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The Lady Regretted Her Honesty

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In the days of yore
when whores were honest

When honorable men
made hays while the sun
shine into earth's garden

Two lovers loved purely

Purely as in
not the lady loved for money
nor the man loved for beauty

They purely loved each and each
man condone irrationality
his lady displayed
lady ignored commanding trait
her man displayed

When lady sneezed
her man must know

When lady sweated
her man must know

When lady ate anything
her man must enjoy it

Her love was strong and
naive and
purely plain for her man alone

suddenly a day
when family was starving
no food to eat
man hunted to no avail
belly worms sang
angrily really wailing
their landlord tree stood
ripe fruits dangling

Lady plucked
shared with her man
the landlord sued them to court
for plucking
sentenced them to life suffering

Man grumbled and blamed his lady

The lady regretted her honesty
dropped her pure love for man
and wore the heart of whore
and infidel tongue.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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