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Are you not the same boy
who swings on guava tree?

Are you not the same boy
who swims the shallow stream?

Are you not the same boy
who rolls a tubeless tyre down the street?

Or the same boy
who loves to wrestle with friends,
playing hide and seek in dilapidated bakery,
singing loudly,
gambling with money on PlayStation2…
Are you not the same boy?

O Jesus! Reprimand le diable!
For Felix is still a boy of age 10

Everyone calls him Jumong
for acting Jumong every now and then

But why?
Why have ye decided
to glue thy backside to thy sick bed
for over six weeks now_
you can’t even watch World Cup with thy friends?

Because the doctor said,
you suffering inflammatory liver;
I hope you will not die?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo still fly fly fly)

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