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15 Hottest Children Storybooks In Nigerian Schools

I give to you the 15 hottest children storybooks that pupils are presently enjoying in Nigerian private and public schools. This post is written to open the eyes of literature teachers to the trending children storybooks.

1) A Child With A Child by Clement Okosun HEBN Frontline Series

2) A Game Of Power by Sehinde Arogbofa HEBN Frontline Series

3) A Son Among Daughters by J. A. Onuekwusi HEBN Frontline Series

4) The Queen With A Monkey's Tail by Okanineme Okpiaifo HEBN Frontline Series

5) Tortoise And The Brown Monkey by Cyprian Ekwensi HEBN Front line Series

6) How The Leopard Got His Claws by China Achebe and John Iroaganachi HEBN Frontline Series

7) My Enchanting Story by Ben-Obase Joseph HEBN Frontline Series

8) Tales By Moonlight by NTA television Production HEBN Frontline Series

9) Chike And The River by China Achebe HEBN Frontline Series

10) The Lion And The Hare by A. O. Oyekanmi HEBN Frontline Series

11) Tortoise In Exile by Chui Enwonwu HEBN Frontline Series

12) Tortoise Return To The Woods by Chip Enwonwu HEBN Frontline Series

13) Uzo And His Father by Ernest N. Emenyonu HEBN Frontline Series

14) Uzo Remembers His Father BT Ernest N. Emenyonu HEBN Frontline Series

15) Echoes Of Hard Times And Other Plays by Felicia Onyewadume HEBN Frontline Series

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