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Idiopoetic Expression


There is
this career
when you choose it
you'll need me
you'll need he and she
and you'll need the rank and file
your words can tie,
your enemies
and friends and families
for you to make it

you will need
to starch your shirt
and smile and shake
and hug
the riff-raff
you used to laugh at
on the street
for you to make it

And funnily
the rank and file
and the riff-raff
you shake hands with
on the street
will see you as a mascot
and give in
since all they hope
is to make ends meet

It is a career
you will leave no stone unturn
to be at cross-purposes
both openly
and in holes and corners
with your colleagues
for you to carry the day

You know why?
It is like the military,
you must be willing to
throw down the gauntlet
Or be ready to take it
At anytime
And fight like Spartacus

If you choose this career
You'll turn so predictable
And after making it
You'll sip ouzos
And gather life's roses
And turn a globetrotter

And after making it
You'll keep them in tenterhooks
And even when they meet you
On the street
You'll make them a good turn
And ride rough shod over them
By leaving them in the lurch
For them to eat their heart out

Then you'll take white elephant
As your herculean duty
In order to feather your nest
And still blow your trumpet
Through pressing and airing
To make many see
It's a yeoman thing

This career
Is a career
Where you must be nice
With open hands
And be willing to share
A minute of crocodile silence
For the victim of the sorrow
You masterminded

At the last leg
When you must have
Robbed peter to pay paul
And bitten than can chew
At arms and legs
You begin to hare
Up and down
To and fro
Looking for ways
To play hanky-panky
For the jury
Not to lay you by the heels

If you still
Expect me
To name the career
Then grass will grow
Under your feet
Because by now
You should know it.

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