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TATTOO: Where You Should Wear It

This image is from desiznworld website

Ask me of tattoo
I'll sit on the fence on this
go get it; it's your cup of tea
life is what you make it
you have your life to leave
so leave it at full crush

I have seen
some tats I see are good to my eyes
some tats are too good they turn overdo
so ask me, men or women,
who should wear tattoo?
I would say men
men should wear tattoo
every man has gladiator spirit
every man wished
their scars could form images
and that is true
but scars won't do it; they turn to tattoo

Hell no!
Don't get me wrong
I am not bias
I have not smoked heroin of prejudice
I am still in my right senses
feminine tattoo makes many beautiful
do I endorse tattoo? Nope

Ladies become deities when they wear tattoo
I hate to see you draw demons
please, don't piss me off
I hate to see you draw scorpions
I hate to see you draw crosses or stars or
angels on your skins
demons and angel leave in every heart
not only you have it

Oh! Lady, I love butterfly
or tattoo of roses
or tattoo of kisses
or tattoo of seductive fairies
please, keep them in right places
on the hill of your hips is wrong
on your nape is wrong
on your wrist is wrong
on the hill of your breast is wrong
I hate them in those places
and why place tattoo of roses
openly on your chin?
For a novel with no suspense is no novel at all
and tattoo should be suspense
something not freely open to all

Even when we cry and tears in our eyes
we will still see though not vividly
think twice before you crucify me
I know what I am saying.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(flying high just without wings)

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