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How Important Is Sex Education?

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How important is sex education?
when sex educators award no certificate for it
souls lacking sex education are no sex illiterates

Oh, sweet sexing!
As ancient as creation
sex is a fashion that never goes out-of-date

Lock two fools in a cage
in two weeks they'll procreate
sex is for both fool and sage
the worst moron on earth
can make a lady wet
and moaning in sweat

For sex is a lecture given by God
to all living things before their births
that is why
you check through the gapes in your home
wall-geckos are doing it;
you open your window
the goats are doing it;
you cast your eyes on the electric pole
the birds are doing it

I keep wondering why some stupid fellows
are still claiming to be pro.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(this flight is not by might)


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