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Why Do We Plan In This Life?

Why do we plan in this life?

we know not where we're going.

if truly failure to plan is planning to fail
then why is failure still governing us today?

fellow friends
look around
for population of failures of this world
is worth a continent

i plan i discern
i pray
my happiness is cloudy
the things i crave
are not bestowed
what difference will it make
if i spell my name
where life has been a step-mom
wicked to me beyond normal

today i'll clap
tomorrow it'll turn to slap

today i'll have
tomorrow i'll hope to have

i'll behave
only to later misbehave

i'll take
only to later make mistake

i'll lay
only to later delay

i compose
only to later decompose

i stand at the entrance
and open my eyes and close it
it becomes an exit
oh let me quit
it then becomes a bridge
where smiling is crying
and standing is dancing
and loving is lusting
within hypocrisy lives my sincerity
in fulfillment lives my emptiness
relationship is lonliness
and riches is poverty
and adulthood is puberty
and honeymoon is separation
for my temperament changes like weather
today i'm sanguine
tomorrow i'm melancholy
living as if im holy

if my life
is made of antonym and synonym
will i resurrect
if someone pick a revolver
and pass bullet through my head?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying really still)

ARROW: Oliver Queen And Felicity Smoak

The author and producer of the famous TV series “ARROW” has been applauded in a review at oliverandfelicity website for the combination of the Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak.
According to the written review, “two strong characters are the life blood of EPIC lovestories. It is not enough for the two to be strong together. They must be strong separately, completely defined, fleshedout, unwavering in who they are. Characters like this can only be crafted in the hands of masters.”

Arrow is a complete fun tv series with sci-fi, actions, etc. Few of its major characters are Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) David Ramsey (John Diggle) Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak) Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance) etc.

One of the common quote of the movie: “My name is Oliver Queen. After five years on a hellish island. I have come home with only one gaol – to save my city.

A Letter To A Male L ove

NOTE: When a woman fall in love and truly loves her guy, like the poem below, she will always feel.

lady loves man the true way

if i will die
I've realised
it pays to die in the hand of a musclar man
for this new love of mine
is giving me
love like never before

Hi! Everyone
I'm a lady with high class and taste
that's why I can brag about
my new guy

I've never seen angel Gabriel
or angel Micheal
but I've seen angel Mikhail tal
a good chess player he was
as handsome as he was
so is my new love

Loving me in every form
they say good men go extra mile
for lady they love
but mine goes extra-ordinary mile
for the needs of mine

A desperate bison
I call him
even if I ask for moon
I'm sure he will

Oh my love
I'm. like zachius sittin on a tree
the day I found you
I found my Jesus at that spot
and was filled with joy

Oh my love,
your lips taste like margarine
I love to eat with bread or yam

How I wish you could be chicken and chips
for you to spend less taking me out

And I just wanna thank you
for making me your priority
and watching over me like
the monster watching over the gate of Jerusalem.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying high not by might)

Height Of Today


When appeared, old domains
laughed to scorn our brains

Now the hype is real
in six months
our traffic graph is reasonable
zigzagging like a mountain town
as of now, our tiny rewards keep flowing in
we keep entertaining eyes
willing to see us write
and that is right to us

We write elegies
make parodies
narrated Detective Tel and
The Remains of Raymond Hoe
Don't Fall In Love With Me
was one of the romance we did
we shared other poets poem
it's fun doing what we love to do best

Old mocking domains
look at us now
and realise is a pussycat
most internet eyes are cuddling us

We keep waxing strong
we keep pushing on
we won't lack fuel
we are bicycle
we are...

The unwanted vulture
sitting on the roof of internet hall
enjoying few but not all the views
so day-by-day we surely improve.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying high, not by might)

The Origin Of The Word Askance

origin of the word askance

Why do feminine asses
go fleshier than other parts?
Oh God
why should such site of attraction
gather meet more than the lips
everyone (male and female love to kiss)
like the seasons of time
I can't recollect my many thoughts of sins towards feminine behinds
ass in tight bikinis
ass in pink panties
ass in tight jeans
ass in transparent skirts
ass sketched and framed naked
make my hose go crazy
slapping asses bring joy
(if done in public is an assault)
but an act of charity it would be
when slapped in bedroom
you love joggling balls
how often you joggle asses together?
you love beating drums
how often you beat asses together?
you love whipping horses to run
how often you whip asses to speed faster?
and whipping them to scars
and scars do not matter if they're on slaves
slavery results in jail times
in modern era if anyone practices it
fellow friends, please,
who questions scars on ladies ass?
I wonder what female cops are doing
maybe they wear scars too
at public bathrooms
you'll find many ass scars
50% of asses in africa wear scars
it could be 90% in america
or maybe ass scars
is the origin of the word askance.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying high, not by might)

Licking Pepper Soup

Image credit goes to eddies food web

Pepper soup
sweet peppery pepper soup
says my mood

I've just discombobulated my conception
lying in maternity bed
just given birth to a bouncing baby poem
I'm exhausted
bring me plate of hot pepper soup
put one tablespoon for sipping this pepper soup

Planning to put an idea into poetic form
is like carrying a pregnancy for
nine good months and
and pushing it out to its finished form
is like putting to bed

Hope you now realise
why I need peppersoup?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying high, not by might)
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TATTOO: Where You Should Wear It

This image is from desiznworld website

Ask me of tattoo
I'll sit on the fence on this
go get it; it's your cup of tea
life is what you make it
you have your life to leave
so leave it at full crush

I have seen
some tats I see are good to my eyes
some tats are too good they turn overdo
so ask me, men or women,
who should wear tattoo?
I would say men
men should wear tattoo
every man has gladiator spirit
every man wished
their scars could form images
and that is true
but scars won't do it; they turn to tattoo

Hell no!
Don't get me wrong
I am not bias
I have not smoked heroin of prejudice
I am still in my right senses
feminine tattoo makes many beautiful
do I endorse tattoo? Nope

Ladies become deities when they wear tattoo
I hate to see you draw demons
please, don't piss me off
I hate to see you draw scorpions
I hate to see you draw crosses or stars or
angels on your skins
demons and angel leave in every heart
not only you have it

Oh! Lady, I love butterfly
or tattoo of roses
or tattoo of kisses
or tattoo of seductive fairies
please, keep them in right places
on the hill of your hips is wrong
on your nape is wrong
on your wrist is wrong
on the hill of your breast is wrong
I hate them in those places
and why place tattoo of roses
openly on your chin?
For a novel with no suspense is no novel at all
and tattoo should be suspense
something not freely open to all

Even when we cry and tears in our eyes
we will still see though not vividly
think twice before you crucify me
I know what I am saying.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying high just without wings)

Web Of Remembrance

I come gently
like the evening rain
for my spirit is grieved
my grievances are long like a tall waterfall
I shall not forgive and shall not forget
for naked gods roll on parade grounds

Let bullets bloom in the belly of earth I shall not die
like flies in colony of beggars

If only this day we can see
the emptiness in our anthem
only fools can fill the gaps

Charcoals and smokes everywhere
beautiful places we used to be are now beds of beasts
restless hills
injured riverbeds can no longer sing
flowers can no longer echo to the bees
communication between storms and seas are Latin
children fleeing to other lands
seeking kindness in strangers hands
Agony! Please, stop hugging me

I won't move the motion that all is well
in country
where graduates living well are fixed into offices
by their daddies
Mr. Johnson with Master Degrees is jobless
yet studying for Doctorate with faith in God
since idle hand is devil's workshop

We are all fools
we are all fish
we are all lured to the hook
of things that is in offing
some are lured by the promise of heaven
some are lured by the promise of money
I was lured by the feet Wole Soyinka achieved

And young and old
and male and female
and puberty and teen
and clergies and criminals
and politicians and masses
and singles and married
and all and sundry
we all are circumstance prostitutes
we bake our bodies in oven of immoralities
to get what we want by all means
I am pissed

And fellow reader with ears;
with ease,
reading this rhythmless parody
you should be so pleased to agree
my body and soul is a temple
of angry melodies.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(soaring high, not by might)
This poem is inspired by Prof. Remi Raji's anthology "Web Of Remembrance"

Flashback On Pete Edochie

Since We Movie Frick is all about movie stars, casting eyes into the sky and the star sighted clearly this day is Pete Edochie was born 7 March 1947; he is a well known Nigerian actor. He came to limelight by taking the lead
role in the tv series "Things Fall Apart."

Edochie descends from the Igbo
people in Nigeria and is a Catholic by religion. He got into radio broadcasting in 1967 and was director of programmes.

In 2005 the Actors' Guild of Nigeria placed Pete Edochie and several other actors, including Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade
Ekeinde, Nkem Owoh, Ramsey Noah, Stella Damasus Aboderin, Chinwe Okeke and Richard Mofe Damijo on a one-year ban from
filming after they were said to have been collecting huge fees from producers due to their A-list celebrity status. The ban placed on
these actors was seen as doom
in the Nigerian film business.

Pete Edochie was kidnapped on 16-08-2009 but released on 17-08-2009.

No matter the number of actors buzzing your tv scenes, you must not forget that Pete Edochie will forever be the awesomest.

This post is brought to you by a facebook page "We Movie Frick" in colaboration with naijapoets,com. Make a search to read more.

WORDPRESS USERS: The Smooth And Better Management

WordPress is an open source internet tool for content management system (CMS) which uses php and  MySQL plus the fact that is free for use. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. WordPress is loved by many because is uses many satisfactory plugins

A content management system (CMS) is majorly used of editing, organising, publishing, deleting and storing internet contents for ease of use and sharing. It is best used for webs containing blogs, news, shoppings, etc.
Examples of common CMS are wordpress, drupal, joomla, etc.

Since our focus is on Wordpress, will quickly look at what this post is all about without wasting time.
Out of the many boxes present in any Wordpress admin, there are five user roles available with WordPress. I am sure you are all aware of these roles; however let us review them quickly before moving on.

The five default user roles are:

Administrator – Has access to all administrative options and features.

Editor – Can manage and publish posts.
Traditionally, editors review posts submitted by contributors and then schedule them for review.

Author – Can publish their own posts when they wish.

Contributor – Can write posts but cannot publish them. Instead, they need to submit their posts for review.

Subscriber – Has basic functionality such as changing their profile and leaving comments.

As you can see so far, this post concerns those who have or hoping to have a Wordpress content management system website or blog. has the best arrays of plug-ins and within it mammoth plug-in directory, you will find more plug-ins to this effect.

The Steps Of Time

If you can count the steps of time
say sixty seconds make one minute
sixty minutes make one hour
twenty four hours make one day
and one dove and two cowries
and three kolanuts broken
make the world a place to be
at the era of magic backfire
they’ll say
“why are you so lean, my guy?”
you must lie,
it is malaria fever.

Life is what you make it to be
and time is like statue of Nnemonisha;
it will surely leave forever.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying really high now)

The Secret Known To Two Eyes

I know you have ears
listen attentively
I’m revealing
the secret known to
two eyes
two legs
two ears
one mouth
one mind
one head
one me and myself
and at the end
you’ll applaud this verse
with thy mind
what is it? Cunning is
what I brought to thy hearing

Many men say: tortoise is most cunning

What about hare?

Let me weave you this yarn,
in the days of yore
animal land was famine
hunger and thinning
all animals were bony
tortoise in company of birds
went to feast in heaven
only hare was fresh
fresher than the skin of kings
eating and wining daily
has been selling fellow animals
in exchange for food

“My food reserve is down.
Only few food left,
what am I to do?”

The hare journeyed
40 days and 40 nights
visited goddess of vegetables.

“O! Goddess!
Here I come to strike you a deal.
Give me bag of food and
I shall give you a fellow animal
with whom melody in his roar
will make you swerve and swing all day”

While the goddess waited by the border land
Mr. Hare visited Mr. Leopard
and said:

“Hello! My good friend.
You are cannibal
I am not but
at the border of the land
I found seven motherless puppies
crying with no care
kindly make this a secret”

The leopard followed the hare
whistling as they went
while he whistled through the path
other leopard followed quietly
through the bush
suddenly at the target spot
ropes of vegetables entwined
Mr. Leopard to make him a slave

At the rescue of other Leopards
there was a battle of rage
Mr. Hare took to race
32 leopards behind
he was angrily chased
ran under a rock and
digged into the soil
till this moment
there he lives.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(swinging high, not by might)

Why Do We Have Dogs?


Have you found it difficult to forgive?

Is your debts a thing you can never repay?

If soon you'll become a drop out because of school fee

Or conscience won't let you sleep for the fellow you murdered keeps reappearing

Or you're secretly in love with your boss twice your age wise

Or you've realised your syphilis has become an incurable disease

Don't tell it to doctor
don't tell it to friend

Don't seek a lawyer
don't confine in girlfriend

Your priest is not the way
nor cronies nor neighbours

Nor family members of yours;
they are like mounting the wrong horse

Take your dog to the park
choose one of the benches
where flowers of the garden won't hear
and then tell it to the bees;
narrate to your dog,
your ordeals
and no one will know your secrets.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying high by all means)

Diamonte Poem


-----------married woman-----
--------cooking nursing nagging---
kitchen's your office, brothel's her home
--------shopping pilling seducing--
-----------desperate beauty's-----

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying high within square, no overdo)

Wearing Miniskirt


When women walk the street
with the low tiny thing
they call miniskirt
oh damn!
It lowers many men reasoning
I am one of them.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying high still)


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