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You Know Yourself


O! My dear lady
if you think I'll show you
I care
O ma kan n tanra re ni
stop decieving yourself my dear
my dear,
for everytime you hear
my voice afar
you hit your room to regroom
in clean top
and clean skirt
in make-up and braided hair
saying hi when I didn't hi you
telling me things I didn't ask you
speaking when I wasn't in the mood
to speak to you
you smiled
seriously gesticulating
forming familiarity
everytime you see me
you see me with the eyes
that say
Samuel will soon ask me to marry him
you think in your mind
Samuel really loves me
he cares for me
what a pity
a daydreaming
you're still 18
with no brain than to cook
and nurse your unwanted baby
you born for irresponsible carpenter guy
down the third street
who left you in the lurch
to fend alone
if not for parental support
for God sake
wake you to realise
I'm a grad
I'm up-to-date
with high taste
no intent to date or marry
an obsolete nonentity
nursing feminine
to be candid
I love you
I care
sorry for using bad words
in two months I'll ask you
to marry me
as my daddy did
and marry my godfearing teenage mommy
who lived with him
so helpful and faithful
responsible, reliable
in one accord
through rain and storm
for better for worse

And this should remind you of the saying that:
"we grow up to marry our mothers"

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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