Letter From A Far Away Son


Dear mother,
It’s been 4years now
Since you’ve seen my gaptooth

I know you still love me
And your worry day-by-day
Is not whether I still have a smooth face
Or whether I’ve got some scars of wrinkles
That will bring you disgrace

I know you still love me
And your worry day-by-day
Like every other mothers do
Is whether I’m still in good health

Mama, please,
I’m sorry for

God Speak To Me Soulfully

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God, I'm glad, I'm a son of God
In this life with nothing within
Where vanity leads the winners of earth nowhere
And money only give power to owners of money and
Distressed poors to only so distressed

If bulls can bark, and if
The buffaloes

What Is New

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What new in where earth rotates
And events merry-go-round their rhythms
Like beats?

So live your haves while you last
And cease casting the dice of blames
For your dismay?

Mammoths are bald before you're bald.
Mammoths are praised before you're praised.
Mammoths are

Courtship For Real

Fix their hairs,
Watch movies,
Buy their pills,
Go shopping,
Cook in the kitchen
While wearing bikini:

Is a movie
Ladies the actresses
Acting it;
Their costum

Hustling Things

Striving is all that matters.
Get home and pull your agbada,
Swallow soup with your amala
To slightly fill your bellies
And then curse the tellies
To visit your bed early
For early to bed is early to rise
Why do people say: "See Paris And Die"
When the true paradise is in ladies' eyes?
Lets cease ad

Hotels And Bars Are Selling Less

Condom sale has fallen in the market
Hotels and bars are selling less
Sinful words are spoken less
And ladies and moms have peace of mind
That their men has ceased infidels
Leaving Christain and Atheists
With fornications and atrocities
In this month of Ramadan fasting.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the candid Leo)

The Serving Girl By Gladys Casely-Hayford

The tone of the poem is sweet and that of praise. The tone glorified the beauty of "The Serving Girl" since ladies eyes are part of the factors that determine their beauty. The tone of the poem also praised the deligence and carefulness of the serving girl.

The setting of the poem is rural. What do I mean by setting? A setting of a poem is the time, place, circustances surrounding the scenario(s) of a poem. Looking at the poem, it is vivid that where the serving girl performed her service was local because the palm wine she served was from a "sleeping palm tree"(line 6) and she served the "food" of her customers or guests<!--more--> with a calabash "polished and smooth as sandalwood"(line 2) which was contrary to the fact that civilized gathers serve meals in plates or glasswares.

You do not need to stress your brain on the poetic devices.
The poem is simple a 8lines with a simple dictions. It poet strove to attain rhythm and rhyming scheme for the poem.
Simile existed in line 2&3 "smooth as sandalwood", "white as the foam of the sea". There are images of sight in line 2 "polished and smooth", in line 4 "Peppered and golden-fried", in line 5 "carelessly slips". The poem personified palm tree giving it a "honeyed lips". "The countless things she served with her eyes"(line 8) is an irony; an irony is a situation which is desirable but circumstances around it, made it valueless.

The theme of merriment. Every word in the poem showed that the poem speaker was having fun, maybe at a ceremonial gathering or at a local food and palm wine restaurant. The theme of seduction. This could be indirect or direct; the poem speaker made the readers to understand that while "The Serving Girl" was serving her customers or guests, her attractive, alluring, smiling eyes were serving other sweet motives to the hearts of the customers or guests.

The author, Acquah Laluah, whose real name was Gladys Casely-Hayford was a Sierra Leonean, a dancer, teacher, poet, etc. before she died in Ghana in the year 1960.

_________The Serving Girl_______
The calabash wherein she served my food
Was polished and smooth as sandalwood.
Fish, white as the foam of the sea,
Peppered and golden-fried for me.
She brought palm wine that carelessly slips
From the sleeping palm tree's honeyed lips.
But who can guess, or even surmise
The countless things she served with her eyes?

Copyright ©Acquah Laluah.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the soaring the Leo in the tempest)

Holy Pulpit

To you robe
White collar
Carrying heavy Bible

If you're not holy
Cease preaching to the pews,
Acting funny;
We watch you like a goat barbeque.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(I remain myself: the Leo flying)

Breaths By Birago Diop

image is from urbansamurai website

Listen more often to things rather than beings.
Hear the fire's voice,
Hear the voice of the water.
In the wind hear the sobbing of the trees,
It is our forefathers breathing.

The dead are not gone for ever.
They are in the paling shadows,
And in the da

The Echoes Of My Town

zastavki naijapoets on the fence
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Who does care whether foolishness
is keeping malice with wideness?

Hello to thee: Adonis and Aladdin.
Finally, I've become what I want to be in deed;
see me sitting on the fence,
where residence of good and bad
share the same fence, as neighbors.

Conjure goddess of poetic themes
To concur
The complexities in poetry men complain,
I've diluted them.
Now my po

Dedicate Thyself To Continuous Learning

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Dedicate thyself to lifelong learning.

For the race is on, and you're on the run;
Like the wall clock ticking still,
Be sure to do all that you must do
To think, to prepare to win.

Hello, friend!
Untidy tides of distraction blow many ambitio

Anytime I Think Of You

I wish I could be
Like Captain Cook,
So you could love me
More than you do.

I wish I could tantalize you
With my pastry, delightful look;
So you will always be my boo.

When will the eyes of your heart see
Imbecility in my soul
Made unstable my love for you_
My heart keeps saying I love You.
Thinking heart speaking to heart is
True, as romance novels say they do.

Oh, my God! But why
One plus one is thirty two?
Someone please, tell me
Why am I misbeh

To My Future Spouse (Written By Empress-Lady Black Poet)

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Like Mary the virgin whose hymen broke
Through the birth
Of a child she brought to earth,
Saw Him take His last breathe
And tasted death.
While His blood showered the feet of those who crucified Him,
His tears fell onto the women who cried for Him,
As His soul embarked on a journey and sat on the right-hand of God,
My love for you is infinite.

Like Samson whom before him an empress was portrayed,
A promise was made,
Through his beloved Delilah he was betrayed.
Lost his eyes and power,
Chained and Framed
Like an animal in the temple.
As the growth of his coarse hair filled his head,
He requested for them to be put amongst the pillars for him to end his life and of those who took away his strength.
My love for you is bond.

Like the Job whom lucifer tried,
Took away his children, his cattle and aimed to get to him again through his bride
Who told him to curse God and die.
As the fetal sores of leprosy and boils that covered his body and in all of that,
He never sinned.
My love for you is genuine.

Like Sarah whose womb denied her children for years
That at the age of ninety she conceived her first and only son at that time whom God requested him from Abraham,
Her husband, as his sacrifice.
My love for you is patient.

Like the intercourse between mother earth and the universe.
As the drizzles of rain,
The pleasures of immaculateness hit her abdominals,
The universe moans and groans in Thunderstorms ,
Releasing his most thickest semen in the colour of righteous Uniforms,
Leaving her womb moist with creativity.
As she gives birth to life,
Her erected nipples release a liquid that saturate ocean and streams,
My love for you is natural.

Like the intercourse between my paper and ink,
I hope for these to penetrate your heart and sink.
Because my love for you is as pure as a mother's breast milk.
And i pray for you more than i pray for myself and ask God to watch over you for me with His eye that cannot blink.

Copyright (c) 2015. Lady Black Poet. All Rights Reserved

NOTE: The source of the poem is from Facebook. It was posted on the Facebook wall of great poet: Empress-Lady Black Poet. Please, endeavor to find more of her beautiful poems on Facebook. Thanks

Themes of Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara

Themes of Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara

vanguard okara gabriel naijapoets
vanguardngr photo

Gabriel Okara, the writer of “Piano and Drum” was born in Bayelsa state, Nigeria in 1921. A novelist and a poet; he was once a civil servant. His poem “Piano and Drums” was well beautified with imagery and symbolism.
The themes of the poem can be divided into two: (1) Childhood reminiscence and its effect (2) Complexity of the future and dilemma.
    Childhood reminiscence and its effect

The poem speaker was reminded of his/her “primal youth and the beginning” through the quietness of the early morning river and the echoing forest. While at the riverside, the poem speaker could “hear jungle drums telegraphing/the mystic rhythm…” (Line 2 & 3) and other things like panther, leopard, hunters crouching with poised spears, etc added to his/her memory.

The poem speaker revealed in stanza 2, the effect
such reminiscence brought to his/her memory of sitting “in my mother’s lap a suckling”, “walking simple paths with no innovations”, and groping in green leaves with wild flowers in naked hurrying feet.
    Complexity of the future and dilemma

How complex, unstable and confusing the future looks was portrayed in the stanza 3 of the poem “Piano and Drums”. The poem speaker heard “a wailing piano” which symbolised a painful sound which “solo speaking of complex ways” (the unknown future) and such painful sound brought a silent cry which the poem referred to as “in tear-furrowed concerto”. In spite of the pain, the poem speaker got “lost in the labyrinth of it complexities” which symbolised the confusing complexity of the future through rough(coaxing) mild(diminuendo) opposite-change(counterpoint) and tough(crescendo). The poem speaker concluded that he found himself/herself in dilemma “wandering in the mystic rhythm/of jungle drums and the concerto.”(line 28 & 29)

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the candid Leo with wings flying)

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Poem: The Joy Of Being A Woman

Poem: The Joy Of Being A Woman

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Loving heavenly Father, almighty and ever
lasting God, Creator of us all:
Thank You for the joy of knowing that a new
person is growing within me;
Thank You for using me in Your work of
Keep me and the child safe during these
months of waiting.
I think of Jesus, born just as my child will be born:
Help my child to grow up like Jesus, strong
and wise
and loving, and knowing You as his heavenly Father;
Help me, like Mary, to put myself, my hus-
band, and my children into Your hands,
With complete trust that You will do what is
best for us all.

Poem found in page 78 of “The Joy of being a WOMAN And what a Man can do”(Ingrid Trobisch) HarperSanFrancisco Publishers.
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Sijo Poem For Sonnet 18

Do verses immortalize for sijo to cremate thy ashes of eternity?
For against all odds, moderate-assuring beauty's yours;
So lady, shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the sky Leo with wings flying)

Now The Rain Is Falling

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Now the rain is falling,
What are we to do?

Wear our raincoats,
Wear our rain boots.

Jump and sing our song

Rain! Rain!!
Go away
Come again
Another day
Little children
Want to play.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings carrying kids along)

Poem: The Joy Of Being A Woman

photo from irokoheritage

Loving heavenly Father, almighty and ever
lasting God, Creator of us all:
Thank You for the joy of knowing that a new
person is growing within me;
Thank You for using me in Your work of
Keep me and the child safe during these

You're Better Off

You're better off.
If you agree not but believe,
you're better off.

Trust me and believe.

Popcorn is better than corn
still sticking to its cob.

Living dog is better than lion
dead, buried, going

Who Do You Respect

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Some fishes queried:
So who do you respect?

I doff my heart to owner of my soul.

The tailor of my life.
The one watching my mom watching my infant head,
When sleeping on my cradle bed...
...Is the one I respect.

If respect is reciprocal
I come bold to say I do not care,
Whether the owner of my soul
Accrues me no respect in return...
...Is the one I respect.

Male or female
Saint or demon
Kind or wicked
Harsh or gentle
Fair or darken;
Attitude of the owner of my soul
I do not care...
...Is the one I respect.

I sleep I wake
I see this day
Favor on my way
Living healthy
Happy family
Feeding my belly well
My lacks are farewell.

You know why
I doff my heart to owner of my soul
The owner of

The Touch Of The Master's Hand By Myra Brooks Welch


It was battered and scarred,
And the auctioneer thought it
hardly worth his while
To waste his time on the old violin,
but he held it up with a smile.

"What am I bid, good people", he cried,
"Who starts the bidding for me?"
"One dollar, one dollar, Do I hear two?"
"Two dollars, who makes it three?"
"Three dollars once, three dollars twice, going

Love Appearance And Familiarity

lostpine photo

In absence of appearance,
love comes through familiarity.

Of what holds me to no explain why
your love perches on the mango tree
of my lonely soul like dove for
neither appearance nor
familiarity, I possess none.

And what god or goddess spell the to love me?

What trilogy makes you, me, love; to be
in this Bunsen burner of true love standing
firm on th

Lord I Love My Mom

dreamstime image credit

Lord I love my mom
I love my dad
And my teachers too.

I love my puppy doll
My bicycle
And my rocking chair.

Lord I love you
I love you
And you love me
I know you do
For the Bible tells me so.

Figure of Speech Questions and Answers

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Idiopoetic Expression


There is
this career
when you choose it
you'll need me
you'll need he and she
and you'll need the rank and file
your words can tie,
your enemies
and friends and families
for you to make it

you will need
to starch your shirt
and smile and shake
and hug
the riff-raff
you used to laugh at
on the street
for you to make it

And funnily
the rank and file
and the riff-raff
you shake hands with
on the street
will see you as a mascot
and give in
since all they hope
is to make ends meet

It is a career
you will leave no stone unturn
to be at cross-purposes
both openly
and in holes and corners
with your colleagues
for you to carry the day

You know why?
It is like the military,
you must be willing to
throw down the gauntlet
Or be ready to take it
At anytime
And fight like Spartacus

If you choose this career
You'll turn so predictable
And after making it
You'll sip ouzos
And gather life's roses
And turn a globetrotter

And after making it
You'll keep them in tenterhooks
And even when they meet you
On the street
You'll make them a good turn
And ride rough shod over them
By leaving them in the lurch
For them to eat their heart out

Then you'll take white elephant
As your herculean duty
In order to feather your nest
And still blow your trumpet
Through pressing and airing
To make many see
It's a yeoman thing

This career
Is a career
Where you must be nice
With open hands
And be willing to share
A minute of crocodile silence
For the victim of the sorrow
You masterminded

At the last leg
When you must have
Robbed peter to pay paul
And bitten than can chew
At arms and legs
You begin to hare
Up and down
To and fro
Looking for ways
To play hanky-panky
For the jury
Not to lay you by the heels

If you still
Expect me
To name the career
Then grass will grow
Under your feet
Because by now
You should know it.

An Atheist Stole From God In Palm-tree Village

masterfile naijapoets
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An atheist journeyed to Palm-tree village,
under the twinkle, twinkle little stars
his expedition of ruin began
lantern in his hands,
sneaker in his feet,
wearing a blue jean,
a t-shirt written: I'm An Atheist.
Stole from the god...
after the kilometer of two plus two
like an angry hippo,
thunder began to grumble up above.
Mr. Atheist hid
amidst the triplet palm tree
while the rainstorm searched for him

Merchant Of Sorrow

Death is what you've brought,
We aren't buying it.

Merchant of Sorrow, carry your thing;
Carry it,
We aren't buying it.

Disease is what you've brought,
We aren't buying it.

Merchant of Sorrow, carry your

Sijo For My Grandpa

dreamstime photo

My royal grandpa in mud storey of 14th century
Toothlessly spittles telling stories of reign, wars and palace built
With baboon trees; no wonder his storey looks so ugly.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying in imagination)

5 Tools For Creating Indirectness In A Poem

Aside the commonly used proverbs, idioms, parables, phrasal words, and other words people use very frequently and easily when trying to create indirectness in their expressions, there are few other indirectnesses that can add beauty and maturity to a literary work if properly used.
Few among these are irony, euphemisms, paradox, pun, sarcasm.

What is euphemism?
Euphemism, both written and spoken, is a way of replacing derogatory or sorrow inflicting expression with a polite one in order not make it look derogatory. Till this day, many people still struggle to differentiate idiom and euphemism despite the fact that both are commonly used everyday like water. Example of euphemism is the use of pass away to replace die.

This' a statement that, when taken in context, may actually mean something different from, or the opposite of what is written literally; the use of words expressing

Take Charge Of Your Life Now

bkc on naijapoets
bkc photos

The direction your circumstances fly
determines the way your life will reply.
What good is in bee that makes no honey?
What good is in you that can't tame destiny?

A stagnant stream will be misused,
a broken pot will be disposed,
a pretty statue standing
will have no spouse but

Haiku For Biscuit

Flour, salt mixed with
Bakers are amazing folks;
Kids have ceased crying.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the winged Leo in the tempest)

40% Of My Budget

catersnews image credit

I knew it would come to this,
when cockroaches were making love to rats.
Now my house is full of these
cockroach-like rats.

Tell me, please,
what pleasure is in sour vagina?
what beauty is in burnt beans?

I'm of no intent to speak raw.
My mood's as lous

Acoustic Poem For Muslims

tumblr image

Mumu Nigerians
Unable to backup their myths
Stain faces with beards to seduce
Ladies so ninja turtle-like
Iraq is not Nigeria. Cease
Mistaking strange culture for religion___
Sadist I met told me so.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the candid leo with wings freed)

Give It A Finishing Touch



videoschistososdivertidos image credit

Ifá, I wake to favor
Òrúnmìlà, I wake to favor
Mice always wake to favor in their paths
Serpents always wake to favor in their holes
Whenever the pigeons wake in the morn
The only song they sing
Is the song of favor
Whenever sparrows parade the sky
The only song

Acoustic Poem For Arrogant Wife


Remnant of Delilah

Rightly called the militant, the

Orgiatic beast of matrimonial romance.

Gorgeous demon unknown.

Attracting men with make ups,

Nagging vampire

Trying to turn her husband to


Wimpous Nigerianus

Instead of

Flourishing her submissiveness; she

Embarks on means to dominate her husband.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the candid Leo with wing flying)

Though Questions About African Poets

You're about to determine how much you know about african poets.
If you believe you're well informed about African poets then...

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deviantart image

Oh lady Dishabille!
Revealing thy two coconuts in
Public, how come you want men
Dish thy body meal well
Like a

Acoustic Poem For Fish

animalworlds naijapoets

Fishes fingerlings fries roe

In dished fried rice elate human souls

So scaly swimming hobby

Herbivorous carnivorous or both

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the candid Leo with wings)

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        (The Long Awaited)

    Samuel C. Enunwa

Author’s note………………….
My wealthy neighbour………...
Johnny as a kid………………..
At the stream………………….
What happened in heaven…….
Under the spell………………...
Two tombs…………………….
Eligible married couple 1&2….
Detective Tel 1,2,3,4&5………
My love promo………………..
Ode to the poet’s curtain……..
Halle Bery…………………….
They’re searching through Google…..
                         To thee, lovers of poetry
                       effort and ability
       I dedicate this to thee willingly.

       I thank God for this book, if not for him this would have been in vain. Mrs. A. A. Enunwa, I won’t stop trying though I know I won’t be able to repay your motherly love; Thank, you mother. My thanks also goes to you, Mr. & Mrs. Bamgboye, your labour and pain over me will never be in vain and in your family, blessings will continually rain. Daddy Leonard, I dey hail o and make blessing full your too, Amen.
     Enunwa Onyeka, Enunwa Eric, Enunwa Ruth, Bamgboye Kolawole, I appreciate you all. Aribido Daniel(D-Gbegbe), you are so mouthed; how is Rufus Giwa Polytechnic? Engr. Akinrelere Omotayo (T-money), how far? Ajibade Taiwo (Jah. Mr. Okra, Mr. Federal ); I appreciate you all.
     I can never forget you, all the Durance Publishing crew and those of the www.i-proclaim.com. Thank you and keep up the good work. May the good Lord reward you all, Amen. Finally, to all my friends @ www.samueldpoetry.webs.com
www.poetrypoem.com/samueldpoetry442, www.poetrypublisher.com/samueldpoetry445, www.lovepoemsandpoetry.com/samueldpoetry441, www.myfaithsite.com/samueldpoetryfaith1, etc. thank you all for your love.
           AUTHOR’S NOTE
      It gladdens the whole of me, each time the thought and assurance of the fact that the scope of poetry is broader than anyone can mention, comes to my thinking. Poetry can take any form; it can be lyrical or satirical, come in form of praise or in a long narrative form which happens to be the poetic form, I’ve made use of in this book titled CHRISACEDARUTH(The Long Awaited).
     As I’ve said, this book contains more than ten narrative poems in which CHRISACEDARUTH(The Long Awaited) bears the same name with the title of this book and has over two thousand five hundred lines, divided into more than fifteen stanzas. It is the story of a village boy, who happens not to be who he thought he was but later maybe through the help of luck or through the force of fate, or maybe through his personal strives, discovered his true self, his weaknesses, strengths, etc.
  It is also true that the poem: CHRISACEDARUTH(The Long Awaited) is the major reason for this book but I’ve also garnished it with inclusion of other funny, entertaining and educating poems like The Eligible Married Couple 1&2, the most wanted, Detective Tel 1,2,3,4&5; and My Love Promo, which happens to be the favorite of almost all my fans @ www.facebook.com, among others.
     Aside from the fact that the poems are rhyme oriented, I’ve tried and made sure they are sculpted with simple languages and diction. Before you ask me my reason, I’ll tell you that I do not believe in complexity. What’s the essence of turning enjoyment to homework? My paramount aim is to cure your boredom. My major aim is to make this book, your teddy bear, your pet, you can take anywhere and as you read, I believe your boredom will be deleted. Thanks, for your love.
                        Samuel C. Enunwa.

He never cheated nature
But pilled himself to labour
At exactly twenty four
He met expected future
Became a famous employer of labour
And poverty couldn’t knock his door
Then sighed and took a resting posture
And slept and slept and snored
And fell from couch to the floor
Yes, he was held by nature
Who? The famous employer of labour
Whom we were once a neighbour
And loved his hardworking nature
He slept and snored on the floor
While they knocked his office door
For they loved his overture
Yet he slept and slept and snored
And slept and slept on the floor
And so scared of his earth departure
They knocked and knocked his office door
And knocked as if to create puncture
And opened and found him on the floor
When broken his office door
“When did oga start this nature?”
They asked and laughed him on the floor
And logged him from the floor
Back to his resting posture
He slept and slept and snored
And sometimes fell on the floor
And feeding became his failure
And was only catered by neighbours
Where he slept and snored
And must be dreaming, I’m sure
Of living with lady he adored
And they talked and toured
And shared a love adventure
Where he slept and snored
At exactly ninety four
He woke from his resting posture
And was a celebration galore
And walked on the floor
Then fell and got final departure
And that my wealthy neighbour
Who was dead on the floor
Taught me not to cheat nature.
               Samuel C. Enunwa. July 13, 2009.

Happiness dwindled
As loneliness doubled
And none to rekindle
But while ago were whistles
Shout for passes and dribbles
Songs held their paddles
Till end of the battle
A football battle
Mirthful and memorable
Two elephants wrestled
Grasses had to struggle
At the grassless middle
Fell he who dribbled
Stood and took water bottle
From the first aid people
More than thousand people
Young, old and middle
Aged happy people
Singing were married couples,
Kids and searching singles
Lovers turned compatible
Pretty belles chew bubble
Received short cuddles
As they screamed amidst people
During goals, shots and dribbles
And the pretty one I cuddled
Made the battle memorable
I wished for endless battle
Because of love incomparable
That waited amidst the people
But the final whistle
Changed the people
Made happiness dwindled
And loneliness doubled
It was unbelievable
Only me at the middle
Of chairs, I couldn’t buckle
My shoes, I mingled
With darkness, no candle
To see, I was cripple
And had to struggle
I learnt after the battle
That change was flexible
Though I was able
To escape that silence jungle.
   Samuel C. Enunwa. Sept. 12, 2009.

         JOHNNY AS A KID
One Sunday, immediately after
One a.m, Jonathan Odda
Appeared on earth like other
Children born in Igala
Jonathan Sunday Odda
The son of Mr. Jack Odda
A very skillful welder
And Mrs. Jane Odda
A sweet kola nut seller
Was fair as his father
Not hairy as his mother
Had a brother and a sister
And friends and grandfather
Only called him Johnny Odda
When Jonathan Sunday Odda
Began walk and talk to his mother
His father and every other in Igala
He began to surprise his mother
Father and every other in Igala
And loved to stick to his mother
And they both crossed the Igala boarder
On foot to villages next to Igala
Where she sold her sweet kola
One Sunday, immediately after
Six a. m. Jonathan Odda
Left the side of his mother
Who hadn’t crossed Igala boarder
For she was short of kola
And two years old Johnny Odda
Trekked and crossed Igala boarder
For he missed his female lover
Who happened to be the daughter
A beautiful two years old daughter
Of a major buyer to his mother.
             Samuel C Enunwa Jun. 15, 2010.

I met a beautiful lady at the stream
With no fetching bowl at the stream
“What a beautiful lady at the stream!
Beautiful than the advertisers of cream
She might even be goddess of this stream”
I said to myself at the stream
Then to the beauty …

I wish I was an angel
To feel the feelings people feel
And stay and make them feel
Well when others bid farewell
Because I knew very well
Of a village near a dell
Where a beauty …

       TWO TOMBS
My buttocks and two thumbs
Are sitting on a tomb
Waiting for mother to come
You should know Ukpom
The greatest warrior of Atagom
Slim, dark and handsome
But where does …

Eligible married couples
Soon get into trouble
Offer each other battle
Live so unstable
And uncomfortable
And regret being couple
When the …

Hi! I’m Detective Tel
Investigating the death of Micheal
The death of Joseph A. Micheal
Found dead at the street of Sel
Not far from Pleasantry Hotel
The thirty two years old, Micheal
Was dark and huge and tall
And had wavy hair as well
More attractive than I can tell
Married women and mature girls
And those with age I’ll not tell
Will do anything to have Micheal
When I heard the death of Micheal
I became scared than I can tell
And felt this world is a hell
Cried and couldn’t feed well
Took my Bible and my bell
Prayed God rescue from this hell
But who could kill Micheal?
Took and slaughtered A. Micheal?
There was a quarrel between Micheal
And his landlord where he dwelt
And Adam Cole threatened Micheal
Who slept with his girl
And Joseph A. Micheal
Had empty wallet where he fell
Lent money to Campbell
And jilted so many girls
But who could killed Micheal?
Took and slaughtered A. Micheal?
The police and I, Tel
Have locked the suspects in cell
My investigation on Campbell
Showed he paid Micheal
And the landlord of Micheal
Only quarreled with Micheal
Over payment of where he dwelt
And he had paid as well
But couldn’t pick a jilted girl
Or who emptied the wallet of Micheal
And today, Adam Cole died in cell
So who could kill Micheal?
Took and slaughtered A. Micheal?
Who only if I tell
Could suspect me Detective Tel
Took and slaughtered A. Micheal?
For having affair with my wife, Arnabel.
            Samuel C Enunwa Jun. 27, 2010.

Hi! I’m Detective Tel
Everybody knows me well
I investigated the death of Micheal
The death of Joseph A. Micheal
Found dead at the street of Sel
Not far from Pleasantry Hotel
I swear, now …


Here comes the info
To shorties with no
In this sumptuous promo
Where soft Hi! Wins, Hello!
And makes you my duo
In my attempt to woo.

We’ll date without ado,
Travel and zoom to zoo,
Watch animals like rhino,
Lion, merino and buffalo;
Birds like flamingo,
Puffin, kiwi and cuckoo.

Tour place like Toronto,
Boarding a beautiful jumbo,
Cruising a stretch limo
And by rail, the loco
Making the trip in toto
To places we go.

Visit a beach lido
Where you’ll bask in lilo
While I play waterpolo
Or an American rodeo
By dressing like gaucho
And gallop a bronco.

Party and listen to rondo
Where served burrito or taco
When I dance tango or zydeco
Amidst White, Indian and Negro
Or act opera with libretto
Blended by cello for physio.

Then drive home as love and bro
When the sky is indigo
To pour you some ouzo
In my room with stereo
Playing songs with intro
While you watch my photo.

At this very canto,
Once you aren’t a bimbo
And possess a libido,
I won’t act as bozo,
Loving will be our cameo
To prove our brio.

I’ll move like yo-yo,
Making the process in vivo,
And move to hear Sam o!
Making the process in vitro
So you can call me hero,
And a love supreme.

          (The Long Awaited)
I’m glad, I can be heard
The journey of over hundred
Years, this’ how it stared
The sun over our heads
Was nothing but fire red
Hotter than hell was said
To be; maize, …
The above poems are excerpts from the book titled CHRISACEDARUTH [The Long Awaited] which is available both in hard copy and e-book at www.i-proclaimbookstore.com/poetry/chrisacedaruth(the_long_awaited)
  The poems below are just for you to have a taste of my next book titled “PEOPLE PLACES AND PERSONALITIES” and I’m sure, you’ll derive from it all lessons and fun you wish for. Thank you.

Eh! What a screen with a heavenly picture!
Picturing an artistic fixture,
Turning my bedroom to a museum of culture
That handsomely showcases the native of passion
With the exhibition of heavenly creatures.

Hi! You scattered lightening of illumination!
I embarrassingly cherish your illustration;
What a great explanation!
For illuminating heaven’s innovation.

Oh! You banana shaped fluorescence of harmony!
Harmonizing damsels as the heavenly legacy;
I marvel at your melody
Because you speak from memory
To the best of my memory.

Hello! You specially carved image of passion!
Sitting on the harmonious banana fluorescence
With a crown-like beret of assertion,
Wearing an angelic gown of emergence
Ribbonly embellished for fashion;
What a comely face of continence!
That never conceals emotion
By reproducing an alluring smile
Romanticizing my soul with affection;
All in this heavenly picture.

I’ve blind argued many, many
Beings of this arresting beauty
Till I set my eventually
Double opened nakely
Eyes on Halle Bery
Not in the telly
Not physically
But the cover of Ebony
Where waited she sexily
My friend! My foe!! My family
Now I can bet my money
Bet the whole of my money
With conviction in my belly
That God Almighty
Sculpted Halle Bery
On Monday very early
To possess such a beauty.
       Samuel C Enunwa Mar. 11, 2011

Hi! I’m Enunwa Samuel
I wrote, “Detective Tel”
“Under the Spell”
Plus poems people wanted
And also authored
“How Love Is Treated”
I’ve never wanted to
Tell my story _ true
But people are searching through
Devilfinder, Ask and Yahoo
To hear the horse’s mouth too
From C.R.I.N Staff School to
Ibadan Grammar School to
The one and only TASUED
Not where I learnt bonjour
I understand English too
Igbo, Yoruba _ ki lo tun ku?
I’ve never wanted to
Tell my story _ true
But people are searching through
Devilfinder, Ask, and Yahoo
To hear …

And at me she stared…………
And the man regreeted……….
And the shadow of a hand…….
Eh! What a screen with a heavenly picture!......
Eligible married couple………
Everywhere was neat and weeded…
Fylid, I was scared……………
Gently, she held……………...
Happiness dwindled………….
He never cheated nature……...
Here comes the info………….
Hi! I’m Detective Tel………..
Hi! I’m Enunwa Samuel……..
I faintly narrated……………..
“I know”, he said……………
I looked……………………..
I mean, when out of bed……..
I met a beautiful lady at the stream…..
I’m glad, I can be heard………
Immediately morning appeared….
In the village we landed……..
I sat and threw above my head…….
I sat quietly on my bed………
I searched and searched……..
I thought in my head………..
It was sudden descend………
I’ve blind argued many, many….
I was so, so, so scared………
I wish, I was an angel……….
Lying amidst the long dead….
My buttocks and two thumbs…
One Sunday, immediately after…
Someday, I’ll be in heaven……
Suddenly appeared……………
Then father held me and Fred….
Then I called…………………
They learnt human can never be predicted….
They were the ones at our bed….
“This can’t be Helied…………
When they beheaded………….
We trekked and trekked and trekked….
…Your mother narrated………