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Why Are You Reading Them?

My poems are nonsense

Only good for teasing fallopians
or stringing the brains
without the help of
holy spirit
the message won't be clear

My poems are no poem

Why are you reading
mismanagement bard
in cloy consonance
sour similes
imperfect personification
weak onomatopoeia
confused canto
only understood by those
who understand origami?

Each time I write I feel it
deserves no reading but
your readabilities
encourage my inability to improve

Each time I write my impregnated
poems trust no them
they may or may not
have foetus within them but
trusting them injure the conscience
reading them
elevate the spirit
enliven the heart
equip orientation
make the weary feet move on

...My poems are worst ever
written or read

My poems require deep meditation to understand.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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