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Poem: The Joy Of Being A Woman

Poem: The Joy Of Being A Woman

photo from irokoheritage
Loving heavenly Father, almighty and ever
lasting God, Creator of us all:
Thank You for the joy of knowing that a new
person is growing within me;
Thank You for using me in Your work of
Keep me and the child safe during these
months of waiting.
I think of Jesus, born just as my child will be born:
Help my child to grow up like Jesus, strong
and wise
and loving, and knowing You as his heavenly Father;
Help me, like Mary, to put myself, my hus-
band, and my children into Your hands,
With complete trust that You will do what is
best for us all.

Poem found in page 78 of “The Joy of being a WOMAN And what a Man can do”(Ingrid Trobisch) HarperSanFrancisco Publishers.
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