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If Successfully I Divorce My Wife

If successfully I divorce my wife next week

God help me
I'll pick a born-again Christian and marry

Believe me
youth choir
youth drama group
single ladies committee
oh such places
my target will be

If successfully the Court divorce my wife and me

I'll avoid ladies like my ex
my divorced wife
a wolf in wolf's clothing

I'll avoid ladies like my ex-wife
over-beautifully carved
with tempting eyes
obscene striding
extravagant spending
flashy craving for worldly things I can't afford

let the jury favor me
free me from this senseless ovarian entity
always giving me sleepless nights
with her sex organs of smell
so hard to satisfy
look at me now
I'm close to skeleton
so draining is
her angriage and nagattitude
coming me to slap her face
shedding crocodile tears

I pray the divorce should come
for each blink of an eye in my place of work
my mind keeps asking me what if
your beautiful wife is
on thy matrimonial bed cheating
on my motorcycle I'll hurry home
only to always meet her making my meal

never for once have I caught her cheating
marrying her has never for once given me peace.

If successfully I divorce my wife next week

I'll pick a born-again Christian and face a bigger risk.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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