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Is This Your Pastor?

Who are those saying I’m a fool?
Are they men of this country?
So am I
Are they men of this city?
So am I
Are they servants of Christ,
Of Jesus Christ?
So am I
I sound like a madman_ but I am better than them (the wise)
I’ve worked much harder
I’ve been in prison more times
I’ve been beaten more times
I’ve been near death more times
Five times
I was given thirty nine strokes of cane
Three times
I’ve been beaten outside my country
I’ve been stoned
I’ve been trapped
I’ve been in transport wreck
I’ve been stranded
I’ve been in danger of flood
In danger of robbers
In danger of fellow country men

All this wars I've walked myself through
Is a prove I'm a genuine pasterA true man of God
I've been in danger of unbelievers
And that of fellow Christians
In danger of cities
In danger of forests
In danger on seas
In danger of false friends
I’ve worked, I have toiled
I’ve gone without sleep
I’ve been in hunger
I’ve been in thirst
I’ve lacked food, I have lacked shelter,
I’ve lacked clothing
Not to mention other things
And day by day
I see myself under pressure
My concern is for all
The fellowship and the church
When someone is weak, I feel weak
When someone is pained, I feel pained
When someone has sinned, I feel concerned
And when I boast, I boast to show things of my weakness
I do not swear
God knows
I lie not
But if all that is mentioned
You cannot find in your pastor
Then you should find a different church.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
( the leo flying with wings to the tempest)

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