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Letter From A Far Away Son


Dear mother,
It’s been 4years now
Since you’ve seen my gaptooth

I know you still love me
And your worry day-by-day
Is not whether I still have a smooth face
Or whether I’ve got some scars of wrinkles
That will bring you disgrace

I know you still love me
And your worry day-by-day
Like every other mothers do
Is whether I’m still in good health

Mama, please,
I’m sorry for refusing to come see you

I’m so sorry for such an attitude

I’m sorry for sending you
The image I’ve photoshopped
And editted too

I’m sorry for lying to you,
Telling you
I’m a bank manager,
Posing in a beautiful mansion in my neighborhood

In short,
I’m sorry for not living like Samuel in the Bible

I’m here to confess
That life has been dolph lundgren with me
Since I left you

So far so worse
The sun has tattooed my skin
Piercing through my rugged jeans

And the sole of my single shoe
Has been devoured by the street

To ask me
How I’ve been feeding
Is like sliding Lionel Messi
In the box eighteen

For everynight
My bamboo matress gives me nightmare
While I sniff mosquito coil
Like a cocain addict

And to crown it all
I’ve aborted for my forteen girlfriends
Since I couldn’t afford Golden Morn
To feed my unborn

No matter the degree
Of tragedy
I might have caused you

Please, I still cherish you as my mom;

Samuel C Enunwa the 2013 samueldpoetry

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