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When Will I Retire Poetry?


Some fishes asked me when will I retire.

Poetry's an act of making martyr;

Retirement will never be my attire

I will never wear it anywhere

Even when I'm old using staff as spare

I'll write on walls I see everywhere

Even when I'm old seeing only with left eye

Such predicament will be a theme to inspire

Even when I'm old sitting only by the fire

I'll make old age a theme to inspire

And fire higher and never retire

And help me tell all the human quagmire

My inspiration is burning a camp fire

Burning so wild going haywire

Like two naked intersected wire

My inspiration is sparking and kindling it's fire

Take a look at my inspiration is everywhere

when I cough, it is there

When I sneeze, it is there

When I cry, it is there

When I laugh, it is there

When I walk, it is there

When I stand, it is there

When I rage at things that make me angry

It is there

When I hunger for things that make me happy

It is there

I can't murder the inspiration I've acquired

In my medulla oblongata

My ejaculanta

In my hairs;

Inspiration is everywhere.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(soaring highly, not by might)





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