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Black And White Domain

cultldn photo

Black and white domain
The entrance is white
As white as the heaven's gate
The roof is roofless
The bright of light
Placed image of me in darkness
Trudging, crawling
Towards nudity bound in chains
So straining
In chains of steel to the wrists
In chains of steel to the waist
In chains of steel to the ankles
In place of the anklets
Fit for the feminine legs there
Painfully, helplessly waiting
A figure eight lady
All tops and loins missing
Everything I can see
No Christ at the scene
Obscene skin of her beckoning
Tempting to take me to heaven
Will this not be
An image at deviantart
If I were to be an artist?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(black and white a Leo in between)

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