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Height Of Today


When appeared, old domains
laughed to scorn our brains

Now the hype is real
in six months
our traffic graph is reasonable
zigzagging like a mountain town
as of now, our tiny rewards keep flowing in
we keep entertaining eyes
willing to see us write
and that is right to us

We write elegies
make parodies
narrated Detective Tel and
The Remains of Raymond Hoe
Don't Fall In Love With Me
was one of the romance we did
we shared other poets poem
it's fun doing what we love to do best

Old mocking domains
look at us now
and realise is a pussycat
most internet eyes are cuddling us

We keep waxing strong
we keep pushing on
we won't lack fuel
we are bicycle
we are...

The unwanted vulture
sitting on the roof of internet hall
enjoying few but not all the views
so day-by-day we surely improve.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying high, not by might)

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