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From The Pink Diary


Forbidden Limit..........................
When My Lady Was Out Of Town.............
Honest Human Moths.......................
Shady Belle..............................
You Can Call Me A farmer.................
Answer, Shady Belle......................
The Maize Plant..........................
Change Grew Suddenly In My Breast........
Colony Of Attraction.....................
Beneath Your Nose........................
In The Shower............................
The Dark Darling In Yellow...............
Behind Stays A Soul......................
To What Shall I Compare..................
The Belles I Treat So Good...............


This book is
dedicated sincerely
to all lovers of poetry
and those who prefer activity
to idleness.


This simple book is for all lovers of poetry, it contains sixteen different love poem written by Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry (the Leo with wings flying). Readers must keep in mind that every messages, ideas, names mentioned in this poem are offsprings of imagination and not in any way a reality. I just hope you'll enjoy this simple book.

[Chapter 1]


There is strong chemistry in this room
what my heart packages, your heart speaks too
Affection is no respecter of gender
Supple breast of yours I see them so tender
The breast of mine I know you love it too
When we concave in solitude to de-groom
Mills and Boons are not for juveniles
Mature you and I can fairly practicalize
Couch to the floor made of marble
To devour the chemistry in this room
Lady, go switch off the faraday
Hold my waist, we won't run away
Pink show, purple play, French kissing
Intoxicated adulthood indiscipline
Perfume the room, let the music boom
what happens in cameroon stays in cameroon.

[Chapter 2]


You know how much I've resisted you
I'm in a serious relationship now
Dearing to my heart, she's my gueenly crown
For two weeks now, she's out of town
How long will I give you my frown
Why must you always sit in front of my pew
Wearing jump tops revealing your dark buttocks
Revealing the subway into your dark buttocks
In my mind I tried to kill your evil ducks
More and more your temptations keep breeding flocks
My weak spot, how could you thought through
Singing Brian McKnight
While frying plantain with lustful delight
Wearing pink gown in this cold night
I can't take it no more seeing your lubricated thighs;
Female corp member, finally, you made me beg for a one night stand

[Chapter 3]


At several small spots
They give succor and comfort
To many community crackpots
Using bright lights for support
Fake nor feign their jobs not
The honest human moths
Whom we crucify a lot.

Some call them harlots, some call them sluts
But who fights our infidel lovers, our beloved lots
Our good and just cohorts, our ugly and ugly nots
Who secretly lust and abort
Who even beget comfort with their carrot pots
In courts void of cots
In resorts, depots and other lots
When light finds a way to pardon the dark dots.

At this point of report
The first lots I hate not
As some hate not the north
While others love not the north
Alcohol, I take not nor tot
So never you curse this report
Since our prayers require both lots;
Perfection, we've fallen short.

[Chapter 4]


Each time I look up to the sky
And I see beautiful birds fly
In company and merry
I ask my heavenly daddy
To give me a lovely deary
And thanks to my heavenly daddy
For making you my lovely deary.

[Chapter 5]


I have a can of fertilizer
A plough and a ridger
So don't bother about hoe
Cutlass is here also
Slasher will be borrowed
Alongside harvester tomorrow
Yes, you can call me a farmer
Once it hampers not my desire
Of planting my kisses
On your acre of lips
As I stay in the dark
Where you lie on your back.

[Chapter 6]


Like the color of my skin
Does he look foreign
Loves to eat rice and beans
Or loves to wear blue jeans
Does he love your dimple and chin
Or your royal look of a queen
Does he love to defend you with Alekhine
Or the chess Albin
Does he love being with you in the kitchen
Or being kind and easily forgiven
Just like I've always been
What future has he foreseen
If he has never been
Nor possess my gene
Why cease being my ebony queen
Why cease being my next of kin
Why cease loving the color of my skin
Oh! You, the love of my gene
My sweet love since teen
Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen
And after departing my love garden.

[Chapter 7]


Correct girls are that maize plant
Planted amidst grasses
Grasses grew high
High as other plants
Plants like shrubs
Shrubs scattered around the byre
The byre is a cow shed
Shedding fertilizers
Fertilizing that arable farm
Farmers know arable is sweet
Sweet whilst free
Free of stress and cost
Cost of feeding the cow
Cow! Meat to man
Man left the farm
Farm found quietness
Quietness found freedom
Freedom ran into cows
Cows browsed and grazed
Grazed carelessly the way
The way hurt the maize
The maize sorbed and wept
Wept till the farmer entered
Entered in great amazement
Amazed at his own folly
Folly of neglecting the fragile maize
The maize of great worth
Worth the cows and the farm
The farmer finally shouted "why?
Why has my folly stabbed me
Stabbed me in the back?"

[Chapter 8]


Change grew suddenly in my breast
In the right in the left
Facing the mirror after bath
"Of what?" you may ask on earth
Not of thickenings not of knots
Though I was always sort
Of careful; full of worth
Oh, it was my fault
Full of great worth
Wanted more than I got
Change grew suddenly in my breast
On my face; my skin a lot
Like grasses in grace and comfort
Time! Stop fighting the pride I got
Please, my lessons I've learnt a lot
Don't let me die on earth
Without wards and consult.

[Chapter 9]


I have much to mention
About you, my colony of attraction
Without fear of contemplation
Your eyes of seduction
Your smiles of attention
Your shape and bodily action
Persuade my reaction
With some worthy passion
But few I've got to mention
From my compilation
About you, my colony of attraction
Except you crave for addition.

[Chapter 10]


Whenever you pose
Myself, I can't compose
I love the lips beneath your nose
So beautiful like rose
And whenever I come this close
They smell like red rose
And make me take them overdose.

[Chapter 11]


I've found in the shower
That hands glide easier
And even flat fingers
Can also move gentlier
Over breast in the shower
When my love in the shower
Glides left hands in the shower
Over right breast in the shower
And her right hand in the shower
Over her left breast in the shower
Screening for lumps in the shower
Or knots or thickenings in the shower
And for any early cancer
For early signs of breast cancer
As said by her doctor
That breast curable cancers
Can be found in the shower
So my lovely ladies here and there
Whenever in the shower
Please, search for the curable cancers.

[Chapter 12]


The dark darling in yellow
Whose shadow arouses as belles in Rolling Stones
And bestowed beauty like rainbow
I wish we forever slept and woke
Each day she strolls across my window
I wish we stayed together as egg white and yolk
Bringing her home to feel at home
Soaking her in my sofa to pose for photos
And serving her some soda and gateaux
But this window is stolen by my superego
The ego that vetoes my love in yellow
Because she looks so low as supposed
But her Aba-made stiletto stokes my soul
Pronouncing her strolls across my window
I'm yoked to this echoing superego
That I know no walkover to this whacko
And I can neither revoke nor stow ergo
As I relocate pronto to my boring proles
Without my token say-so to the scopes
Because I can't forego my superego:
Oh, I can't be loving like a troll so shallow.

[Chapter 13]


If always I sleep and wake
In a mansion near a lake
Enjoying like ant in sugared cake
And hands of presidents I can shake
Because of personality sake
While my rhymes are the brake
To heavenly race men take
Then my breath on earth is fake.

If I get so much paid
For wanting my rhymes like cure for AIDs
While the carpet of rapes and raids
Plus other acts I leave unsaid
Still remain where laid
Then on earth, I'm as I've said.

But if you still cause pain
Promote negativity in your brain
Or holding the devil's chain
While my strives in sun and rain
Have dropped my rhymes in your domain
Then you're making my breath a vain.

[Chapter 14]


A bestow by beauty
Simply the reigning queen
Behind stays a soul;
The Regina you choose as a Rex

A love deposit at prudent bank
Sumptuous chic chick
Behind stays a soul;
The pearl you own as a rich

A bridge between boy and man
Sweet celestial sign of change
Behind stays a soul;
The rainbow you derive as a sky

A touch of whom you tremble
Paul Gaulter bottle in shape
Behind stays a soul;
The body you fondle so legally

A sexy chant of the heart
The love of my soul
Behind stays a soul;
The song you sing as a singer

A memento in the odyssey of love
The immortal love
Behind stays a soul;
The legacy you leave as a lover

A transitional present from past to future
The true damsel of trust
Behind stays a soul;
My very very first love.

[Chapter 15]


As you stayed where you lay
"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"
Like William of Shakespeare
Or to what shall I compare?
In dresses you are gay
In shape, Mary J.
Your touch is full of care
So to what shall I compare?
Novembers are delay
I think of marrying you in May
To father the fruits you bear
So to what shall I compare?
With you I want to stay
Cemented in your beauty clay
Because your beauty repairs
So to what shall I compare?
And if all your eyes display
Is making me to pay
For your beauty that is so dare
So to what shall I compare?

[Chapter 16]


My heart, they break so soon
Sending not my love a maroon
By belles I treat so good
The belles that look so good
Some I loved and met in school
I love being cool, am I a fool?
These angels I give much room
Together we watched mushrooms
Flowering plants and loons
With cool chirp and croon
Next a neighboring brook
We read books or cook
Or feed the golden goose
Or party to get in groove
For also, we play pontoon
And sit near a full moon
And watch movies and cartoons
In decorated room with festoons
And colorful love balloons
Mama bear me not with silver spoon
Yet I call each morn till noon
For them to share my honeymoon
But my heart they leave so soon
And my heart they break so soon
Sending not my love a maroon.

Samuel C Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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