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In The Year 100BC

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In the year 100B.C.
jealousy was born

Only a fool will ask
"Is jealousy a disease?"

Eh! Man suffering it
go take tetracycline
and take it overdose

Jealousy's trekking down your street

The man burning in Hell is
jealous of the man in grave

The man in grave is
jealous of the man in coma

The man in coma is
jealous of the man sleeping

The man sleeping is
jealous of the man suffering insomnia

What manner of man is any man
infected with this disease
called jealousy?

Human in poverty is
jealous of human in better poverty
and barren woman
everywhere is jealous of the women
with a crippled child.
What joy's in bearing a crippled child?

Jealousy is gay.
Jealousy betrays.
Jealousy makes many sway
in his way with no delay
jealousy confessed
he loves to plays
with our brains like molding clay

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
( the good Leo with wings)


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