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Elegy To A Dead Friend

Dimitris Nwabulu!
Open your ears or can't you hear
the cockroaches in your cupboard
mourning your death?

Didn't you see
the emissaries of heavenly stars
paid condolence last night?
They wished you weren't dead.

How come you're dead?

You fearless Dimitris Nwabulu!
We knew you to be brave
so go ahead
unlock your breath, wake up
and arise, my friend,
you can't just stain your bravery
with the loamy soil of the grave
wake up!
I know you can do the miracle

Wake up!
Dimitris, my friend,
the powerful wand in a sorcerer's hand

Wake up!
Dimitris, my friend,
the only termite that can tame the elephants

Wake up!
Dimitris, my friend,
I promise I will not cry
like your friendly foes
shedding crocodile tears;
please, wake up.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
( let the mourners mourn in true mind)

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