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Packaging Of Samueldpoetry

is your destiny
fully in your hands?

Your destiny's
40% in your hands
60% in the hands of the creator

The creator of lily and rose
the rose is of better scent than the lily;
their creator made it so

What is less than a fisher of man
but greater than a fish?
The answer is a fisherman.

I will make thee a fisher of men
a promise in the scripture

are you a fish or a fisherman?

Are you wise enough to be
a fisher of men?
I had to ask myself.

you have to package yourself
or foolishly become a recipe in
another man's packaging

if packaging can make lily
compete with rose
packaging can make your life
better than this.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the well packaged Leo with wings)

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