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The Story Of My Puppy

I'm a literature teacher. On Friday I stood in front of the kids shouting: " Uncle tell us a story!"

"What am I to say?" I inquired in my mind.

"If you love dog, let me see you hands up"

So I continued, I'm a lover of dog as well. I'm here to tell you about Sleegy, my puppy. White and black fur she had She was gentle and loving and cared much about me as I cared much about her.

Every two weeks she must visit my vet for checkup. I groomed her everyday to give her the attractive visage she deserved and anything I fed myself, I fed Sleegy too.

Yesterday I couldn't find my puppy. I searched everywhere even reported the issue to the nearby police station. Actually  she wasn't missing, she died.

An eyewitness told me she was playing with a hen in a little nearby bush when a green snake under the green grass camouflaged and attacked her like a soldier she tried to fight back but the venom had fast spread.

I was expecting the kids to clap for me for telling them such a thrilling story but most of them burst into tears. I regretted telling them such a story; does it mean kids don't like tragic stories?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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