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The Echoes Of My Town

zastavki naijapoets on the fence
zastavki animal photo

Who does care whether foolishness
is keeping malice with wideness?

Hello to thee: Adonis and Aladdin.
Finally, I've become what I want to be in deed;
see me sitting on the fence,
where residence of good and bad
share the same fence, as neighbors.

Conjure goddess of poetic themes
To concur
The complexities in poetry men complain,
I've diluted them.
Now my poem is the echoes of my town.
I'm the bass within my
Rhymes, you're reading right now;
Hope they're are edible like yam?

If then,
Thank God, thank Jesus;
approaching now's the soothsayer of the morn
ringing aloud:
Jésus De Nazareth
Est La Lumière Du Monde!
How long will I continue to hear this?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings up above)

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