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The Day You Were Born


When I saw you
in front of St. Peters' Cathedral eating pizza
I screamed for an ice cream
'cos I had to give you a gift;
you're so beautiful
an overspilling beauty like
a filled reservoir

The day you were born
the price of rice would rise
the summer would come
and the fall would fall
and death would shy
and day would short
and night would long
and the stars in the sky would go back to
where they belong
and the sky would cough and sneeze as to
mop her nostrils with napkin
and the heaven would cry that
the queen of heaven has journeyed to earth
the day you were born.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying high, not by might)

If Kisses Were Not For Lips

Imagine if
kisses were not for lips
where will I place it?

What will add
melody to the quiet nights
if crickets were not singing?

We loaf still in this world
'cos our purpose is still here
so evident.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
A poem of mine fromnaijapoets website

The Secret Known To Two Eyes


I know you have ears
listen attentively
I'm revealing
the secret known to
two eyes
two legs
two ears
one mouth
one mind
one head
one me and myself
and at the end
you'll applaud this verse
with thy mind
what is it? Cunning is
what I brought to thy hearing

Many men say: tortoise is most cunning

What about hare?

Let me weave you this yarn,
in the days of yore
animal land was famine
hunger and thinning
all animals were bony
tortoise in company of birds
went to feast in heaven
only hare was fresh
fresher than the skin of kings
eating and wining daily
has been selling fellow animals
in exchange for food

"My food reserve is down.
Only few food left,
what am I to do?"

The hare journeyed
40 days and 40 nights
visited goddess of vegetables.

"O! Goddess!
Here I come to strike you a deal.
Give me bag of food and
I shall give you a fellow animal
with whom melody in his roar
will make you swerve and swing all day"

While the goddess waited by the border land
Mr. Hare visited Mr. Leopard
and said:

"Hello! My good friend.
You are cannibal
I am not but
at the border of the land
I found seven motherless puppies
crying with no care
kindly make this a secret"

The leopard followed the hare
whistling as they went
while he whistled through the path
other leopard followed quietly
through the bush
suddenly at the target spot
ropes of vegetables entwined
Mr. Leopard to make him a slave

At the rescue of other Leopards
there was a battle of rage
Mr. Hare took to race
32 leopards behind
he was angrily chased
ran under a rock and
digged into the soil
till this moment
there he lives.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(swinging high, not by might)

Why Am I An Awesome Poet?

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Why am I an awesome poet?
I worship God and deny demons
everywhere I sit
poetry consoles my soul like I'm in bereavement
in bereavement of unpoetriness
in the Lot's kingdom
Lot was born to be blessed
I live
I grow beards and shave them to regrow
I do my best to put in my best
and they keep mailing me saying:
Samueldpoetry, you're the best
I didn't let that into my head
I eat my daily bread with beans I cook and
drink my garri with sugarcane
and eat my cake and have it again
when they slap my chick
I turn the other chicken
to gather strength in weariness
and learn and further learnt what is not meant
praise, pepper, peppermint and focus on myself
to avoid selfishness
meditating in business like
a monk levitating in percolation of waste of time
I take what I undertake
you can see the cross on my neck
heaven is real
I cry to laugh each time I sit
on the grave of dead memories
chatting and laughing at our ghost ambitions
instead of gossip with
midget minds
and secular cerebrums in my neighborhood

Now you know why I'm an awesome poet;
don't fret.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(soaring high, not by might)

He Deserves To Die


Rich men suffer love potion a lot.

Have you ever heard
a poor impotent man
suffering a love potion?

No woman will be so daft
to waste her potion on him.

A rich impotent man is lucky;
the driver driving his wife
will soon make him a daddy

A poor impotent man
is in great havoc;
what amount of indian hemp
will he puff
to comfort his mayhem?
he's in devastation
he has lost it all.

Oh! It's time for candle night.

Mix two cups of Dettol
with two cups of distilled water
add a rock of camphor
and two teaspoon of sugar
give it to the man
impotent and poor
he deserves to live no more

Except God should revive his condition
before he swallows the mixture.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying high, not by might)

Don't Fall In Love With Me, Last Warning


In words, in deeds
I'm still saying it in poetry
don't fall in love with me, my dear,
last warning.

I will love you and hurt you
and care for you and decare my love for
anger is in me.
I love to command to
order around to rage
my rage will wave you away
till you're painfully drowned again and again.

Don't fall for a jerk
you'll later regret;
I cage, I camp
I do not clap
and friends call me YELLER 'cos I yell
and family call me NAGGER 'cos I nag
I lie and loot and lust, oh! My boo,
are you looking for sadist?
I find fault
I frolic a lot
I'm cynically sincerely speaking to thee.
Don't fall in love,
you refuse.

What am I to do?

I ask you to commit sin
you give me commitment

Why is it so hard for you,
my boo,
to play with my heart
like women do?

How long will I wait for your sincerity
to stop
and your stupidity to start;
how long?

I bid you to trick me
you're planning to marry me
and be my wife and born my kids
but why
are we living our lives together
so plainly opposite my plans?

When I expect carrot,
you bring me burger

When I expect lies,
you bring me trust

My hurts are your pleasures

My maltreats are your treats

My displease are your please

It's too late to warn you
not to fall in love with me

When will you show me
your true colour

Or what is it, you want from me?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(soaring high, not by might)

If God Ask You

See God in front of you
in the image of a poet
will you ever say the truth?

Why can't he come to you?
God is Spirit
will you ever say the truth?

If God, in the image of a poet ask you:
Do you Double-Date?
Will you ever say the truth?

If God inquire on thy facebook wall:
When last did you Double-Date?
Will you ever say the truth?

Will you ever say the truth;
your Double-Dating attitude
is lack of trust,
is a mere insecurity,
is your way of lusting
since Double-Dating is
a game in dating
you enjoy playing it?

Or will you simply say: No.
It's ungodly, I've never done it
only to realise
the one you've just lied to
is God Almighty.
Leviticus 19:11

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(fly so high, not by might)

Lady, You're Too Proud


Lady, you're too proud
you're so proud about nothing
you senseless fish.

You're too proud to me
you senseless thing
baked out of nothing bozo
why are you even allowed to walk the street?
Don't make me question this nation's
freedom of movement
you need a confinement
forever and ever, amen.

You're too proud
you harshly talking
loudly nagging
looked down on me
here's my honest reciprocity
I wish I could hold my peace
how can I be disrespected by
a mouth infested with stress marks
not a tribal mark combined
I can't take such nonsense from
a loose bikini

O God of Rage!
Direct my noble curse
I must ravish and rape this lady
with my ray of abusive words
and for 40 days and 40 nights
she will cry and cry
unable to eat and sleep

You looked at me
like a caterpillar sent from hell
to destroy your flower
point of correction
your flower has long been destroyed
in toilet
since fourteen
when you were teen
only covering up with makeup
and low cost mascaras and creams

Do you know
you catwalk like a crippled chameleon
rolling herself on a wheel of time?

And when you talk
your voice stinks like rotten snails in a clay pot of water

And when you stand
your armpit smells badly like he-rat
been chased up and down by cat

You abuse me
with pimpled chin
you looked down on me
with shrinking eyes
your imbalance breast
will never know alignment

let me sound this note of warning
my reincarnation will be
at St. Laurent Boulevard street
in Canada
don't ever come to the street
in the year 2105
else I'll be filled with rage
and rain you abuses
whenever I meet you on the street
stay away from me.

NOTE: sometimes some people take an act of gentleness to mean timidity. When push to the wall the poem exemplifies how turning towards the attacker always look like. The poem is brought to you by

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying so high, not by might)


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