,
      Puffin, kiwi and cuckoo.

      Tour place like Toronto,
      Boarding a beautiful jumbo,
      Cruising a stretch limo
      And by rail, the loco
      Making the trip in toto
      To places we go.

      Visit a beach lido
      Where you’ll bask in lilo
      While I play waterpolo
      Or an American rodeo
      By dressing like gaucho
      And gallop a bronco.

      Party and listen to rondo
      Where served burrito or taco
      When I dance tango or zydeco
      Amidst White, Indian and Negro
      Or act opera with libretto
      Blended by cello for physio.

      Then drive home as love and bro
      When the sky is indigo
      To pour you some ouzo
      In my room with stereo
      Playing songs with intro
      While you watch my photo.

      At this very canto,
      Once you aren’t a bimbo
      And possess a libido,
      I won’t act as bozo,
      Loving will be our cameo
      To prove our brio.

      I’ll move like yo-yo,
      Making the process in vivo,
      And move to hear Sam o!
      Making the process in vitro
      So you can call me hero,
      And a love supreme.

                (The Long Awaited)
      I’m glad, I can be heard
      The journey of over hundred
      Years, this’ how it stared
      The sun over our heads
      Was nothing but fire red
      Hotter than hell was said
      To be; maize, …
      The above poems are excerpts from the book titled CHRISACEDARUTH [The Long Awaited] which is available both in hard copy and e-book at www.i-proclaimbookstore.com/poetry/chrisacedaruth(the_long_awaited)
        The poems below are just for you to have a taste of my next book titled “PEOPLE PLACES AND PERSONALITIES” and I’m sure, you’ll derive from it all lessons and fun you wish for. Thank you.

      Eh! What a screen with a heavenly picture!
      Picturing an artistic fixture,
      Turning my bedroom to a museum of culture
      That handsomely showcases the native of passion
      With the exhibition of heavenly creatures.

      Hi! You scattered lightening of illumination!
      I embarrassingly cherish your illustration;
      What a great explanation!
      For illuminating heaven’s innovation.

      Oh! You banana shaped fluorescence of harmony!
      Harmonizing damsels as the heavenly legacy;
      I marvel at your melody
      Because you speak from memory
      To the best of my memory.

      Hello! You specially carved image of passion!
      Sitting on the harmonious banana fluorescence
      With a crown-like beret of assertion,
      Wearing an angelic gown of emergence
      Ribbonly embellished for fashion;
      What a comely face of continence!
      That never conceals emotion
      By reproducing an alluring smile
      Romanticizing my soul with affection;
      All in this heavenly picture.

           HALLE BERY
      I’ve blind argued many, many
      Beings of this arresting beauty
      Till I set my eventually
      Double opened nakely
      Eyes on Halle Bery
      Not in the telly
      Not physically
      But the cover of Ebony
      Where waited she sexily
      My friend! My foe!! My family
      Now I can bet my money
      Bet the whole of my money
      With conviction in my belly
      That God Almighty
      Sculpted Halle Bery
      On Monday very early
      To possess such a beauty.
             Samuel C Enunwa Mar. 11, 2011

      Hi! I’m Enunwa Samuel
      I wrote, “Detective Tel”
      “Under the Spell”
      Plus poems people wanted
      And also authored
      “How Love Is Treated”
      I’ve never wanted to
      Tell my story _ true
      But people are searching through
      Devilfinder, Ask and Yahoo
      To hear the horse’s mouth too
      From C.R.I.N Staff School to
      Ibadan Grammar School to
      The one and only TASUED
      Not where I learnt bonjour
      I understand English too
      Igbo, Yoruba _ ki lo tun ku?
      I’ve never wanted to
      Tell my story _ true
      But people are searching through
      Devilfinder, Ask, and Yahoo
      To hear …

      And at me she stared…………
      And the man regreeted……….
      And the shadow of a hand…….
      Eh! What a screen with a heavenly picture!......
      Eligible married couple………
      Everywhere was neat and weeded…
      Fylid, I was scared……………
      Gently, she held……………...
      Happiness dwindled………….
      He never cheated nature……...
      Here comes the info………….
      Hi! I’m Detective Tel………..
      Hi! I’m Enunwa Samuel……..
      I faintly narrated……………..
      “I know”, he said……………
      I looked……………………..
      I mean, when out of bed……..
      I met a beautiful lady at the stream…..
      I’m glad, I can be heard………
      Immediately morning appeared….
      In the village we landed……..
      I sat and threw above my head…….
      I sat quietly on my bed………
      I searched and searched……..
      I thought in my head………..
      It was sudden descend………
      I’ve blind argued many, many….
      I was so, so, so scared………
      I wish, I was an angel……….
      Lying amidst the long dead….
      My buttocks and two thumbs…
      One Sunday, immediately after…
      Someday, I’ll be in heaven……
      Suddenly appeared……………
      Then father held me and Fred….
      Then I called…………………
      They learnt human can never be predicted….
      They were the ones at our bed….
      “This can’t be Helied…………
      When they beheaded………….
      We trekked and trekked and trekked….
      …Your mother narrated………