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Without Meeting Challenges

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Lovers of poetry
With thy heart of patience
I have a message for thee

Oh! Shall I begin by saying?

I shall begin by saying that
Twisting of waist
Or shaking of heads
Or stamping of feet
Or clapping of hands
Lead to dancing

Foolish ambitions lead to merrygorounding

Awkward laughters lead to insanity

Who will ask for the king
Without meeting the king's men?

Who will ask for manager's presence
Without meeting the secretary?

Something comes before anything
Tu comprend,n'es pas my friend?

So beg the Lord
To grant thee a giant
With heavy hands
To carry thee across the sea of
Life's circumstances

You can't achieve meaningful things
Without meeting challenges of life.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the candid Leo in the sky soaring)

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